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June 20/04 10:11 am - Nat Faulkner Racing RAAM

Posted by Editoress on 06/20/04

Nat Faulkner Racing RAAM

We received the following message from Nat this morning, as he prepares for his first ever RAAM.

I'm going to be starting the Race Across America, on a 4 person team. The team is myself and two of my former Kissena team mates, Billy Innes (Multi Laser GP winner 2001) and Sean Nealy. We've got the most talented team ever put into the event but in 5000 km a lot can happen. Kerry Ryan has raced the event 4 times and is undefeated by competition, he is our 4th rider, and provides the expertise, as well as a core staff of people who know what they're doing. Anyhow it should be an exciting 5 days of 24h around the clock riding. We're doing 20 min intervals on the bike, to keep the speed up and our legs from getting too tired. I'll tell you how it worked out in a week.

So I'm riding my Cannondale 6-13. I'm kinda freaked out about having a bike with "13" on it, so I covered that part up. As the race starts tomorrow, today also will be the last day to shave... don't wanna shave mid-event! I probably won't be updating too much during RAAM, but here are some links for you to bookmark and track our progress:

For our average speed, and distance check here (this is the most useful link): Our Goal is to make 25 miles an hour. Of course we might be behind that at the start because of the Rocky Mountains... So you can know how happy we are on our average speed linked here. (We just have to break 23.04 mph for the $10,000 bonus, but 40 km/h seems like a nice number). It also tells you the weather conditions (pray for tornado strength tail winds) at our location as well.

If you want to look at the team's bio go here: Kerry Classen broke ribs MTBing and is being replaced by Billy Innes

We did some training with the crew of 20 people yesterday, they're awesome, and the vans and support stuff is all tricked out (Van Names: Fire, Brimstone, Nosey, and Nat-Mobile). Some of the vehicles feature:

• GPS linked to Lap Top with Route highlighted on "Street Map"

• Megaphone, plus radio communication to riders; also lots of different flashing lights

• Tanks of cool water to bring down body temp after ride, showers, spray units to hose us down during riding, as well as CamelBaks with ice for the rides.

• Massage tables with M.D. and Chiropractic support

• We have 4 masseurs because you don't get to warm down ever, and the round the clock 2-shifts of soineurs will help keep our legs from turning to bricks.

• Other people will tell us when and what to eat/ drink because they will be monitoring our diet.

Anyhow it looks like the whole thing will be working out well, as long as I get some sleep (why I am up at 6 am? I guess I'm excited)

OK take care, and I'll check in after the race to link some photo's and give the race story at To add to the Canadian content of the team, Steve Timmins (former Beauce Leaders Jersey holder) and Jason Crookman (soon to be Osteopathic Doctor) will be among the staff of 20 people helping us out.



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