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May 3/04 10:13 am - Alberta Cup XC #1

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/04

Alberta Cup XC #1: The Paul Lewis Memorial Coulee Cruiser Lethbridge AB, May 2nd
Courtesy Kevin "Goat" MacCuish, ABA Events Coordinator

Senior Elite Male
1. Troy Misseghers (Mountain Bike City)1:39:05
2. Mark Webster (Team Bianchi - The Bike Shop)1:41:34
3. Jason Shenkariuk (Pedalhead Racing)1:42:16
4. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Racing)1:42:40
5. Per Strom (bicisport)1:46:58
6. Jonathan Nutbrown (Bow Cycle - CMC)1:48:22
7. Pat Doyle (Deadgoat Racing)1:56:00
DNF. Evan Sherman (United Cycle Racing)
DNF. David Kennedy (Bow Cycle - CMC)
DNF. Dan Wood (ERTC / redbike)
Senior Elite Female
1. Danelle Kabush (
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing)1:35:28
3. Annie Tykwinski (Pedalhead Racing)1:37:34
4. Madeline Bate (Terrascape Racing)1:38:30
5. Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat Racing)1:39:49
6. Christine Misseghers (Tatonka / Mountain Bike City)1:39:50
7. Sandy Ayer (Pedalhead Racing)1:49:00
DNF. Laura Whitehead (Terrascape Racing)
Senior Expert Male
1. Craig Stappler (Team Bianchi - The Bike Shop)1:20:54
2. Ross Anderson (Synergy)1:25:48
3. Michael Sarnecki (United Cycle Racing)1:26:28
4. Devin Erfle (Deadgoat Racing)1:26:38
5. Dan McDonogh (Independent)1:26:53
6. Jonathan Keats (Pedalhead Racing)1:28:40
7. Ryan Castle (Headwinds)1:29:10
8. Paul Ignatiuk (ERTC / redbike)1:30:43
9. John Twells (Pedalhead Racing)1:31:08
10. Shawn Taylor (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)1:31:55
11. Ryan Hopping (United Cycle Racing)1:34:01
12. Brian Shields (Independent)1:39:56
13. Brys Francis (United Cycle Racing)1:42:25
14. James Rasmussen (United Cycle Racing)1:48:41
DNF. Dominic Gauvin (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board)
DNF. Graham Wright (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board)
Master 30-39 Expert Male
1. Peter Leibel (Floragl-Norco-Streethawkexpress)1:25:27
2. Stephen Couse (Deadgoat Racing)1:25:50
3. Andrew Anastasiadis (SportChek Cycling)1:26:01
4. Davin Vande Beek (Independent)1:26:39
5. Rik Tykwinski (Pedalhead Racing)1:28:50
6. Tom Brodzinski (Deadgoat Racing)1:32:06
7. Geoff Clark (Deadgoat Racing)1:32:33
8. Mark Fedoroshyn (Independent)1:32:40
9. Jason Nadeau (Independent)1:33:54
10. Lonn Bate (Terrascape Racing)1:39:06
11. Jeff Seaborn (Terrascape Racing)1:39:07
DNF. Nick Woodhouse (SportChek Cycling)
Senior Expert Female
1. Marisa Tosi (Terrascape Racing)1:26:26
DNF. Carrie Williamson (Terrascape Racing)
Master Expert Female
1. Leslie Schlebach (bicisport)1:27:58
2. Lynda Davey (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)1:32:20
3. Michelle Hook (Pedalhead Racing)1:39:02
Master 40+ Expert Male
1. Tim Brezsnyak (Deadgoat Racing)1:12:05
2. Stan Magee (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)1:13:33
3. Jack Funk (Deadgoat Racing)1:16:10
4. Graham Smith (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)1:26:39
Junior Expert Male
1. Steven Yau (Bow Cycle - CMC)1:29:32
2. Eric Magee (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)1:36:12
3. Kevin Lega (United Cycle Racing)st
4. Pat Berry (Deadgoat Racing)1:44:01
DNF. Brian Bain (Bow Cycle - CMC)
Under 17 Expert Male
1. Michael Bidniak (Juventus)1:33:27
DNF. Jordan Brietzke (Snakebite Society)
Senior Sport Male
1. Jeremy Myers (Deadgoat Racing)1:14:09
2. Jonathan Shalapay (United Cycle Racing)1:15:11
3. Euan Allen (Independent)1:15:36
4. Erik Bakke (United Cycle Racing)1:16:02
5. Kevin Bladon (United Cycle Racing)1:17:21
6. Nikolas Jackman (United Cycle Racing)1:17:22
7. Scott Driver (Independent)1:19:58
8. Kevin Noble (United Cycle Racing)s.t.
9. James Lewis (Headwinds)1:27:04
10. Dale Skulsky (SportChek Cycling)1:36:47
11. Martin Saetre (Pedalhead Racing)1:38:42
12. Kien Tran (Pedalhead Racing)1:55:08
Junior Sport Male
1. Trevor Hennes (Medicine Hat BMX)1:18:45
2. Slawomir Szulc (United Cycle Racing)1:43:57
Beginner Male / Female
1. Adam Chalkley (Pedalhead Racing)1:35:44
2. Isabelle Julien (Independent)1:39:22
3. Jackie Ham (Headwinds)1:48:17
DNS. Tom Janaway (Independent)
Master 30-39 Sport Male
1. Scott Furber (Deadgoat Racing)1:12:22
2. Wayne Calder (Deadgoat Racing)1:13:00
3. Brad Robert (Headwinds)1:14:05
4. Peter Woodman (Headwinds)1:16:11
5. Bruce Penner (ERTC / redbike)1:17:17
6. Stephen Walsh (Deadgoat Racing)1:19:22
7. Quentin Blindenbach (Hardcore Racing Club)1:19:57
8. Mark Stranzinger (Independent)1:19:59
9. Trevor Pombert (United Cycle Racing)1:25:09
10. Clayton Stafford (Independent)1:25:21
11. Murray Aubin (ERTC / redbike)1:26:01
12. Adam Lee (Pedalhead Racing)1:40:17
13. Bill Harvey (Independent)1:42:00
DNF. Trevor Sutherland (Deadgoat Racing)
DNF. Darly Lehocky (ERTC / redbike)
DNF. Jamie Thomas (United Cycle Racing)
Master 40+ Sport Male
1. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle)1:15:16
2. Darcy Jones (Deadgoat Racing)1:15:25
3. Henry Yau (Deadgoat Racing)1:19:57
4. Michael Zelenski (Pedalhead Roadworks)1:24:34
5. Dan Fox (Juventus)1:27:08
Senior Sport Female
1. Laura Cruickshank (Independent)1:29:32
2. Janka Hegedus (Pedalhead Roadworks)1:38:34
Master 30-39 Sport Female
1. Carolynne Laughy (Pedalhead Racing)1:52:59
2. Carolyne Schwabe (United Cycle Racing)1:55:01
Under 17 Sport Female
1. Torie Grant (Juventus)1:12:39
Under 17 Sport Male
1. Cody Canning (United Cycle Racing)0:48:50
2. Drew Smith (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)0:49:50
3. Leo Lacourciere (Couloir Ski & Bike)0:50:28
4. Scott Duggleby (Independent)0:58:34
5. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)1:04:05
Under 15 Male
DNF. Robert McPhalen (Calgary Cycle)
Under 13 Male / Female
1. Alexander Bosch (Calgary Cycle)0:39:08
2. Kevin Stafford (Independent)0:44:09
3. Trevor Bosch (Calgary Cycle)0:48:04


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