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July 8/98 9:14 am - More Giro Results, 12 Phat Hours Results

Posted by Editor on 07/8/98

Giro d‚Italia Femminile News

Thanks to Nica Lewis at the race press office, we now have complete results for the 3 Canadians in the race

7b stage results
Linda Jackson!! 19:52 (1st)
Lisa Robinson 24:16 (78th)
Kim Langton 24:25 (83rd)

7a stage results
Anna Wilson, 2:00:11
Linda Jackson, +0:16 (32nd)
Kim Langton, +0:16 (38th)
Lisa Robinson, +3:17 (89th)

GC going into the 8th day
Linda in first!
Kim is 56th (+36:40)
Lisa is 82nd (+57:51)

previous results:
Stage One
Linda Jackson, 28th
Lisa Robinson, 87th
Kim Lnagton, 92nd

Stage Two
Linda Jackson, 67th
Kim Langton, 73rd
Lisa Robinson, 86th

Stage Three
Linda Jackson, 15th
Kim Langton, 64th
Lisa Robinson, 85th

4th stage
Anna Wilson, 2:16:57
Linda, s.t. (20th)
Kim, +6:29 (63rd)
Lisa, +15:42 (91st)

5th stage
Fabiana Luperini, 2:42:43
Linda, +0:11 (2nd)
Kim, +8:38 (49th)
Lisa, +12:58 (76th)

6th stage
Fabiana, 2:25:54
Linda, +0:20 (11th) (one of the motos fell in the final 50 meters in front of Linda and she had to release her foot from the pedal and lost precious seconds - she and Mike Neel were both quite frustrated by this incident - in any case, it gave her the motivation to really win the next day)
Kim, +10:36 (81st)
Lisa, +11:02 (93rd)

12 Phat Hours Results (courtesy Trilife)

The Kokanee 12 Phat Hrs of Adrenalin was held on Saturday, July 4th at Kelso Conservation Area near Milton, Ontario. Normally known as the "Woodstock of Mountain Biking", Saturdays consistent rain pattern left the trails wet and muddy for the entire 12 hour race. Participants will remember their experience more as the "Mudstock of Mountain Biking"! Over 375 riders participated in this first-ever 12 hour mountain bike endurance relay, a spin-off from the Kokanee 24 Hrs of Adrenalin (August 15/16th at Hardwood Hills Mountain Bike Center, near Barrie).

Race organizer Stuart Dorland said "the rain adds an extra element to the mountain bike adventure. Rain somehow provides an excuse, for the kid inside of all us, to get out there and get muddy." And muddy they did get! Rumours have it that dry clothing was a hot trading item in the pit areas as Mother Nature played tricks with the riders all day. The changing weather patterns did not seem to have an effect on the spirit of the riders however. They were busy enjoying some of the other highlights of the weekend like:

- Watching Walter Lavigne propose to his girlfriend, on center stage, just before the Le Mans style race start on Saturday. She said yes!
- Another happy couple were Sean Marrable and Natalie Huc who postponed their honeymoon so that Sean could compete in this race to try and earn a coveted solo position for the Hardwood Hills race in August. Sean was successful in his goal. What makes his story even more unique however, is that two years ago, Sean lay in a hospital bed with his skull cracked open and was not expected to live. The Richmond Hill resident completed 14 laps of the 10 km course.
- A number of teams came in costume or, with decorated helmets which added to the spirit of the event. The team called "12 Angry Ovaries" were a group of female med students who rode the entire race with helmets covered in pink tissue paper and with 2 pink balloons sticking out the top!
- Steve Bauer (Olympic medallist & Tour de France Yellow Jersey holder) competed with theTeam Ski Pro Shop 2 who won first place in their category.
- Lowell "no LAZ-Y-BOY here" Grieb finished fourth in the solo category. Lowell is competing in all five Canadian Adrenalin races in the solo category.

1. Mike Shaw, Orillia 18 laps
2. John Courtney, Princeton 17 laps
3. Perry Bizyk, Toronto 17 laps

1. The Colossal Connection, Woodstock 22 laps
2. Big John, Carlisle 21 laps
3. Pain, Barrie 21 laps

1. CCBG, Creemore 18 laps

4 PERSON - 80-119
1. The Zone Unknown 23 laps
2. Team Ski Pro Shop 1, St. Catharines 23 laps
3. Squire John‚s, Collingwood 22 laps

4 PERSON - 120-159
1. Team Ski Pro Shop 2, St. Catharines 23 laps
2. The Four Screaming Inches, Brantford 23 laps
3. 2 Guys, A Girl and a Unik, Toronto 22 laps

4 PERSON - 160 +
1. Senile Cyclists, Ancaster 23 laps
2. Team Viagra, London 19 laps

1. Freewheel Femme Fatales, Dundas 16 laps
2. Fly gurlz 1, Toronto 16 laps
3. Fly Gurlz 2, Toronto 16 laps

1. Six Soft Guys, Toronto 22 laps
2. Sweeney Todds/Liberty Cycle, St. Catharines 21 laps
3. Team Tesma, Mississauga 19 laps


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