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April 28/04 12:04 pm - Manitoba Road Season Opener

Posted by Editoress on 04/28/04

Manitoba Road Season Opener
Courtesy Manitoba Cycling Association

Race results from the first road race of the season in Manitoba!

Held at Birds Hill park Sunday morning under cool conditions, the race was organized by the FOG cycling group.

Elite (81.6km)
1. Marc Fornier (FOG)
2. Bill Ralph (FOG)
3. Jon Benson (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
4. Erin Carter (TDS)
5. Jay Hawranik (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
6. Will Vandenberg (FOG)
7. Neil Grover (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
8. Jacques Marcoux (TRI)
9. Phil Bietz (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
10. Gary Edwards (FOG)
11. Leith McLoed (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
12. Tim Friesen (IND)
DNF. Eric Scheepers (Olympia)
DNF. Camilo Mondaca (IND)
DNF. Tim Woodcock (Woodcock)

Expert (54.4km)
1. Daniel Nemetchek (GOOCH)
2. Jim Brogden (Alter Ego)
3. Jeff Morier
4. Peter Nemeth (FOG)
5. Jonathan Durocher (Alter Ego)
6. Scott Jardine (A&L)
7. David Charabin (FOG)
8. Paul Sutherland
9. Rick Yaschyshyn (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
10. Ryan Fillion (Alter Ego)
11. Bernard Leblanc (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
12. Albert Chin
13. Gary Sewell (FOG)
14. Tim Turenne (Woodcock)
15. Kylie Case (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
16. Daniel Marcoux (Alter Ego)
17. Albert Chan (FOG)
18. Drew Hawranik (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
19. Jason Howden
20. Pierre Robidoux (Woodcock)
21. Chris Goossen (FOG)
22. Eric Larson (Woodcock)
23. Mark Bravi (Lifesport)
24. Russell Brandt (Birch)
25. Dave Huebert (FOG)
26. David Carr (FOG)
27. Darryl Hansel
28. Joseph Miller (FOG)
29. Ryan Scott
30. Mike Giesbrecht (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
31. Cameron McLaren (Alter Ego)
32. David Lipnowski (FOG)
33. Bob Wong (Olympia-Volkswagen/Kal-Tire)
34. Gene Senior (Alter Ego)
35. Jon Peters (Birch)
36. Ed Toews (FOG)
37. Cory Fielding (Birch)
38. Ed Johnston (TreadTheThunder)
DNF. James Dyker (Alter Ego)


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