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May 26/04 9:00 am - Geneviève Jeanson Facing Suspension?

Posted by Editoress on 05/26/04

Translation courtesy Greg Descantes

According to a report in La Presse this morning, Geneviève Jeanson is facing a possible suspension that could end her season after having failed to report for testing following Fleche Wallonne in Belgium on April 21st. This would prevent the Montreal cyclist from participating in the Olympics and the World Championships in the fall.

On the other hand, Jeanson is expected to take part in the Women's World Cup that takes place Saturday on Mont Royal.

The case in one of having failed to report for testing rather than having refused to do so. UCI rules provide for a suspension of six months to a year, or if circumstances warrant, a simple warning.

Jeanson has a good chance to escape with only a warning. A decision should be reached in the next two weeks.

At Flèche Wallonne, the Québéc native finished 30th.

At last year's World Championships in Hamilton, Jeanson was banned due to a high hematocrit levels.

Translation of Simon Drouin's column in LaPress

On April 21st Jeanson omits to be subjected to a urinary test antidopage in the minutes following the end of the Walloon Arrow, a test of World cup which is held in Belgium. The UCI announces it to the USA Cycling and not to the CCA since Jeanson is licenced in the United States. The USA Cycling gives the file to the United States Agency Anti-Doping. (USADA), which asks explanations of Jeanson.

Jeanson provided produced a letter of three pages, which La Presse obtained. The USADA gave Jeanson until June 4 to provide additional explanations. After this date, the USADA will recommend a sanction to l'UCI. According to the rules of control antidopage of l'UCI, Jeanson faces a possible suspension of six to twelve months with a fine. She can also receive a simple warning. If the UCI had signed the code of the world antidoping agency, she couldm have faced an automatic two year suspension.

In her letter to the USADA, Jeanson explained the state she was in at Walloon Arrow. Before the race, she wa shocked to learn that a morning blood analysis revealed a hématocrit level of 49,5 %, that is to say 2,5 % more than the allowed limit. Analysis of a second sample however showed it to be 44,9 %. Meanwhile, she was subjected to a urinary test, which proved negative.

That Jeanson is (treated this way) is not surprising. The cyclist québécoise is on the "red list" of l'UCI, drawn up since this year. This list targets the riders which produce extraordinary performances, have antecedents as regards doping, show suspect urinary-blood results or profit from a naturally high certificate d'hématocrite. The cyclists on this list are obviously prone to tighter controls antidopage.

Despite the sword of Damocles hanging over her head, Jeanson should be at the start of the World Cup race on Mont Royal on Saturday. She'll be seeking to meet the Canadian Olympic Committee's final criteria (top 8 finish) for participation in the Summer Games in Athens .


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