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May 30/04 10:16 am - Alberta, Ontario/Michigan and Victoria Track Events

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/04

Bikeshevik Grand Prix
Courtesy Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

7th Bikeshevik Grand Prix, held over the weekend at the Glenmore Velodrome in Calgary.

Blustery, wet weather on Saturday led to the cancellation of the match sprints, after the conclusion of the qualifying flying 200m rides.

The cool conditions were not conducive to fast times, which was unfortunate as the race was a designated event for Junior and Paralympic riders to achieve time standards for National Team evaluation.

Thanks to cp Walsh of the Foundation for Velo Kinetics for organizing the event.

Canadians Win at Detroit Velodrome
Courtesy Rob Good

With 2 weeks remaining before the Ontario/Michigan Championships, several Ontario riders are getting ready for the events. 2nd year track racer Amy Meher from London was competitive all day finishing 5th in the points race. Amy also put in a personal best time in the flying 200m with a time of 13.6 seconds. 2 new Road racers from the Waterloo Flying Doggs took the Track Racing 101, course in the morning ( which is open to all riders). Kurt Schrieter & Neil Dingman then were entered in the racing in the afternoon. Although being a little nervous performed very well in the "B" Division, Schrieter won the Scratch race with a great finishing sprint. Dingman Lapped the field in the Points Race for the win (who said road racers can't win on the track). Both riders then joined the "A" Division to learn the art of Madison racing (my favorite), We hope to see them compete on Friday nights beginning June 25th.

In the "A" Division, Racing was fast & furious, Taylor Martin from Ancaster moved up in both the 50 lap Scratch race & 80 lap Points race to finish in the top 10 in both races. Waterloo rider Don Andrews was the Top Canadian in the afternoons racing finishing with 2 top 5 results in the Points & Scratch races. In the 2 lap Charriot race, Rob Good out dueled Dave Koesel for the win, with Martin a close 3rd.

Next Track action takes place with an Ontario Camp at the Velodrome in Bloomer Park. Friday afternoon June 4th, 3pm-7pm, followed by Nas-track Madison Practice 7-9pm. On Saturday June 5th, Track 101 (new riders) at 10am, 2:15 -2:45pm Standing Start Training & Instruction. Racing at 3pm. The Camp is open to all riders of all age groups. What a great way to get track time before the Junior Worlds Qualifier & Ontario Track Championships the weekend of June 18 - June 20th.

Victoria Cycling League Victoria BC
Courtesy Dave McKinney

Latoria - May 19, 2004
1. Chuck Detheridge (Sidney Velo)
2. Scott Martin (Oak Bay)
3. Ryan McNamara (Team Coastal)
4. Nick Rowe
5. Vinko Poldroguvac (Schwalbe)
6. JP Dunlop (Teen Speed)
7. Murray Drew (Victoria Wheelers)
8. Andrew Greydanus (Victoria Wheelers)
9. Derek Tripp (Nanaimo Cycling Club)
10. Howard Joe (Spin Doctors)

1. Kenji Jackson (Russ Hayes)
2. Shawn Litster (Rider's Cycles)
3. Andrew McCartney (Victoria Wheelers)
4. Robin Gwynne (*Victoria Wheelers)
5. Eric Gowland UVIC Tri)
6. Vaughn Hildebrand (Schwalbe)
7. Grand Reid (Cowichan Cycling Club)
8. Patrick Kelly (Victoria Wheelers)
9. Mark Butschler (Dr. Walker)
10. Scott Dagnall (Victoria Wheelers)

1. Skye Larlee (Victoria Wheelers)
2. Katie Hobor (Teen Speed)
3. Sonya Reuter (Victoria Wheelers)
4. Sarah van Biert (Teen Speed)

A Riders 60 laps
1 Dave Mcleod 40

2 Chuck Dethridge 27

3 Ryan McNamara 23

4 Vinko Poldrugovac 7

5 Marcus Hadley 5

6 Murray Drew 4

DNF Keith Bruneau

DNF Mike Chandler

B Riders 42 laps

1 Robin Gwynn -38

2 Simon Ciceri -40

3 Jim Holtz -40

4 Joe Gard -80

5 Gerry Loster -120

DNF Vaughn Marshall

DNF Harry Ladds

We ran A‚s and B‚s together. Points are scored for the first four places on sprints every 6 laps. First rider gets 5 points, 2nd 3 points, then 2 and 1 points. If you gain a lap
on the field you get 20 points, if you lose a lap you get -20 points. Gerry Loster was down 6 laps. Robin Gwynn was down two laps but finished 3rd in one of the sprints so
ended up winning B with -38 points.

Newton Heights May 12, 2004
1. Matt Usborne (Rocky Mtn)
2. Derek McMaster (Part 1 Int'l)
3. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mtn)
4. Phil Edamura (Oak Bay)
5. Ryan McNamara (Team Coastal)
6. Craig Richey (UVIC Tri)
7. Chuck Detheridge (Sidney Velo)
8. Kevin Morrison
9. Daniel Goncalves (Trek)
10. Fred Hodgson (Symmetrics)

1. Vaughn Hildebrand (Schwalbe)
2. Fraser Hayes (Teen Speed)
3. Andrew McCartney (Victoria Wheelers)
4. Brendan Piovesan (Team X)
5. Eric Gowland (UVIC Tri)
6. Robin Gwynne (Victoria Wheelers)
7. Matt Bartilucci (AMC)
8. Simon Ciceri (Schwalbe)
9. Andrew Smith (Schwalbe)
10. Paul Brend (Peninsula Plodders)

1. Kirsten Sweetland (Victoria Wheelers)
2. Micheline Ouimet (Soliton)


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