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June 13/04 9:05 am - Nature Valley Grand Prix: Women Stage 5 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 06/13/04

Nature Valley Grand Prix

Women Stage 5: Stillwater Criterium, 50 minutes
1. Annette Beutler (Leitzsport Cycling)52:21
2. Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team)
3. Katrina Grove (Rona)
4. Erinne Willock (Rona)all s.t.
5. Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing)0:56
6. Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile)
7. Katheryn Curi (Rona)both s.t.
8. Joanne Kiesanowski (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)1:00
9. Jeannie Longo (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)1:00
10. Leah Goldstein (Verizon Wireless Wheelworks)1:00
11. Ashley Kimmet (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)1:09
12. Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)1:19
13. Jennifer Eyerman (Red 5 Racing)1:19
14. Sarah Uhl (Quark Cycling Team)1:47
15. Melissa Sanborn (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)1:47
16. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)1:47
17. Megan Esmonde (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)1:47
18. Katherine Lambden (CRCA/Aquafina)1:47
19. Nicole Demars (Victory Brewing)1:47
20. Felicia Greer (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)1:47
21. Candice Blickem (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)1:47
22. Chrissy Ruiter (Team Basis)1:47
23. Iona Wynter (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)1:47
24. Kate Sherwin (Team Kenda Tire)1:47
25. Johanna Buick (Victory Brewing)1:47
26. Andrea Ratkovic (TDS-Schwalbe)2:44
27. Lisa Norris (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)3:10
28. Magen Long (
29. Christine Vardaros (Velo Bella)3:30
30. Teresa Moriarty (Flanders' MBRC)3:41
31. Gina Grain (Victory Brewing)4:00
32. Helen Kelly (Rona)4:00
33. Anne Grabowski (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)4:00
34. Andrea Hannos (Rona)4:00
35. Cat Malone (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)4:00
36. Emma Rickards (Victory Brewing)4:00
37. Jennifer Stevens (Red 5 Racing)4:00
38. Megan Monroe (TDS-Schwalbe)4:00
39. Sarah Faulkner (
40. Shannon Hutchison (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)4:00
41. Kristy Scheffenacker (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)4:00
42. Rebecca Much (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)4:00
43. Michelle Kiesanowski (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)4:00
44. Liza Rachetto (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)4:00
45. Andrea Dvorak (
46. Anne Samplonius (TDS-Schwalbe)4:00
47. Jessica Hulser (Team Basis)4:45
48. April Anderson (Red 5 Racing)5:10
49. Sarah Ulmer (TDS-Schwalbe)5:45
50. Nichole Wangsgard (Team Basis)5:45
51. Sinead Fitzgibbon (CRCA/Aquafina)5:45
52. Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)6:30
53. Emily Gloeckner (TDS-Schwalbe)7:25
54. Kimberly Strom (Bianchi/Grand Performance)7:25
55. Sarah Tillotson (ABD Cycling Team)7:25
56. Erin Carter (TDS-Schwalbe)7:25
57. Maggie Shirley (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)7:25
58. Meshy Holt (TDS-Schwalbe)7:25
59. Betina Hold (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)7:25
60. Ann Marie Miller (Verizon Wireless Wheelworks)7:25
61. Alison Mcnulty (ABD Cycling Team)8:40
62. Rebecca Broeder (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)8:40
63. Krystyna Kras (Bianchi/Grand Performance)8:40
64. Shana Sturla (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)8:40
65. Rebecca Anderson (Americas Dairyland)8:40
66. Sara Brokaw (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)10:30
67. Tara Parsons (CRCA/Aquafina)10:30
68. Shawn Heidgen (TDS-Schwalbe)10:30
69. Kerry Soraci (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)10:30
70. Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)10:30
71. Brooke O'connor (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)13:00
72. Trudy Van Der Straaten (Team Kenda Tire)13:00
73. Elisa Gagnon (CRCA/Aquafina)13:00
74. Laurel Sundberg (Americas Dairyland)13:00
75. Alexis Brown (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)13:00
76. Nicole Freedman (Team Basis)13:00
77. Mary Georgetti (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)17:20
DNF Megan Elliott (Quark Cycling Team)
DNF Anna Milkowski (Rona)
DNF Nadine Bruhn (Red 5 Racing)
DNF Kerry Cohen (ABD Cycling Team)
DNF Hiroko Shimada (Velo Bella)
DNS Laura Van Gilder (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)
OTL Brenna Wolford (Velo Bella)
OTL Rachel Couch (Americas Dairyland)
OTL Elizabeth Morse (
OTL Jessica Peil (
DNS Barbara Heeb (Leitzsport Cycling)
Final GC
1. Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team)7.10:23
2. Katrina Grove (Rona)at 0:23
3. Annette Beutler (Leitzsport Cycling)0:55
4. Erinne Willock (Rona)0:56
5. Joanne Kiesanowski (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)1:11
6. Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile)1:21
7. Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing)1:37
8. Jeannie Longo (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)1:46
9. Katheryn Curi (Rona)1:49
10. Leah Goldstein (Verizon Wireless Wheelworks)1:52
11. Ashley Kimmet (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)2:22
12. Jennifer Eyerman (Red 5 Racing)2:33
13. Candice Blickem (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)2:34
14. Felicia Greer (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)2:36
15. Sarah Uhl (Quark Cycling Team)2:41
16. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)2:45
17. Chrissy Ruiter (Team Basis)2:46
18. Johanna Buick (Victory Brewing)2:50
19. Kate Sherwin (Team Kenda Tire)2:55
20. Iona Wynter (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)2:58
21. Melissa Sanborn (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)3:00
22. Nicole Demars (Victory Brewing)3:05
23. Megan Esmonde (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)3:10
24. Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)3:19
25. Katherine Lambden (CRCA/Aquafina)3:26
26. Magen Long (
27. Lisa Norris (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)4:22
28. Gina Grain (Victory Brewing)4:42
29. Andrea Hannos (Rona)4:46
30. Teresa Moriarty (Flanders' MBRC)4:49
31. Anne Samplonius (TDS-Schwalbe)5:00
32. Rebecca Much (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)5:03
33. Helen Kelly (Rona)5:06
34. Cat Malone (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)5:16
35. Jennifer Stevens (Red 5 Racing)5:16
36. Sarah Faulkner (
37. Kristy Scheffenacker (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)5:20
38. Jessica Hulser (Team Basis)5:37
39. Emma Rickards (Victory Brewing)5:40
40. Anne Grabowski (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)5:44
41. Michelle Kiesanowski (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)5:46
42. Megan Monroe (TDS-Schwalbe)5:57
43. Andrea Ratkovic (TDS-Schwalbe)6:23
44. April Anderson (Red 5 Racing)6:51
45. Nichole Wangsgard (Team Basis)7:14
46. Sinead Fitzgibbon (CRCA/Aquafina)7:38
47. Christine Vardaros (Velo Bella)7:39
48. Shannon Hutchison (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)7:39
49. Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)8:08
50. Andrea Dvorak (
51. Liza Rachetto (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)8:38
52. Emily Gloeckner (TDS-Schwalbe)9:04
53. Sarah Tillotson (ABD Cycling Team)9:09
54. Ann Marie Miller (Verizon Wireless Wheelworks)9:20
55. Rebecca Broeder (Wells Fargo/Ragatz)10:10
56. Alison Mcnulty (ABD Cycling Team)10:20
57. Shana Sturla (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)10:28
58. Meshy Holt (TDS-Schwalbe)10:54
59. Erin Carter (TDS-Schwalbe)11:28
60. Betina Hold (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)11:42
61. Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)12:21
62. Shawn Heidgen (TDS-Schwalbe)12:29
63. Sara Brokaw (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)12:40
64. Rebecca Anderson (Americas Dairyland)13:03
65. Kerry Soraci (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)14:10
66. Brooke O'connor (Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines)14:36
67. Trudy Van Der Straaten (Team Kenda Tire)15:06
68. Tara Parsons (CRCA/Aquafina)15:11
69. Elisa Gagnon (CRCA/Aquafina)15:22
70. Sarah Ulmer (TDS-Schwalbe)18:43
71. Nicole Freedman (Team Basis)18:52
72. Maggie Shirley (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)19:52
73. Laurel Sundberg (Americas Dairyland)21:32
74. Mary Georgetti (Lake Mary Cycles/ORC)25:45
75. Krystyna Kras (Bianchi/Grand Performance)33:44
76. Kimberly Strom (Bianchi/Grand Performance)34:20
77. Alexis Brown (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)37:37


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