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June 22/04 9:07 am - Victoria Friday Night Track Cycling League

Posted by Editoress on 06/22/04

Friday night Track Cycling League Juan de Fuca Velodrome, Victoria BC

Sponsored by Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor and Blain Allen Chartered Accountants

June 18th

25 Lap (8.3 Km) Scratch Race

Group A
1st. Vinko Poldrugovac
2nd. Keith Bruneau
3rd. Phil Edamura
4th. Mark Butschler
5th. Matt Dilay

Group B
1st. Wayne Walker
2nd. Dave Shishkoff
3rd. Jim Holtz
4th. Bart McCombe
5th. Harry Ladds

Miss and Out (last rider every second lap is eliminated):

Group A
1st. Chris Anstey
2nd. Andre Steinhausen
3rd. Keith Bruneau
4th. Phil Edamura
5th. Vinko Poldrugovac

Group B
1st. Wayne Walker
2nd. Jim Holtz
3rd. Dave Shishkoff
4th. Sarah Van Biert
5th. Harry Ladds

Keirin (motopaced 4 laps then 2 lap sprint):

Group B
1st. Wayne Walker
2nd. Bart McCombe
3rd. Dave Shishkoff
4th. Jim Holtz

Group C
1st. Jillian Shields
2nd. Sarah van Biert
3rd. Harry Ladds

Team Sprint

Group A
1st. Vinko/Matt D./Andre S, 1:17.00
2nd. Chris A./Phil E./ Mike Chandler, 1:18.00
3rd. Thom Ward/Bart M./Dave S, 1:21.57
4th. Mark B./Keith B./Dale Marat, 1:21.59

Group B
1st. Sarah vB./Jim H./Wayne W, 1:24.64
2nd. Jillian S./Dave S./Bart M, 1:27.4

The American Velodrome Challenge, North American Professional Track
Cycling Series, comes to Victoria July 9-11. Come and enjoy the best racing before the Athens Olympic Games!

Sporting Life 24 hours of Summer Solstice

Photos are online with a rider number plate search. Anyone can enter their team number and see if there are photos of themselves!

Click HERE to view.


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