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June 22/04 7:38 am - Nova Scotia Road Cup #4

Posted by Editoress on 06/22/04

BNS Road Cup #4 Riverport, NS - June 20th
Mark Foster,

Senior 3
1. Craig DeGier (Cyclesmith CC)3:50:23
2. Rory Gonsalves (Sportwheels)3:50:57
3. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Racing)3:50:57
4. Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith CC)3:50:57
5. Christian Meier (Espoire Laval)3:50:57
6. Michel Leger (Bungay's Bike Shop)3:50:57
7. Eric McIntyre (Hub Racing)3:50:57
8. Chad Lennon (Hub Racing)3:50:57
9. Justin St Onge (Spokebenders)3:50:57
10. Brian Barkhouse (Campeche)3:50:57
11. Pierre Nie (Cyclesmith CC)3:50:57
12. Jeff Muise (Sea Level)3:50:57
13. Jonathan Burgess (Cyclesmith CC)4:01:28
14. Ian Dennis (Mike's Bike Shop)4:01:28
15. Chris Graham (Hub Racing)4:03:51
16. Christopher (Valley Stove and Dunbar Cycle)4:04:30
17. Mark Foster (Cyclesmith CC)4:04:30
DNF. Max Keeler (Dalvay Taylors)
Senior 4
1. Matthew White (Bicycles Plus)2:23:39
2. Trevor Morrissey (Independent)2:26:58
3. Chris Swift (Bicycles Plus)2:33:31
4. Chris Price (Cyclesmith)2:35:48
5. TJ Worden-Rogers (Lunenburg)2:44:33
1. Andrea Moritz (Bicycles Plus)2:26:44
2. Sherri Goodwin (Sea Level)2:42:13
3. Jennifer Hoyt (Cyclesmith)2:42:20
4. Margaret Rogers (Hub Cycling)2:42:20
5. Cynthia Fry (Bicycles Plus)2:55:59
DNF. Lisa McInnis (Hub Cycling)
Junior Men
1. Marc Trussler (Cyclesmith CC)2:23:02
2. Mark Pennell (Cyclesmith CC)2:23:02
3. Stephen Keeping (Cyclesmith CC)2:23:39
4. Garrett McLeod (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:26:44
5. Liam Atkinson (Hub Racing)2:49:22
DNF. Geoff O'toole (Cyclesmith CC)
Master B
1. Scott Bonnell (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:17:25
2. Andrew MacDonald (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:25
3. Derrick Muise (Sea Level)2:17:25
4. Kevin Besner (Metro)2:17:25
5. Chris MacKenzie (Sea Level)2:17:25
6. Bob Bustin (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:25
7. James Atwood (Sea Level)2:17:25
8. Scott Bennigton (Sportwheels)2:17:25
9. Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:48
10. Andrew Myatt (Cyclesmith CC)2:18:25
11. Jamie McClelland (Metro)2:18:52
12. Todd Saulnier (Bicycles Plus)2:20:34
13. Stephen Gallant (Independent)2:21:35
14. Charles Fullerton (Metro)2:25:25
15. Denis Choquette (Independent)2:28:02
16. Stuart Inglis (Metro)2:28:29
DNF. Andrew Canning (Metro)
DNF. Denis Deveau (Bike Works)
Master A
1. Peter McLeod (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:17:25
2. Gerard Walsh (Bicycles Plus)2:17:25
3. David Brown (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:17:25
4. Tuomo Ahasalmi (Mellun)2:17:25
5. Douglas McDougall (Sea Level)2:17:25
6. Gayland Goodwin (Sea Level)2:17:25
7. Dan Pottier (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:17:25
8. Steve Williams (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:25
9. Mark Smith (Bicycles Plus)2:17:25
10. Robert Mills (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:25
11. Rick Swinemar (Cyclesmith CC)2:17:25
12. Donald McIntosh (Bicycles Plus)2:22:46
13. Wayne Titus (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:26:48
14. Steve Mitchell (Cyclesmith CC)2:30:20
15. John Smith (Cyclesmith CC)2:32:43
16. Peter Mushkat (Bicycles Plus)2:33:39
17. Jack Clothier (Independent)2:34:57
18. Alan Jollimore (Cyclesmith CC)2:35:00
19. George Henley (Bicycles Plus)2:35:16
20. Friedermann Brauer (Cyclesmith CC)2:35:22
21. Craig Hillis (Independent)2:44:07
22. Jim Trussler (Cyclesmith CC)2:48:05
DNF. Alfred Heubach (Lunenburg)
1. Adrian Comeau (Sportwheels)1:36:53
2. Kyle Gallant (Independent)1:49:45
1. Caley Nihill (Ind)1:47:27
2. Jeanne Ju (Ind)1:50:56
DNF. James Swaine (Sea Level)


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