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June 27/97 23:47 pm - Chat Room Success, Quebec Cup, International Womens Challenge

Posted by Editor on 06/27/97

Tonight we hosted our first ever chat session at our Mont Ste Anne World Cup site with Alison Sydor. After a first couple of minutes when no one would speak up, the questions, greetings and accolades came fast and furious, so that we were all surprised when we realized that the hour was up. We want to thank all participants, and most especially Alison, who made time available during one of the most important events of her season. Check back to our World Cup site tomorrow for a full transcript of the chat session. * * Today riders took part in the Quebec Cup portion of the Mont Ste Anne weekend. In fact, 900 riders participated in todays events - a record according to the organizers. We are waiting for full results from organizer, but here are a few key ones. One in particular is interesting - the Veteran Expert Mens race was won by Gert-Jan Theunisse. Thats right, the former European road pro and Tour de France winner, who now coaches Olympic gold medallist Bart Brentjens (Specialized). * Elite Men * 1. Eric Tourville Oryx 2:34:52 2. Sebastien Paradis Dekerf at 2:49 3. George Visser Specialized 4:23 * Junior Expert Men * 1. Jean-Francois Laroche 2:21:10 2. Chrisopher Marino at 0:18 3. Tyler Thompson Bianchi 1:46 * Senior Expert Men * 1. Tim Johnson CCB International 2:13:16 2. Jonathan Voyen Oryx at 1:00 3. Philippe Coulombe Mont Velo/Liken 4:11 * Veteran Expert Men * 1. Gert-Jan Theunisse 2:15:15 2. Urs Gerig at 4:13 3. Ted Ingram Rocky Mountain 5:36 * Cadet Men * 1. Stephane Sanschagrin 1:25:15 2. Vincent St-Germain Metro Oxygen at 0:50 3. Robert Kovacs Bicycle Works 1:16 * Elite Women * 1. Marie-Helene Premont Mont Velo/Liken 2:38:48 2. Nadine Petit Norco at 4:37 3. Marie-Helene Martin Newcourt-Devinci 9:35 * Expert Women * 1. Sarah Foulkes Ted Wojcik Bikes 2:16:57 2. Charlotte Visser Newcourt-Devinci at 4:45 3. Claudia Carbonneau Montavelo 9:16 * Junior Women * 1. Caroline Premont Mont Velo/Liken 1:07:14 2. Claudia Pizarro at 0:59 3. Marisol Bernier Sport 4 Saisons 1:35 * Veteran Women * 1. Chantal Begin 1:09:24 2. Twila Wellman Turner Bicycle at 0:25 3. Isabel Amyot La Vie Sportive 3:15 * Cadet Women * 1. Julie Sanders Cycle Record 1:14:46 2. Emilie Germain at 4:23 3. Stephanie Perreault 4:29 * * ALBERT TOPS DONNELLY IN SURPRISING STAGE FIVE * For Immediate Release, June 26, 1997 Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, (719) 578-4581 * GLENNS FERRY, Idaho -- With the overall leaders taking a bit of a rest, Heather Albert (PowerBar), Pleasant Grove, Utah, won stage five at the Hewlett-Packard International Womenís Challenge. * The race leaders -- Lithuanian Rasa Polikeviciute (HP Mopier) and Canadian Linda Jackson (Saeco-Timex) -- were content to ease off a bit, so the stage was wide open. * Albert wasnít the only one to seize on that opportunity, as several other breaks had some early success. * The first break in the 78-mile race included Julie Young (Saturn), Cheryl Binney (Potomac Racing), Elizabeth Emery (Klein) and Nicole Freedman (Shaklee). The foursome got away 14 miles into the stage and stayed away through the descent down to the Snake River, only to be caught during the climb up the other side. * After the next descent, Binneyís teammate Carolyn Donnelly took off on a solo attempt. Donnelly pulled away to a three-minute lead before the course began to climb into the town of Bliss. * Donnelly kept the lead up the climb, though the field closed the gap and Albert subsequently attacked off the front of the chase. Albert brought Donnellyís 26-mile solo to an end prior to the time bonus, some 15 miles from the finish. * Albert took the lead and time-trialed toward the finish with Donnelly on her wheel and a chase group some 30 seconds back. The lead pair stayed away and it became apparent it was going to be the biggest career win for Albert, who struggled with pneumonia through much of 1997 after a promising 1996, which included a runner-up finish at the national championship road race. * The lead pair and the chasers combined to take all of the time bonus points, leaving the overall race lead exactly the same as the day started -- Rasa Polikeviciute leading Jackson by 31 seconds heading into the double time trial day. * Frank Stanley also let us know that Sue Palmer has retaken the Mountain leaders. She leads Rasa Polikeviciute (LTU), the overall race leader, 46 pts to 42, with the only mtn. points left being Sunday. * Stage 6 Results (ITT) * 1 Karen Kurreck** USA 0:07:35 2 Emily Robbins* USA at 0:00:07 3 Dede Demet USA 0:00:15 4 Zoulfia Zabirova RUS 0:00:19 5 Pam Schuster** USA 0:00:21 6 Elizabeth Emery USA 0:00:22 7 Karen Bliss Livingston USA 0:00:22 8 Rebecca Twigg USA 0:00:23 9 Sue Palmer CAN 0:00:26 10 Linda Jackson** CAN 0:00:27 * Other Canadians * 33 Erin McGann** CAN 0:00:54 59 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:01:10 62 Cybil Diguistini* CAN 0:01:11 73 Barbara Zimich** CAN 0:01:17 79 Mandy Poitras CAN 0:01:21 90 Karen Timewell CAN 0:01:37 * GC * 1 Rasa Polikeviciute LIT 14:30:59 2 Linda Jackson** CAN at 0:00:13 3 Zoulfia Zabirova RUS 0:00:38 4 Jolanta Polikeviciute LIT 0:01:27 5 Valentina Polkhanova RUS 0:02:53 6 Alison Dunlap USA 0:04:50 7 Karen Kurreck** USA 0:04:53 8 Emily Robbins* USA 0:07:05 9 Sue Palmer CAN 0:07:12 10 Susy Pryde NZL 0:07:35 * Other Canadians * 23 Cybil Diguistini* CAN 0:11:33 30 Erin McGann** CAN 0:13:24 48 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:19:06 72 Barbara Zimich** CAN 0:36:34 77 Karen Timewell CAN 0:42:27 93 Mandy Poitras CAN 1:18:48


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