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June 6/04 7:11 am - Gears Racing Canada Cup #3: Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/6/04

Gears Racing Canada Cup
Courtesy Hardwood Hills

Gears riders dominated their "hometown" course at the Gears Racing Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills.

Andrew Watson (Gears Racing), and Sue Trimble (Gears Racing), took top honours in the men's and women's Elite races.

This year's event provided great weather for the 750 riders. The course provided many challenges and highlights, the most memorable to be the new „boneshaker‰, with its new mascot and cheering sections.

Many thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and first aid personnel that are key to making this event happen.

Elite Men
1. *Andrew Watson (ON) Gears Racing2:16:27.1
2. Greg Reain (ON) Gears Racingat 0:35.8
3. Andrew Kyle (BC)0:55.1
4. *Martin Lazarski (ON) Gears Racing1:32.3
5. Jesse Jakomait (ON) Gears Racing1:32.5
6. *Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing1:53.8
7. Carter Hovey (BC) Brodie/Sugoi/Rider's3:53.4
8. Matthew Martindill (BC)4:02.1
9. Roddi Lega (AB) United Cycle/United Cycle4:19.8
10. Matt Patterson (ON) Gears Racing5:03.3
11. Stuart Houltham (NZ) Trek/Pearl Izumi5:31.0
12. Benoit Simard (QC) EquipeduQuebec7:12.2
13. Bruno Lafontaine (QC) Perigny/Specialized7:47.8
14. *Matthew Hadley (NB) Radical Edge8:11.4
15. *Jamie Lamb (NS) Kona8:18.9
16. Mark Webster (AB) Bianchi - The Bike Shop8:22.2
17. *Tristan Galbraith (ON) Primary8:52.7
18. *Frederic Bussieres (QC) Gears Racing9:13.7
19. Ian Carbonneau (QC) EquipeduQuebec10:12.6
20. Ryan Ingham (SK)11:08.4
21. *Peter Glassford (ON) Epic Ride11:25.2
22. Osmond Bakker (ON) Cyclelogik Racing Team11:36.9
23. Neil Grover (MB) Olympia/Volkswagen / Kal Tire11:44.8
24. *Adam Coates (SK) Gears Racing11:48.0
25. *Bradley Fairall (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Object12:46.5
26. JeanPhilippe Provost (QC) EquipeduQuebec12:55.8
27. *J-Sebastien Perron (QC) EquipeduQuebec13:02.8
28. Drew MacKenzie (BC) Victoria Wheelers/Peyto Cycles13:48.5
29. Jason Shenkariuk (AB) Pedalhead13:57.2
30. *Louis-Remy Marier (QC) EquipeduQuebec14:15.2
31. *J-Francois Vennes (QC) Xcluziv14:38.8
32. *Leith McLeod (MB) V W / Kaltire14:53.7
33. *Evan Sherman (AB) United Cycle15:54.0
34. *Matthew Fawcett (ON)16:15.7
35. *Jeremy Trudel (QC) Le Yeti17:21.3
36. Kevan Cranmer (ON)17:32.1
37. Gary Hudson (ON)18:23.8
38. *Ben Dawson (ON)18:32.9
39. Timothy Carleton (ON) Sport Swap18:36.4
40. Brendan MacIntosh (BC) Riders Cycles19:16.4
41. Jason Rody (ON) Jaw Racing20:26.5
42. Craig Stappler (AB) Bianchi - The Bike Shop21:05.2
43. Michael Dennis (ON)21:56.6
44. *Martin Lafontaine (QC) EquipeduQuebec22:34.8
45. Zacharie L'abbe (QC) EquipeduQuebec22:35.0
46. Jon Nutbrown (AB) Bow Cycle - CmC27:16.8
47. *Greg Edgar (ON) Algonquin Outfitters28:20.0
48. Gord Rider (ON)29:42.6
49. Adam Lucas (ON)32:17.6
50. Luc Dairon (QC)33:05.9
51. *Matt Douglas (ON) 3-Rox Racing33:31.4
52. Alejandro Carrizosa (QC) Ind.del Quindio34:45.9
53. Matthew Richter (ON) Bikes&Boards35:49.1
54. Jerome Samson .40:22.7
DNF. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore
DNF. Nick Lynem (AB) Giant Ridley
DNF. *Eric Batty (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF. *Tyler West (BC) Rocky Mountain
Elite Women
1. Sue Trimble (ON) Gears Racing2:02:38.8
2. Mical Dyck (AB) Terrascape Racingat 1:01.0
3. Sarah Noble (BC) Rocky Mtn Bus.Obj2:52.3
4. Sandra Walter (BC) Kappa/Schwalbe3:14.7
5. Danelle Kabush (ON) Gears Racing4:13.0
6. Amanda Sin (ON) Schwalbe Cycling Club4:34.5
7. Karen DeWolfe (NB) Cannondale4:54.2
8. Stephanie Martinek (ON) Squire John's / Specialized5:43.4
9. Kasandra Cote (QC) EquipeduQuebec6:41.4
10. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles6:46.4
11. Madelaine Bate (AB) Terrascape Racing7:46.3
12. Tanis Banks (BC) Floraglo/Norco8:23.9
13. Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain9:21.2
14. SophieAnn Blanchette (QC) Gears Racing9:21.8
15. Linda Robichaud (BC) Petra-Vans-Orbea10:00.0
16. Marie-Helene Cote (QC) EquipeduQuebec10:56.9
17. Annie Tykwinski (AB) Pedalhead Racing Club11:44.9
18. Allison Lampi (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada12:25.8
19. Julie Sanders (QC) EquipeduQuebec12:42.6
20. Mathilde H-Debeurme (QC) EquipeduQuebec13:57.6
21. Diana Joness (ON) Elite Racing16:50.3
22. Kate Scallion (NS) The Cyclery17:46.3
23. Celine Foreht (ON) Sporting Life17:56.6
24. Elsie Torresam (QC) EquipeduQuebec19:13.4
25. Cyd Galbraith (ON) Matty Stevens22:11.6
26. Marisol Bernier (QC) EquipeduQuebec22:25.2
27. Heather Stanley (ON)23:12.2
28. Christy Love (BC) Krebs/Mighty Riders24:50.4
29. Kerri Graham (ON) Reynold Cycle30:47.1
30. Nancy Austin (BC)33:46.2
DNS. Catherine Vipond (ON) Gears Racing
DNF. Martina Feldmann (BC) FACT Canada
DNS. Stephanie Lajoie (QC) Le Suroit cycle et ski
DNF. Heather Morrissey (ON) Team McBride Fitfix
DNF. Alicia Hamilton (MI) Giant
DNF. Wendy Simms (BC) Steed Cycles
Junior Expert Men
1. Raphael Gagne (QC) EquipeduQuebec1:44:05.0
2. Alexandre Fortier (QC) EquipeduQuebecat 3:56.6
3. Jean-Nicolas Lavertu (QC) EquipeduQuebec4:13.6
4. Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc (QC) Team Pierre Demers4:57.7
5. Mark Batty (ON) 3 Rox Racing5:45.1
6. Adam Morka (ON) Team Hardwood6:44.6
7. Chris Thorpe (ON) 3 Rox Racing8:03.2
8. Jonathan Boulanger (QC) EquipeduQuebec8:36.6
9. Jason Duffy (ON) Team Hardwood9:59.6
10. Jeff Eades (ON) Gears Racing.com12:08.1
11. Edouard Duquette (QC) EquipeduQuebec12:24.1
12. Jon Benson (MB) Team Manitoba12:35.8
13. Luc Mahler (ON) A.O. Bikes and Boards13:04.4
14. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3-Rox Racing14:24.3
15. Gregory Field (ON) Black Sheep14:55.3
16. Loni Trudel (QC) Le yéti18:24.2
17. Thomas Wood (ON) The Epic Ride20:30.7
18. Matt Bell .21:04.0
19. Keith Gould (ON) McBrideFitfix21:41.8
20. Ian Manning (ON) BikeSports - Pfaff Racing Team23:06.5
21. Eric Robertson (ON) Flying Dogs26:02.0
22. Brandon Schmidt .28:00.6
23. Evan MacAlpine (ON) McBride Fit Fix30:41.8
24. Cameron Jette (ON) Epic Ride31:34.7
25. Alexander Fulton (ON) Ottawa B.C.34:57.2
26. Adam Bradshaw (ON) Team Hardwood35:21.4
27. Blair Taylor (ON) Fit Fix41:00.2
DNF. Dave Reid (ON) Team McBridge
DNS. Ben Ricetto (ON)
DNF. Codey May
Junior Women
1. Emily Batty (ON) 3 Rox Racing1:17:53.3
2. Olivia Gagne (QC) EquipeduQuebecat 1:21.3
3. Kylie Case (MB) MCA/VW Kal-Tire4:04.8
4. Sarah Coney (ON) 3 Rox Racing7:39.5
5. Isabelle Jacques (QC) EquipeduQuebec9:05.2
6. M-Claude Surprennant (QC) EquipeduQuebec12:16.1
7. Shannon Everist (ON) AO BIKES AND BOARDS14:04.8
8. Évelyne Pichette (QC) EquipeduQuebec15:07.4
9. Meghan Dixon (ON) 3 Rox Racing17:59.6
10. Kelly Bietola (ON) 3ROX Racing23:02.3
DNF. Alex-Hamelin Gelinas (QC) EquipeduQuebec

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