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June 24/97 15:56 pm - World Cup Update, Euro Results

Posted by Editor on 06/24/97

World Cup Schedule We will be in travel mode tomorrow, on our way to the Grundig World Cup at Mont Ste-Anne. This means that there will probably not be any postings until tomorrow evening, after the World Cup Prelude race in Quebec City. From that point on we will be posting both World Cup news (at the World Cup page -, and in Daily News. Check back to both often for event news and information, plus quotes and stories about goings on at Mont Ste-Anne. Plus, of course, our live Chat Session with Alison Sydor - Friday, June 27th between 8:00 and 9:00 pm EST. Make sure you drop by to say hi! We want to let Alison know that she has lots of fans. The Chat Room will go online approximately one hour before we go live (the entrance will be via the World Cup homepage). Tour of Switzerland Stage 8, Zug to Wetzikon - 174 km 1. Rolf Aldag (Germany) 4:07:19 2. Udo Boelts (Germany) at 0:57 3. Leon Van Bon (Netherlands) 1:01 4. Daniele Nardello (Italy) 5. Gianni Faresin (Italy) 6. Joerg Jaksche (Germany) 7. Christophe Mengin (France) 8. Beat Zberg (Switzerland) 9. Riccardo Forconi (Italy) 10. Felice Puttini (Italy) all s.t. GC 1. Christophe Agnolutto (France) 28:17:47 2. Oskar Camenzind (Switzerland) at 5:14 3. Jan Ullrich (Germany) 6:15 4. Extebarria 6:20 5. Roland Meier (Switzerland) 7:06 6. Nardello 7:36 7. Felix Garcia Casas (Spain) 8:02 8. Stefano Garzelli (Italy) 8:05 9. Philipp Buschor (Switzerland) 8:14 10. Beat Zberg 9:19 Tour of Catalonia, Spain Stage 6, Casa Tarradellas to Playa de Aro - 160 km 1.Fernando Escartin (Spain) Kelme 4:01:40 2.Daniel Clavero (Spain) Toscaf at 0:08 3.Chris Boardman (GBR) Gan 0:09 4.Pavel Tonkov (Russia) Mapei 0:14 5.Enrico Zaina (Italy) Asics 0:23 6.Marcos Serrano (Spain) Kelme 0:23 7.Alex Shefer (Kazakhstan) Asics 0:23 8.Armand de las Cuevas (France) Banesto 0:36 9.Angel Casero (Spain) Banesto 0:37 10.Jose Luis Rubiera (Spain) Kelme 0:42 GC 1.Boardman 19:01:32 2.Escartin at 1:36 3.Casero 1:38 4.Albe Leanizbarrutia (Spain) ONCE 2:10 5.Tonkov 2:12 6.Mikel Zarrabeitia (Spain) ONCE 2:20 7.Alvaro Gonzalez (Spain) Euskadi 2:43 8.Bart Voskamp (Holland) TVM 2:43 9.De las Cuevas 2:43 10.Clavero 2:50


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