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April 19/04 8:26 am - Tahuya-Seaback-Tahuya Road Race Photos

Posted by Editoress on 04/19/04

Tahuya-Seaback-Tahuya Road Race Tahuya, Washington, April 17th

Greg Descantes sent along some photos from Saturday's classic Tahuya-Seaback-Tahuya Road Race in Washington state.

Pro 1/2 Men
1. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics)
2. Jonny Sundt (Jittery Joes)
3. Russell Stevenson (Benaroya Research Institute)
4. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)
5. Rob Campbell (The Valley Athletic Club)
6. Anton Jackson (Broadmark Capital)
7. Chris Gruber
8. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)

9. Tyler Thompson (Nella)
10. Matt Frost (Recycled Cycles)
11. Evan Elken (Broadmark Capital)

Hot Spot Champion
Jonny Sundt

1. Marni Prazsky (Symmetrics)
2. Suzie Weldon (Wines of Washington)
3. Emily Westbrook (Goldy's)
4. Kristi Berg (Group Health)
5. Pam Eggers (Escape Velocity)
6. Chris Farias (First Rate Mortgage)

Cat 3 Men
1. Don Torrey (GS Camerati)
2. Wes Pierce
3. Ian Lockley (Escape Veloocity)
4. Alan Wiley (Byrne Gas)
5. Gavin Graves (Byrne Gas)
6. Aaron Sonder (Half Fast Velo)
7. Brad Marquart (Second Ascent)
8. Nathan Hobson (Half Fast Velo)
9. Dan Neyens (Broadmark Capital)
10. Sean Curran (Broadmark Capital)

Cat 4/5 Men
1. Mark Davies
2. Ian Mackie (Second Ascent)
3. Thomas Butler L (Ecole)
4. Jeff Ain (Devo Powerbar)
5. Shawn Dean
6. Dirk Mynatt (Classic Cycles)
7. David Schimdt (Rhodes Cycling)
8. Alex Dobrien (Broadmark Capital)


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