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May 20/04 11:01 am - Fraser Wins in Connecticut

Posted by Editoress on 05/20/04

Fraser takes second stage of Tour of Connecticut
Courtesy Health Net Pro Cycling Team Presented by Maxxis

Canadian sprint specialist Gord Fraser of the Health Net Pro Cycling Team Presented by Maxxis has won the second stage of the Tour of Connecticut, the 50 Km circuit race on the Lime Rock Park race track. Fraser, with Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita-Bolla) on his wheel, came around Mark McCormack (Colavita-Bolla) with 50 meters to go in the race, after McCormick put in an aggressive attack on the last climb of the final lap of the race to open up a 10-second gap. But Fraser was strong to the line and Haedo was unable to come around him.

The win earned Fraser 20 points in the five-race Omnium format competition, and put him in sixth place overall. McCormick, who won the first race in the series last Sunday, added 13 points for a total of 53 points, 19 ahead of second place Shawn Milne (Fior di Frutta).

Mike Jones of the Health Net Presented by Maxxis squad picked up five of a possible six points in the King of the Mountains competition to add to the two he scored in the first race, to take the lead in the KoM classification by one point over Todd Herriott (Colavita-Bolla).

Former Olympic Champion Marty Nothstein (Navigators Insurance), holder of the Green Points Jersey, strengthened his lead in that classification by taking all three intermediate sprints on the day. Nothstein finished 11th in the stage.

The Tour of Connecticut continues Friday with the 50 km Criterium Race Around the Green in New Haven.

1. Gord Fraser (Health Net/Maxxis), 20. pts (1:02:01)
2. Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita Olive Oil), 15
3. Mark McCormack (Colavita Olive Oil), 13
4. Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders), 12
5. Joe Papp (Team Holland), 11
6. Neil Shirley (Team Seasilver), 10
7. Adam Hodges Myerson (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly), 9
8. Franky Van Haesebroucke, 8
9. Jamiel Danesh (McGuire Pro Cycling Team), 7
10. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley), 6
11. Marty Nothstein (Navigators Insurance), 5
12. Shawn Milne (Fior di Frutta), 4
13. Bjorn Cornelissen (Team Holland), 3
14. Alexandre Nadeau (Volkswagen Trek), 2
15. Kevin Lacombe (Volkswagen Trek), 1
16. Jacob Erker (Team Seasilver)

17. Anthony Alessio (ReMax)
18. Ivan Dominguez (Colavita Olive Oil)
19. Devon Vigus (McGuire Pro Cycling Team)
20. Tyler Wren (Colavita Olive Oil)
21. Imanol Ayestaran (Webcor Builders)
22. Sebastian Alexandre (Colavita Olive Oil)
23. Alexandre Lavallee (Volkswagen Trek)
24. Bobby Lea (Team Fuji)
25. Gustavo Artacho (Colavita Olive Oil)
26. Jason Schneider (GS Mengoni)
27. Steve Mlujeak (US Armed Forces)
28. Eneas Freyre (Team Holland)
29. Jon Wirsing (Team Snow Valley)
30. Robbie King (Louis Garneau Racing)
31. Mike Friedman (ESSM/GPOA)
32. Greg Wolf (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties)
33. Stu Gillespie (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
34. Cameron Holland (Team Snow Valley)
35. Ang Sheldrake (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
36. Ryan Leech (ESSM/GPOA)
37. Andrew Manart (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
38. Florian Smits (Team Holland)
39. Chris Horner (Webcor Builders)
40. Jeff Louder (Navigators Insurance)
41. Jon Bruno (Essex County Velo)
42. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagen)
43. Matt Svatek (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly)
44. Bruno Langlois (Volkswagen Trek)
45. Mike Sayers (Health Net/Maxxis)
46. Nathan Mitchell (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
47. Rafal Urzedowski
48. Larry Perera (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly)
49. Siro Camponogara (Navigators Insurance)
50. Jeff Craddock (CCB/Volkswagen)
51. Colin Sandberg (ESSM/GPOA)
52. Karl Rahn (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)
53. Damon Parke (Louis Garneau Racing)
54. Roland Stenekes (Team Holland)
55. Will Frischkorn (Colavita Olive Oil)
56. Jeremy Powers (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly)
57. Eric Sheagley (Essex County Velo)
58. Alain Ferry (GS Mengoni)
59. Ben Stafford (Webcor Builders)
60. Matt Sadauckas (Team Seasilver)
61. Vassili Davidenko (Navigators Insurance)
62. Wim Botman (Team Holland)
63. Craig Upton (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties)
64. Joshua Dillon (Louis Garneau Racing)
65. Ernie Lechuga (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly)
66. Jake Stephens (Team Snow Valley)
67. Danny Pate (Health Net/Maxxis)
68. Ian Stuart (Louis Garneau Racing)
69. Justen Peters (GS Mengoni)
70. Louis Secreto (ESSM/GPOA)
71. Greg Montello (Essex County Velo)
72. Gavi Epstein (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties)
73. Chris Pile (ReMax)
74. Boyd Johnson (ESSM/GPOA)
75. Trent Ashburn (Essex County Velo)
76. Ian Beilby (Louis Garneau Racing)
77. Mike McGinnley (ReMax)
78. Ryan McKinney (Team Snow Valley)
79. Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagen)
80. Sheldon Deeny (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
81. Zack Soucy (Ibex)
82. Craig Dodson (Team Fuji)
83. Tim Gernitis (Team Fuji)
84. Jared Bunde (Team Ideal Tile/Briell Cyclery)
85. Seth Hosmer (Ibex)
86. Juan Pablo Castro (Team Ideal Tile/Briell Cyclery)
87. Aaron Olson (Colavita Olive Oil)
88. Jason Baer (Louis Garneau Racing)
89. Chris Rozdilsky (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)
89. Oscar Pineda (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties)
90. David Wiswell (Team Fuji)
91. Aiden Charles (GS Mengoni)
92. Nate Kokinda (Essex County Velo)
93. Peter Hult (Fior di Frutta)
94. Martin St-Laurent (Volkswagen Trek)
95. George Ganoung (US Armed Forces)
96. Tommy Nelson (Team Fuji)
97. Andrew Knight (Louis Garneau Racing)
98. Alec Donahue (Louis Garneau Racing)
99. Todd Herriott (Colavita Olive Oil)
100. Stephen Badger (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)
101. Kyle Wamsley (Team Fuji)
102. Pascal Choquette
103. Mike Dietrich (Fior di Frutta)
104. Curt Davis (Fior di Frutta)
105. Josh Gewirtz (Fior di Frutta)
106. Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni)
108. Igor Misiki
109. Sean Cahill (US Armed Forces)
110. Kevin Molloy (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)
111. Pat Dunaway (McGuire Pro Cycling Team)
112. Peter Baker (Team Snow Valley)
113. Roman Kilun (McGuire Pro Cycling Team)
114. Philip Wong (Fior di Frutta)
115. Chris Peck (Fior di Frutta)
116. Dave Somerville (Team Ideal Tile/Briell Cyclery)
117. Dmitri Buben (CCB/Volkswagen)
118. Brian Sheedy (Team Seasilver)
119. Ciaran Power (Navigators Insurance)
120. Chris Wherry (Health Net/Maxxis)
121. Jason Lokkesmoe (Health Net/Maxxis)
122. Mike Jones (Health Net/Maxxis)
123. Ron Fantano (ReMax)
124. John Conroy (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties)
125. Mark Nicoll (ESSM/GPOA)
126. Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance)
127. Tim Unkert (Ibex)
128. Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators Insurance)
129. David McKenzie (Navigators Insurance)
130. Ed Beamon
131. Jon Hamblen (Fior di Frutta)
132. Zak Grabowski (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
133. Ian MacGregor (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine)
DNF Nathan O'Neill (Colavita Olive Oil)
DNF Drew Deters (Team Seasilver)
DNF Daniel Ramsey (Team Seasilver)
DNF Kurt Hackler (Ibex)
DNF Peter Knudsen (Team Seasilver)
DNF Adam Livingston (Team Seasilver)
DNF Josh Taylor (Team Fuji)
DNF Jon Bravman (Team Ideal Tile/Briell Cyclery)

1. Mark McCormack (Colavita Olive Oil), 53 pts
2. Shawn Milne (Fior di Frutta), 34
3. Alexandre Nadeau (Volkswagen Trek), 24
4. Mark Walters (Navigators Insurance), 24
5. Gord Fraser (Health Net/Maxxis), 20

6. Jon Erdeyli (Team Ofoto), 20
7. Melito Heredia (Toga Bikes), 18
8. Stu Gillespie (TIAA-Cref/5280. Magazine), 16
9. Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita Olive Oil), 15
10. Joe Papp (Team Holland), 14
11. Bruno Langlois (Volkswagen Trek), 14
12. Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders), 12

13. Scott Swizanski (Team Ofoto), 12
14. Tyler Wren (Colavita Olive Oil), 11
15. Neil Shirley (Team Seasilver), 10
16. Gustavo Artacho (Colavita Olive Oil), 10
17. Adam Hodges Myerson (Sharper Image - Jelly Belly), 9
18. Peter Baker (Team Snow Valley), 9
19. Franky Van Haesenbroucke, 8
20. Craig Upton (Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties), 8
21. Jamiel Danesh (McGuire Pro Cycling Team), 7
22. Eneas Freyre (Team Holland), 7
23. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley), 6
24. Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators Insurance), 6
25. Marty Nothstein (Navigators Insurance), 5
26. Wim Botman (Team Holland), 5
27. Alec Donahue (Louis Garneau Racing), 4
28. Bjorn Cornelissen (Team Holland), 3
29. Chris Rozdilsky (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology), 2
30. Kevin Lacombe (Volkswagen Trek), 1


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