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April 13/04 1:02 am - Harris Roubaix Classic: Photos and Junior/Cadet Results, Burnaby Velodrome News

Posted by Editoress on 04/13/04

Harris Roubaix Classic BC Cup #1 - April 11th, Pitt Meadows, BC

Sorry, we don't have any results other than the Junior and Cadets below, but Greg Descantes sent a selection of photos from BC Cup #1.

Cycling BC 2004 Junior Challenge Road Race Series Race #3 April 11, 2004 - Pitt Meadows, BC
Courtesy Peter Bant

U15 W
1. Alyssa Garrison (dEVo/ Powerbar)12pts
U15 M
1. Cody Campbell (Team Soliton)12pts
2. Kirk McDowell 10
U17 W
1. Micayla Gatto (On The Edge Race Team)12pts
2. Liz Dickin (Lactic Acid)10
U17 M
1. Trevor Bant (Team Sugoi)12pts
2. Nathan MacDonald (Lactic Acid)10
3. Maurie Kowalski (Lactic Acid)8
4. Graeme Bant (Team Sugoi)7
5. Matt Potma (Lactic Acid)6
6. Brandon Carey (dEVo/ Powerbar)5
U19 M
1. Neil Truncik (Lactic Acid)12pts
2. Neal Kindree (Corsa Cycles)10
3. Christian Ravlic (Teen Speed)8
4. Austin McDougall (DEVo/ Powerbar) dnf

Madison Madness at the Burnaby Velodrome
Courtesy Gordon Ross

Everyone's favourite track cycling race, The Madison makes its triumphant return to the Burnaby Velodrome for our last BVC Race Series event of the Winter/Spring 2003/2004 season.

Registration is now open for BVC #3 "Madison Madness" for April 30, May 1-2, 2004.

Feature events include:

Friday night: Flying lap madison. Each team winds it up for 3 or 4 laps, then just before the bell the front partner throws in the team's sprinter who does the timed lap. Let's see if this method breaks the lap record.

Saturday: 3000-meter madison pursuit. From a standing start, one rider racing at a time, but completely free substitutions.

Sunday: By now you should be ready to ride a full madison.

Team Sprint - If there are enough women, we'll run 2-up women's team sprints as well.

"Derny" Paced - A&B riders are the motors, C riders are the stayers. We match the fastest A's with the slowest C's to even the field. All motorpacing rules apply except the distance - 15 laps (a little over 3 km since no one can go below the blue stayer's line!)

Registration is now open at

LATE FEE: Registrations on or after TUESDAY APRIL 27th, 2004 will incur a $10.00 late fee. Register now! For more information, see the registration details at

Join some of Canada and the USA's best track riders at the Burnaby Velodrome, located 20 minutes east of downtown Vancouver, BC.

For more information, contact:
Luis Bernhardt - Race Director
Tel: (604) 321-3144


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