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May 18/04 7:16 am - Ontario Cup MTB #2: Story and Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/18/04

Ontario Cup MTB #2 Kelso

What a weekend of racing at Bonham & Co. Ontario Cup #2, Kelso Conservation Area! Over 200 downhill racers, and 700 X-country riders, made this event a standout on the Ontario calendar in the last 5 years!

In the X-country event riders were in love with the new course Sean Ruppel devised as well as some of the exciting trails Kelso Conservation Area had to offer. Again it was Jesse Jakomait leading the Gears Racing train to victory followed by Greg Reain, Andrew Watson, and Matt Patterson with Derek Zandstra of Bay Cycle joining the Gears Express in 5th place.

The Elite women's event saw an excellent high-caliber field with Sue Trimble, Gears leading the event followed closely by Stephanie Martinek who seems to be having a breakthrough season! In third was recent Alberta bound Danielle Kabush, Gears Racing who used the event as a warm-up to the Eastern Canada Cups. Extremely fit young gun Emily Batty, Bay Cycle had a great ride in 4th followed by Heather Morrissey of McBride/

Downhill racing saw the largest field ever with Doug Beattie turning in a scary fast time followed by Drew Pautler and Peter Mclean! Michelle Waechter took the women's event, followed by Sheila Morris and Allie Rau.

Short track racing is always a great spectator event and it was Gears taking the podium for both men's and women's events with Greg Reain and Danelle Kabush crowned the king and queen of short track. For those of you who have never watched a short track race make sure you come out and see the next short track at Buckwallow, August 7th.

The next Bonham & Co. Ontario Cup is the Gears Racing Canada Cup at Hardwood on June 5 & 6 and for more info visit for more information.

Special thanks to our sponsors including Bonham & Co., Stoney Ridge Winery, SISU, Ryders, Sugoi, Mars, Yamaha, Yakima, Cycle Solutions, Ecclestone Cycle, Bay Cycle, WTB, Norco Performance Bikes, Power Gel, and Outpost Magazine.

Cross Country

Junior (17-18) Expert Male
1. Mark Batty1:49:26.11
2. Adam Morka1:50:19.93
3. Chris Thorpe1:54:00.00
4. Jason Duffy1:54:36.28
5. Jeffery Eades1:55:11.80
6. Eric Robertson1:55:40.11
7. Mathew Bell1:56:16.30
8. Luc Mahler1:56:51.22
9. Cameron Jette2:00:16.79
10. Kyle Douglas2:01:07.17
11. Keith Gauld2:01:35.54
12. Ian Manning2:01:37.63
13. Thomas Wood2:03:06.67
14. Adam Bradshaw2:03:12.68
15. Evan MacAlpine2:08:30.03
16. Brandon Schmidt2:11:14.84
17. Blair Taylor2:12:40.96
18. Alexander Fulton 2:13:01.03
19. Codey May2:20:44.72
20. Dave Reid2:24:27.29
DNF. Richard Bell
DNF. Dave Vukets
Senior Pro-Elite Male
1. Jesse Jakomait2:07:38.62
2. Greg Reain2:07:58.00
3. Andrew Watson2:08:27.90
4. Matt Patterson2:09:07.28
5. Derek Zandstra2:13:43.94
6. Martin Lazarski2:17:08.28
7. Josh Hall2:17:23.61
8. Gary Hudson2:17:54.77
9. Tristan Galbraith2:18:04.82
10. Kevan Cranmer2:18:53.96
11. Peter Glassford2:18:55.65
12. Timothy Carleton2:19:08.18
13. Ramon Mira de Orduña 2:21:19.52
14. Matthew Fawcett2:21:48.96
15. Michael Dennis2:22:25.49
16. Matt Douglas2:22:55.69
17. Ben Dawson2:24:00.72
18. John Van Arragon2:26:16.24
19. Jerome Samson2:26:48.77
20. David Dermont2:27:17.57
21. Jason Rody2:29:21.53
22. Joe Lepine2:29:41.64
23. Andrew Erb2:32:20.09
24. Gordon Ruder2:33:17.54
25. Olmighti Quillao2:40:28.13
DNF. Adam Lucas
DNF. Matthew Richter
DNF. Tim Oliver
DNF. Justin Hines
DNF. Eric Batty
DNF. Greg Edgar
DNF. Jeff Weber
DNF. John Ruden
Senior Pro-Elite Female
1. Susan Trimble2:01:41.99
2. Stephanie Martinek2:01:56.19
3. Danelle Kabush2:03:29.08
4. Amanda Sin2:04:13.45
5. Emily Batty2:06:10.83
6. Heather Morrissey2:10:13.62
7. Celine Foreht2:13:04.49
8. Michelle Cordy2:14:25.89
9. Diana Joness2:17:02.39
10. Catherine Vipond2:17:31.40
11. Allison Lampi2:17:43.87
12. Heather Stanley2:21:32.29
13. Kim Haagmans-Hawke 2:23:36.37
14. Kate Scallion2:25:07.68
15. Sarah Hills2:25:52.79
16. Kerri Graham2:26:30.46
DNS. Lisa Hoskins
DNF. Cydney Galbraith

Full XC Results

Full DH Results

Full Short Track Results


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