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April 19/04 6:38 am - Espoir Results from Europe

Posted by Editoress on 04/19/04

Espoirs in Europe
Courtesy Atlantic Cycling Centre

Cory Jay (Charlottetown, PEI) finished a great 6th place (2nd in the Espoir) this weekend in Nogent-sur-Oise.

"It's funny how from time to time, good things happen when you least expect them. After racing so much over the past 2 1/2 weeks (13 times to be exact) I'm pretty tired, have a bad cold, still even a little sore from my crash 2 weeks ago, so needless to say I wasn't looking forward to racing again on Saturday and Sunday. Well at least not as much as I normally would be.

On Sunday, we woke up listening to the wind and rain blast at the windows. So off we went for 10 laps, 130kms total of rain, narrow muddy farm roads, and blustery wind. After each lap as we crossed the finish line, the thought crossed my mind to just pull out of the race and go have a nice hot shower. On the second last lap, a group of 12 riders broke clear after the start finish line. We had one rider, Dustin MacBurnie (Truro, NS) in the group, so there was no need for me to chase it.

After getting a few free rides, I made it up to the break, but Dustin then told me two riders just went up the road. After a few efforts, it was down to the sprint and I ended up 6th and Dustin got 13th."

Maillot des Jeunes # 3 / Epreuve de St Sauveur Lendelin

1. Emmanuel Fontaine (USSAPB)
2. Vitali Spiridonov (RUS, VC Evreux)
3. Frederic Emery (UC Sabolienne)
4. Steven Henry (USSAPB)
5. D. Cioban (VC Bourgtheroulde)
6. Cory Jay (Canada)
7. Vincent Prioul (SS35-ACNC)
8. Jerome Barbey (VC Rouen 76)
9. Tony Mallet (USSAPB)
10. Emmanuel Bruand (VC Rouen 76)

13. Dustin MacBurnie (Canada)

1. S. Henry (US Sainte-Austreberthe), 75 points
2. E. Fontaine (US Sainte-Austreberthe), 73
3. P. Leclerc (US Sainte-Austreberthe), 55
4. Dominique. Rollin (US Sainte-Austreberthe), 45
5. T. Mallet (US Sainte-Austreberthe), 42 


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