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June 24/04 6:12 am - Ontario Track Championships: Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/24/04

Combined Ontario/Michigan State, Track Championships June 18-20, Bloomer Velodrome, Rochester Hills, MI

Courtesy Rob Good and Steve Karpik

Kilometre (June 18, 2004)
Combined ResultsTime
1. Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario1:11.212
2. Dave Koesel (Master Men) Michigan1:12.110
3. Brant Hendler (Senior Men) Michigan1:13.119
4. Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario1:13.407
5. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario1:13.771
6. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario1:13.868
7. Terry Palmer (Master Men) Michigan1:14.608
8. Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario1:14.949
9. Steve Geerligs (Master Men) Michigan1:15.411
10. Ronnie Sink (Master Men) Michigan1:15.486
11. Anthony Bruley (Master Men) Michigan1:15.580
12. Jim Houston (Master Men) Michigan1:17.549
13. Robert Akers (Master Men) Michigan1:18.446
14. Jon Cross (Senior Men) Michigan1:18.465
15. Todd Hayes (Master Men) Michigan1:18.730
16. Eric Chase (Senior Men) Michigan1:18.767
17. Robert Jones (Master Men) Michigan1:18.891
18. Mark Caswell (Master Men) Michigan1:18.961
19. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan1:19.212
20. David Stanley (Master Men) Michigan1:19.285
21. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario1:19.627
22. Luke Cavender (Junior Men) Michigan1:19.934
23. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario1:20.600
24. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario1:21.341
25. Ron Pillars (Master Men) Michigan1:21.921
26. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigan1:24.808
27. David Hicken (Master Men) Michigan1:25.343
28. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario1:26.140
29. Ken Starling (Master Men) Michigan1:30.687
Kilometre - Michigan RidersTime
1. Dave Koesel (Master Men) Michigan1:12.110
2. Brant Hendler (Senior Men) Michigan1:13.119
3. Terry Palmer (Master Men) Michigan1:14.608
4. Steve Geerligs (Master Men) Michigan1:15.411
5. Ronnie Sink (Master Men) Michigan1:15.486
6. Anthony Bruley (Master Men) Michigan1:15.580
7. Jim Houston (Master Men) Michigan1:17.549
8. Robert Akers (Master Men) Michigan1:18.446
9. Jon Cross (Senior Men) Michigan1:18.465
10. Todd Hayes (Master Men) Michigan1:18.730
11. Eric Chase (Senior Men) Michigan1:18.767
12. Robert Jones (Master Men) Michigan1:18.891
13. Mark Caswell (Master Men) Michigan1:18.961
14. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan1:19.212
15. David Stanley (Master Men) Michigan1:19.285
16. Luke Cavender (Junior Men) Michigan1:19.934
17. Ron Pillars (Master Men) Michigan1:21.921
18. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigan1:24.808
19. David Hicken (Master Men) Michigan1:25.343
20. Ken Starling (Master Men) Michigan1:30.687
Kilometre - Ontario RidersTime
1. Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario1:11.212
2. Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario1:13.407
3. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario1:13.771
4. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario1:13.868
5. Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario1:14.949
6. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario1:19.627
7. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario1:20.600
8. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario1:21.341
9. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario1:26.140
500 Metres (June 18, 2004)
Combined ResultsTime
1. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario37.089
2. Luke Cavender (Junior Men) Michigan38.288
3. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario40.339
4. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario41.579
5. David Starling (Junior Men) Michigan42.086
6. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario43.675
7. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigan45.521
8. Renee Schoeder (Senior Women) Michigan45.549
9. Sarah Hamilton (Senior Women) Michigan49.352
Michigan RidersTime
1. Luke Cavender (Junior Men) Michigan38.288
2. David Starling (Junior Men) Michigan42.086
3. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigan45.521
4. Renee Schoeder (Senior Women) Michigan45.549
5. Sarah Hamilton (Senior Women) Michigan49.352
Ontario RidersTime
1. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario37.089
2. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario40.339
3. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario41.579
4. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario43.675
Olympic Sprint (June 18, 2004)Time
1. C. Tavares, T. Kleban, T. Martin. 41.709
2. D. Hicken, T. Olynick, J. Bakal. 44.217
3. S. Geerligs, B. Hendler, R. Sink. 44.69
4. J. Cross, M. Caswell, E. Chase. 44.817
5. J. Hughes, T. Hayes, R. Akers. 44.896
6. T. Palmer, R. Good, D. Andrews. 46.034
7. B. Jones, J. Houston, A. Champoux. 46.746
8. R. Schoeder, J. St. John, R. Pillars. 48.538
9. M. Pyjor, A. Maher, J. Bradley. 48.877
10. K. Manderfield, K, Starling, D. Starling. 50.666
Flying 200 m. (June 19, 2004)
Combined Results ("A" Pool)Time
1. Dave Koesel (Master Men) Michigan11.926
2. Brooks Rapley (Master Men) Ontario12.01
3. Nick Laughton (Master Men) Michigan12.15
4. Terry Palmer (Master Men) Michigan12.268
5. Steve Geerligs (Master Men) Michigan12.278
6. Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario12.301
7. Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario12.452
8. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario12.548
9. Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario12.58
10. Luke Cavender (Cadet Men) Michigan12.597
11. Christian Tavares (Senior Men) Ontario12.85
12. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan12.894
13. Jim Houston (Master Men) Michigan12.997
14. Robert Jones (Master Men) Michigan13.153
15. David Stanley (Master Men) Michigan13.238
16. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario13.376
17. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario13.633
18. John Hughes (Senior Men) Michigan13.843
Michigan Riders ("A" Pool)Time
1. Dave Koesel (Master Men) Michigan11.926
2. Nick Laughton (Master Men) Michigan12.15
3. Terry Palmer (Master Men) Michigan12.268
4. Steve Geerligs (Master Men) Michigan12.278
5. Luke Cavender (Cadet Men) Michigan12.597
6. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan12.894
7. Jim Houston (Master Men) Michigan12.997
8. Robert Jones (Master Men) Michigan13.153
9. David Stanley (Master Men) Michigan13.238
10. John Hughes (Senior Men) Michigan13.843
Ontario Riders ("A" Pool)Time
1. Brooks Rapley (Master Men) Ontario12.01
2. Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario12.301
3. Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario12.452
4. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario12.548
5. Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario12.58
6. Christian Tavares (Senior Men) Ontario12.85
7. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario13.376
8. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario13.633
Flying 200 m. (June 19, 2004)
Combined Results ("B" Pool)Time
1. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario12.98
2. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario13.068
3. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario13.4
4. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario13.424
5. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario13.717
6. Neil Dignam (Senior Men) Ontario13.78
7. David Hicken (Master Men) Michigan13.816
8. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario13.939
9. Dean Martone (Master Men) Michigan14.024
10. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigan14.231
11. Chris Hughes (Senior Men) Michigan14.278
12. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario14.396
13. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigan15.626
14. Sarah Hamilton (Senior Women) Michigan17.427
Michigan Riders ("B" Pool)Time
1. David Hicken (Master Men) Michigan13.816
2. Dean Martone (Master Men) Michigan14.024
3. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigan14.231
4. Chris Hughes (Senior Men) Michigan14.278
5. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigan15.626
6. Sarah Hamilton (Senior Women) Michigan17.427
Ontario Riders ("B" Pool)Time
1. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario12.98
2. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario13.068
3. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario13.4
4. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario13.424
5. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario13.717
6. Neil Dignam (Senior Men) Ontario13.78
7. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario13.939
8. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario14.396
Match Sprint (June 19, 2004)
"A" Pool
1. Terry Palmer2 rides to 1
2. Brooks Rapley
3. Nick Laughton2 rides to 0
4. Rob Good
5. Jeff Bakal
6. Taylor Martin
7. Taras Kleban
8. John Hughes
9. Jim Houston
10. Todd Olynick
11. Christian Tavares
12. David Stanley
13. Robert Jones
14. Luke Cavender
15. Andre Champoux
"B" Pool
1. Kurt Schreiter2 rides to 0
2. Eric Robertson
3. Jeremy St. John2 rides to 0
4. Dean Martone
5. Neil Dignam
6. David Hicken
7. Jim Henning
8. Larry Garstick
9. Julia Bradley
10. Amy Maher
11. Maogosha Pyjor
12. Kacey Manderfield
13. Sarah Hamilton
"A" Pool Scratch Race (June 20, 2004)
1. Robert Akers (Master Men) Michigan
2. Pio Apostoli (Master Men) Michigan
3. Ray Dybowski (Master Men) Michigan
4. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario
5. Terry Palmer (Master Men) Michigan
6. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario
7. Dave Teall (Master Men) Michigan
8. Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario
9. Eric Chase (Senior Men) Michigan
10. Robert Jones (Master Men) Michigan
11. Jim Houston (Master Men) Michigan
12. Mark Caswell (Master Men) Michigan
"B" Pool Scratch Race (June 19, 2004)
Position. First Name Last Name (Category) Prov/State
1. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario
2. Dean Martone (Master Men) Michigan
3. Ron Pillars (Master Men) Michigan
4. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario
5. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario
6. David Stanley (Master Men) Michigan
7. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario
8. David Hicken (Master Men) Michigan
9. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Michigan
10. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario
11. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario
Men's "A" Pool 4000 m. Pursuit (June 19, 2004)Time
1. Dave Koesel (Master Men) Michigan5:09.54
2. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario5:23.47
3. Anthony Bruley (Master Men) Michigan5:23.80
4. Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario5:23.93
5. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan5:32.58
6. Cullen Watkins (Master Men) Michigan5:32.60
7. Eric Chase (Senior Men) Michigan5:33.74
8. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario5:35.30
9. Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario5:54.25
10. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario6:14.46
Men's B Pool 3000 m. Pursuit (June 19, 2004)Time
1. Neil Dignam (Senior Men) Ontario4:10.23
2. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario4:16.70
3. Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario4:22.30
4. Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario4:33.28
5. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigan4:49.02
Women's 3000 m. Pursuit (June 20, 2004)Time
1. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario4:06.67
2. Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario4:25.57
3. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario4:40.24
4. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigan4:48.63
Points Race (June 20, 2004)
"A" Pool Points RacePoints
1. Robert Akers (Master Men) Michigan34
2. Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario27
3. Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario25
4. Pio Apostili (Master Men) Michigan20
5. Andre Champoux (Master Men) Michigan17
6. Cullen Watkins (Master Men) Michigan4
7. Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario7
"B" Pool Points RacePoints
1. Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario21
2. Dean Martone (Master Men) Michigan14
3. Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario13
4. Neil Dignam (Senior Men) Ontario10
5. Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario4
6. Kacey Manderfield (Junior Women) Michigandown 1 lap
7. Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontariodown 1 lap
8. Ken Starling (Master Men) Michigandown 1 lap
9. Larry Garstick (Master Men) Michigandown 1 lap
Omnium (Ontario Only)
"A" Pool Men
First Name Last Name (Age Class) Prov/StateTotal
Taylor Martin (Senior Men) Ontario58
Rob Good (Master Men) Ontario50
Taras Kleban (Senior Men) Ontario42
Jeff Bakal (Senior Men) Ontario37
Don Andrews (Master Men) Ontario37
Todd Olynick (Master Men) Ontario21
Brooks Rapley (Master Men) Ontario20
Christian Tavares (Senior Men) Ontario5
"B" Pool MenTotal
Jeremy St. John (Cadet Men) Ontario61
Eric Robertson (Junior Men) Ontario87
Kurt Schreiter (Senior Men) Ontario48
Neil Dignam (Senior Men) Ontario44
Jim Henning (Master Men) Ontario15
Julia Bradley (Senior Women) Ontario77
Amy Maher (Senior Women) Ontario41
Maogosha Pyjor (Senior Women) Ontario40


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