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May 12/04 12:58 pm - Hamilton Club Announcement, St. Catharine's Cycling Club Report

Posted by Editor on 05/12/04

Hamilton CC Announcement

Martin Reid was in a traffic accident while riding. Hamilton CC has changed their calendar while he is recovering, and are trying to get the word out.

Club contact information for updates can be found at

St. Catharine's Cycling Club Report
Courtesy St. Catharine's CC

The St. Catharine's Cycling club season officially began last Tuesday, with 50 riders making the trek around the Sailor's Hill circuit, the site of this year's 2004 Ontario Road Championships. Nathan Chown took top honors, with Ben Debrey and Mark Pozniak rounding out the top 3. Last night the scene shifted to the North Pelham Loop. A 4KM circuit, with little rises, but mainly flat and fast. With temperatures around 26C, you could sense something new in the air, something that has been missing for awhile, and that something turned out to be living local legend, the Fenwick Flash himself, Steve Bauer!.

The night was a 10 lap points style race, over 40KM. 45 riders took part in a handicapped style start, which departed in three waves.

Points where awarded every second lap. With the handicapped format, it gives a equal opportunity for many to win, as the A. group has to bridge up to the leaders, a task that takes 35mins on the best of evenings, before they can start accumulating points.

In the main group the pace was high, with 20.9KM covered in the first half hour of racing (41.8KM AN HOUR). The junction to the leaders occurred just around the 25KM mark, when Rob Hiscock a Senior 2 with the newly formed St. Catharine's 1/2 Cycling Team, Mark Pozniak of Gears and Steve Bauer! broke clear of the bunch. Tim Lefebvre of Jet Fuel and Shane Lavell of the SCC, bridged up, and this group quickly forge out a time gap of 30 secs. The Five worked well together, and stay out for the remainder of the evening.

On the next to last point sprint, and the first for the main group, which was last to start, Tim Lefebvre easy took the 5 pts. Soon after on the courses second to last straight away, an attack came from, you guessed it, Steve Bauer!. He torn over a little rise at 47Km an hour in a display that was great to have witnessed. Things re-group and it came down to the final sprint, where the point value was doubled. Jetfuel Sprint ace Tim Lefebvre had a extremely clean set of wheels on this one, with Mark Pozniak and Shane Lavell rounding out the final placings, but the treat of the night was Bauer.

1st- Tim Lefebvre 15pts (Won the Final Sprint) 2nd- Mark Pozniak 15pts 3- Pete Bedard 10 pts. Time- 58mins 37secs AVE- 40.9 KM/HR


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