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April 21/04 11:04 am - Sea Otter Classic: Men's XC and Final GC (Complete results)

Posted by Editoress on 04/21/04

Sea Otter Classic Monterey California

This report made possible by Human Kinetics Publishers

Men's XC (April 18)

1. Filip Meirhaeghe (Specialized MTB Team)2:28:16
2. Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis)2:28:32
3. Liam Killeen (Subaru-Gary Fisher)2:29:34
4. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:29:50
5. Karl Platt (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)2:32:10
6. Mathieu Toulouse (Gears Racing)2:32:25
7. Christoph Sauser (Siemens Mobile Cannondale)2:32:53
8. Trent Lowe (Factory Yeti)2:33:21
9. Todd Wells (GT/Hyundai)2:33:34
10. Thomas Frischknect (Swisspower/Scott)2:35:52
11. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)2:35:55
12. Seamus McGrath (Haro/Adidas)2:36:00
13. Adam Craig (Giant Pearl Izumi)2:36:00
14. Chris Sheppard (Haro/Adidas)2:36:49
15. Sam Schultz (U23 National Team)2:37:55
16. Phil Dixon (Great Britain)2:37:56
17. Ryan Trebon (Kona Clarks Les Gets)2:38:08
18. Mark Weir (WTB/Santa Cruz)2:38:24
19. Barry Wicks (Kona Clarks Les Gets)2:39:22
20. Jeff Hall (Salsa Cycles)2:39:22
21. Eric Batty (3 Rox Racing)2:39:55
22. Jesse Jakomait (Gears Racing)2:40:14
23. Paul Rowney (Factory Yeti)2:40:14
24. Alan Obye (U23 National Team)2:40:40
25. Tinker Juarez (Siemens Mobile Cannondale)2:40:41
26. Cameron Brenneman (Team Monex)2:41:20
27. Andy Jacques-Maynes (Specialized)2:41:47
28. Carlos Gennero (Mex Scott)2:42:03
29. Jeremiah Bishop (Trek-Volkswagen)2:42:04
30. Carl Decker (Giant Pearl Izumi)2:42:05
31. Ricky Federau (Gears Racing)2:42:06
32. Jimi Mortenson (Specialized)2:42:55
33. John Devine (U23 National Team)2:43:13
34. Nick Ranno (Trek Factory Team)2:43:13
35. Brandon Ott (Tailwind)2:44:40
36. Matt Patterson (Gears Racing)2:44:45
37. Derek Wilkerson (Specialized)2:44:45
38. Scott Wingo (123 Bikes)2:44:52
39. Drew Mackenzie (Peyto/Oak Bay)2:46:27
40. Carl Swenson (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:46:27
41. Michael Lee (Trek/VW West Coast)2:46:53
42. Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:46:53
43. Mark Webster (Bianchi-The Bike Shop)2:47:31
44. Steve Carwile (Lindsey Wilson College)2:48:15
45. Brendan Macintosh (Rider Cycles)2:48:58
46. Roland Green (Trek-Volkswagen)2:49:43
47. Charles Jenkins (CytoMax/Specialized Racing)2:50:28
48. Justin Robinson (ABS)2:51:22
49. John Foley (Bike Alley)2:51:22
50. Brian Astell (Independent Fabrications)2:51:22
51. Jesse Rients (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)2:51:23
52. Amon Pease (Intense Cycles)2:52:24
53. Cale Redpath (Hassle Free Sports)2:52:29
54. Eric Atwood (Benaroya Research Institute)2:52:55
55. Jay Henry (Specialized)2:52:55
56. Nick Waite (U23 National Team)2:52:55
57. Thomas Skinner (Pacific Sport)2:53:52
58. Hal Helbock (CytoMax/Specialized)2:53:52
59. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Bikes)2:54:07
60. Scott Keller (Speed Bikes)2:55:40
61. Damon Roberson (Nema-Delivery Solutions)2:55:40
62. Troy Wells (Hille Grande Specialized)2:56:23
63. Ariel Lindsley (Klein Mavic)2:56:51
64. Earl Bradley (Trek/VW/JBL Southeast)2:58:06
65. Perry Paolini (Balance Bar/Devo)2:58:55
66. Duncan Meyers (Soulcraft)3:05:02
67. Forrest Huisman (Team Easty-Bicycle Warehouse)3:05:29
68. Steve Martins (Hardcore/Fiore/Schwalbe)3:08:53
69. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:22:58
DNF. Charles Pendry (BTD Racing DNF)
DNF. Frank Mapel (Specialized DNF)
DNF. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)
DNF. Adam Snyder (Team Devo DNF)
DNF. Carter Hovey (Brodie Bikes/Sugoi/Rider's Cycles DNF)
DNF. Patrick Bush (Clif Bar/Trek DNF)
DNF. Jason Jablonski (Arlberg Sports/Golds Gym DNF)
DNF. Lucas Livermon (Colorado Altitude Training DNF)
DNF. Travis Brown (Trek-Volkswagen DNF)
DNF. Brent Miller (Bianchi DNF)
DNF. Walker Ferguson (Team Giant DNF)
1. Filip Meirhaeghe (Specialized MTB Team)4:41:20
2. Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis)0:18
3. Liam Killeen (Subaru-Gary Fisher)2:16
4. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (RLX Ralph Lauren)3:08
5. Karl Platt (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:53
6. Mathieu Toulouse (Gears Racing)5:54
7. Todd Wells (GT/Hyundai)6:18
8. Christoph Sauser (Siemens Mobile Cannondale)6:41
9. Thomas Frischknect (Swisspower/Scott)7:22
10. Seamus McGrath (Haro/Adidas)7:30
11. Trent Lowe (Factory Yeti)10:26
12. Christoph Sheppard (Haro/Adidas)10:46
13. Sam Schultz (U23 National Team)12:02
14. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)12:10
15. Adam Craig (Giant Pearl Izumi)12:25
16. Ryan Trebon (Kona Clarks Les Gets)13:36
17. Alan Obye (U23 National Team)14:10
18. Barry Wicks (Kona Clarks Les Gets)14:27
19. Phil Dixon (Great Britain)14:58
20. Jeff Hall (Salsa Cycles)15:25
21. Mark Weir (WTB/Santa Cruz)15:47
22. Paul Rowney (Factory Yeti)16:01
23. Ricky Federau (Gears Racing)17:48
24. Eric Batty (3 Rox Racing)18:31
25. Jesse Jakomait (Gears Racing)18:40
26. John Devine (U23 National Team)18:55
27. Derek Wilkerson (Specialized)19:34
28. Carlos Gennero (Mex Scott)19:37
29. Cameron Brenneman (Team Monex)20:37
30. Andy Jacques-Maynes (Specialized)20:47
31. Jeremiah Bishop (Trek-Volkswagen)21:16
32. Roland Green (Trek-Volkswagen)21:26
33. Jimi Mortenson (Specialized)21:32
34. Tinker Juarez (Siemens Mobile Cannondale)22:13
35. Carl Swenson (RLX Ralph Lauren)22:33
36. Michael Lee (Trek/VW West Coast)28:27
37. Carl Decker (Giant Pearl Izumi)28:51
38. Jay Henry (Specialized)28:57
39. Drew Mackenzie (Peyto/Oak Bay)29:07
40. Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)29:34
41. Mark Webster (Bianchi-The Bike Shop)29:35
42. Nick Waite (U23 National Team)30:46
43. Charles Jenkins (CytoMax/Specialized Racing)31:25
44. Steve Carwile (Lindsey Wilson College)31:51
45. Cale Redpath (Hassle Free Sports)32:07
46. Brandon Ott (Tailwind)33:01
47. Brendan Macintosh (Rider Cycles)34:06
48. Eric Atwood (Benaroya Research Institute)35:01
49. Justin Robinson (ABS)35:17
50. Nick Ranno (Trek Factory Team)35:47
51. Scott Wingo (123 Bikes)36:04
52. Matt Patterson (Gears Racing)37:02
53. Ariel Lindsley (Klein Mavic)41:27
54. Amon Pease (Intense Cycles)42:39
55. Jesse Rients (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)44:56
56. Damon Roberson (Nema-Delivery Solutions)46:23
57. Brian Astell (Independent Fabrications)47:02
58. Thomas Skinner (Pacific Sport)47:44
59. Perry Paolini (Balance Bar/Devo)48:27
60. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Bikes)49:58
61. Troy Wells (Hille Grande Specialized)50:50
62. John Foley (Bike Alley)51:49
63. Hal Helbock (CytoMax/Specialized)54:03
64. Earl Bradley (Trek/VW/JBL Southeast)56:19
65. Scott Keller (Speed Bikes)1:02:23
66. Steve Martins (Hardcore/Fiore/Schwalbe)1:14:22
67. Forrest Huisman (Team Easty-Bicycle Warehouse)1:08:56
68. Duncan Meyers (Soulcraft)1:01:20
69. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)59:52


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