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June 25/04 9:13 am - RAAM day 5 Report and Standings

Posted by Editoress on 06/25/04

RAAM 2004 - Day 5

Shortly before 6:30 a.m. EST, RAAM's lone recumbent team, ALS Lightning, became the first team to cruise over the half-way mark in this year's race. The four-man team riding recumbent bikes outfitted with lightweight composite shells seeks to break the record held since 1989 for crossing the country in five days, one hour, eight minutes with an average speed of 24.02 mph. They are currently traveling at an average pace of 24.47 mph. Another record in question is the record for most mileage during a 24-hour period. Between 8:36 yesterday and 8:43 today, ALS Lightning covered 676.6 miles from Mountinair, N.M. to Yates Center, Kans.

Heavy thunderstorms late last night and early this morning did nothing to cool the contest between four-man teams Action Sports and Vail - Go Fast. From New Mexico, across the northwest corners of Texas and Oklahoma, and through Kansas, roughly 25 minutes was all that separated Vail Go ˆ Fast's lead from Action Sports' fervid pursuit. At time of release, both teams had checked in from Jefferson City, Missouri with Vail Go ˆ Fast holding a 45 minute lead over Action Sports. According to RAAM veterans, the second half of the race typically triggers some surprises as well as some brazen race strategies. If each four-man team expects the other to ease up on the throttle during the second half, opponents might have to sleep with one eye open.

Fit and fast solo rider Jure Robic briefly let his lead slip today when Michael Trevino opened up a 12 minute gap at Mount Vernon, Kans. Robic quickly chased down Trevino and put him behind by 54 minutes by the next time station at El Dorado, Kans. Spooked by Trevino's stealth and prowess, Robic's crew kept watch over the second place rider throughout the afternoon and into the evening. At time of release, Robic is ahead of Trevino by two hours, seven minutes.

The eight-person Kaiser Permanente team continues to widen the gap between them and second place Team Insight. Finely tuned race strategies and an organizational structure that would make the military blush are a few of the secrets that corporate teams were willing to share prior to the start of this year's RAAM. Four-person team rotations on eight-hour shifts allow each member of the team to properly rest before winding up to a time trial pace. At last check in Yates Center, Kans., Insight trails Kaiser Permanente by one hour, 14 minutes with team Rim-to-Rim in third place at one hour, nine minutes behind Insight.

All teams are still intact and seem to be fortifying their strategies as they roll eastward. The solo field is down to 15 racers from 19. The modest two-man team TBW Brasil stays a steady pace at 15.8 mph with Team New England almost over the Kansas state line from Oklahoma.

                                    Dist    Time   
                                   (miles) ( speed)
Men's Solo
1 Jure Robic                        1714.9  4.10.31  (16.10mph)
2 Michael Trevino                   1661.3  4.08.54  (15.84mph)
3 Wolfgang Fasching                 1598.1  4.12.53  (14.68mph)
4 David Haase                       1475.6  4.07.55  (14.20mph)
5 Rob Kish                          1475.6  4.08.46  (14.08mph)
6 Enrico De Angeli                  1418.2  4.11.26  (13.20mph)
7 Andrew Otto                       1418.2  4.12.46  (13.04mph)
8 Dino Nico Valsesia                1363.1  4.04.26  (13.57mph)
9 Randy Van Zee                     1269.6  4.12.03  (11.75mph)
10 Guus Moonen                      1269.6  4.12.31  (11.70mph)
11 Alessandro Colo'                 1119.7  4.08.46  (10.69mph)
12 Peter Holy                       1119.7  4.10.37  (10.50mph)
13 James Rosar                      1119.7  4.11.15  (10.44mph)
14 Andrew Lapkass                   1074.1  4.12.16   (9.92mph)
15 Robert Rich                      1025.5  4.10.11   (9.66mph)
DNF Pius Achermann (Saddle Sores)   1119.7  3.08.31  (13.91mph)
DNF Tracy McKay (Strained Quad)      863.3  3.14.29   (9.98mph)
DNF Scott Dakus (Knee Prob.)         716.0  2.14.38  (11.43mph)
DNF Russ Goodwin (Crew left)         553.7  2.02.18  (11.01mph)
Two Person Male
1 Team Coast To Coast               1539.9  3.06.30  (19.62mph)
2 Team TBW Brasil                   1191.2  3.03.48  (15.72mph)
3 Team New England                  1191.2  3.06.29  (15.18mph)
Two Person Mixed
1 Team       1314.1  3.06.33  (16.73mph)
2 Team No Limits                    1119.7  3.02.25  (15.05mph)
Four Person Male
1 Team Vail - Go Fast               1846.0  3.05.55  (23.69mph)
2 Team Action Sports                1846.0  3.06.44  (23.45mph)
3 Team Royal Air Force              1714.9  3.06.25  (21.87mph)
4 Team Swiss Canon                  1598.1  3.04.07  (21.00mph)
5 Team Extra Distance               1363.1  3.03.36  (18.03mph)
6 Team Grand PAC Masters            1269.6  3.04.22  (16.63mph)
Four Person Male HPV
1 Team ALS Lighting                 1916.5  3.06.37  (24.38mph)
Four Person Female
1 Team Vail B2B Divas               1418.2  3.05.48  (18.23mph)
2 Team Frauleins                    1191.2  3.03.59  (15.68mph)
Four Person Mixed
1 Team Just Sweat - No Tears        1418.2  3.06.36  (18.04mph)
Corporate Challenge
1 Team R2R-Kaiser Permanente        1598.1  3.05.36  (20.59mph)
2 Team Insight                      1539.9  3.03.56  (20.28mph)
3 Team Rim 2 Rim Cycling            1539.9  3.05.05  (19.98mph)


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