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June 24/04 11:59 am - RAAM day 4 Report and Standings

Posted by Editoress on 06/24/04

RAAM day 4

A visit to Jeff Rushton's and Kevin Wallace's biographies on the Race Across America website tells a story of personal sacrifices, cherished athletic feats, attractions and intimidations of RAAM. Nowhere is there mention of a plan to break the two-person record for average race speed set in 2001. Yet, while the finish line is still about 2,000 miles away, Rushton and Wallace head steadily eastward 1.2 miles faster than the record setting speed of 17.64 mph. In addition to possibly setting a new speed record, their two-man team "Team Coast to Coast Against Cancer" has raised over $500,000 for cancer charities and each two-hour shift in this year's RAAM is dedicated to someone who has or has had cancer.

Vail B2B Divas' Kerry White acknowledged with a smiling reluctance "a couple of hard climbs" on the way to Pie Town, for Time Station 13. What these climbs lacked in gradient, they more than made up for in length. But the plus 7,000-foot elevation suited the Divas, who live in Vail at almost 9,000 feet. Relentless in the extension of their lead over Germany's Team Frauleins, the Vail B2B Divas seem undeterred by anything the RAAM course has thrown at them thus far.

"We're psyched to be in New Mexico," said Kerry White of the Divas. She added that the team was feeling "good" and riding "very strong." The Vail B2B Divas currently have a 128-mile lead over Team Frauleins.

A few minutes after talking with us, White spotted the struggling Solo rider Tracy McKay, whose right quadriceps was cramping badly. White asked her team masseur to attend to the ex-marine from Birmingham, Alabama, visibly concerned that everything possibly should be done to help the brave soloist remain in the race.

After battling dehydration on the first day, Tracy McKay of Birmingham, Alabama, was back in trouble three days into his epic. Approaching the Pie Town, N.M. time station at mile 715, McKay's right quadriceps began cramping, putting the Salvation Army charity rider into excruciating pain.

It was not certain whether the pain was caused by a cramp or by a muscle tear. McKay pedaled with only his left leg over the final four miles to the Pie Town time station.

According to his crew chief, Jon Marsden, there was only one thing for it: pray. McKay's crew gathered close around him in his support vehicle and prayed for 20 minutes.

"We are doing this race for Jesus Christ, and anything that happens is what He wants to happen. And it happens for the good. We have faith!" exclaimed Marsden.

McKay emerged from the van and gingerly climbed back aboard his bicycle. A minute later a rider from the all-women Vail B2B Divas team spotted McKay in obvious pain and she called her team masseur from their nearby RV to give assistance.

Five minutes later, McKay was on the Diva's massage table. The masseur put him through some exercises and pronounced, "You're clear, we'll have you back on the road in just a few minutes," and with that he went to work.

McKay was last reported pedaling hard with a big smile on his face. His race for God and the Salvation Army continues.

Scott Dakus from Henderson, Nevada was beginning to struggle due to pain in one of his knees. To compensate, Dakus overworked his healthy knee and ultimately succumbed to pain in both joints. Dakus withdrew at 11:31 EST on June 23.

Solo leader Jure Robic maintains a slender 20-minute lead over Michael Trevino. Riders reported in from Time Station #24 in Mount Vernon, Kansas at 22:50 and 23:09 EST respectively.

Andrew Lapkass, the three-time conqueror of Mount Everest, has finally got his diet right after three days of being unable to ingest any foods. And guess what, it's McDonalds!

"I'm just craving something really fatty and salty, I guess my body just wants that stuff," explained a smiling Lapkass about his temporary desire for fast food.

Lapkass's crew member, Mary Lunger, said "He's been having problems since Day One. He wasn't able to eat - his stomach was churning and he couldn't get anything down."

The Lapkass camp had changed his diet for the race, going to a mixture of gels and powders with the aim of a 90% liquid diet. But clearly this was not working.

"We're abandoning the original nutrition plan, and we'll be feeding him his regular diet after this meal," said Lunger.

Despite his nutritional problems, Lapkass is having a great time in his first Insight Race Across America.

"To be honest, it's more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It is very hard work, but the scenery is incredible. You've got your sag wagon right behind carrying your food and clothing, and playing music when you want it: this is the ultimate bike tour!"

A team vehicle from Team Coast to Coast Against Cancer was rear-ended near La Joya, N.M. by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. No one was hurt and RAAM officials granted a 30 minute time installment for time lost by reporting and processing the accident.

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Kerry Ryan was on the winning Kern Wheelmen team of 1995. In 1996 he raced for Action Sports, which finished second to Kern in the year Kern set the record. It was incorrectly reported in our June 22 release that Ryan was on the Kern team in 1996.


                                   Dist)    Time    Av. speed
                                  (miles) ( 
Men's Solo
1 Jure Robic                       1363.1  3.12.36  (16.11mph)
2 Michael Trevino                  1363.1  3.12.55  (16.05mph)
3 Wolfgang Fasching                1191.2  3.09.16  (14.66mph)
4 David Haase                      1191.2  3.11.39  (14.24mph)
5 Rob Kish                         1191.2  3.12.26  (14.11mph)
6 Pius Achermann                   1119.7  3.08.31  (13.91mph)
7 Dino Nico Valsesia               1119.7  3.10.36  (13.56mph)
8 Andrew Otto                      1074.1  3.12.36  (12.70mph)
9 Enrico De Angeli                 1025.5  3.10.28  (12.44mph)
10 Peter Holy                       968.5  3.09.01  (11.95mph)
11 Randy Van Zee                    968.5  3.09.04  (11.95mph)
12 Guus Moonen                      968.5  3.12.11  (11.50mph)
13 James Rosar                      863.3  3.09.09  (10.64mph)
14 Alessandro Colo'                 863.3  3.09.46  (10.56mph)
15 Andrew Lapkass                   863.3  3.09.58  (10.53mph)
16 Tracy McKay                      799.6  3.07.48  (10.02mph)
17 Robert Rich                      799.6  3.12.58   (9.41mph)
DNF Scott Dakus (Knee Prob.)        716.0  2.14.38  (11.43mph)
DNF Russ Goodwin (Crew left)        553.7  2.02.18  (11.01mph)
Two Person Male
1 Team Coast To Coast              1025.5  2.06.19  (18.88mph)
2 Team TBW Brasil                   863.3  2.06.37  (15.81mph)
3 Team New England                  799.6  2.05.14  (15.02mph)
Two Person Mixed
1 Team       863.3  2.05.20  (16.19mph)
2 Team No Limits                    799.6  2.06.52  (14.57mph)
Four Person Male
1 Team Vail - Go Fast              1269.6  2.05.49  (23.59mph)
2 Team Action Sports               1269.6  2.06.29  (23.30mph)
3 Team Royal Air Force             1119.7  2.04.19  (21.40mph)
4 Team Swiss Canon                 1119.7  2.06.53  (20.40mph)
5 Team Extra Distance               928.0  2.05.50  (17.24mph)
6 Team Grand PAC Masters            863.3  2.06.20  (15.89mph)
Four Person Male HPV
1 Team ALS Lighting                1269.6  2.05.32  (23.72mph)
Four Person Female
1 Team Vail B2B Divas               928.0  2.05.00  (17.51mph)
2 Team Frauleins                    799.6  2.05.21  (14.99mph)
Four Person Mixed
1 Team Just Sweat - No Tears        928.0  2.06.38  (16.99mph)
Corporate Challenge
1 Team R2R-Kaiser Permanente       1074.1  2.06.03  (19.87mph)
2 Team Insight                     1074.1  2.06.30  (19.71mph)
3 Team Rim 2 Rim Cycling           1025.5  2.05.10  (19.29mph)


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