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June 25/04 8:22 am - Road National Championships:RR Results for Handisport, Amputees, CP, Tandem

Posted by Editoress on 06/25/04

Road National Championships June 25th, Kamloops BC

Amputees, LC 3-4
1. Bruce Penner (BC) independant51:56.55
Amputees, LC 1-2
1. Mark Breton (QC) Equipe du Quebec42:24.57
2. Lisa Stowe (AB) Bicisportat 9:31.96
Cerebral Palsy, Div 1&2 (8km)
1. Paul Jalbert (BC) CP Sports32:27.94
Hand Cycling, Div B
1. Scott Patterson (BC) 53:52.99
2. Shauna Whyte (AB) Independantat s.t.
3. Mark Beggs (QC) Equipe du Quebecs.t.
4. Tammy Cunnington (AB) Central Alberta Bicycle Club1:37:47.67
Hand Cycling, Div A
1. Robert Labbe (QC) Equipe du Quebec38:03.34
Cerebral Palsy, Div 3&4
1. Jean Quevillion (QC) Equipe du Quebec44:53.28
2. Ryan Arbuckle (BC) at 1:26.64
3. Benoit Vaillancourt (QC) 2:18.36
4. Brayden McDougall (AB) Bicisport Bicycle club4:00.78
5. John Bereczki (AB) Bicisport9:19.01
Tandem (Mixte)
1. Shawn Marsolais (BC) BC Blind Sports2:33.01
Tandem, Men/Homme (15km)
1. Stephane Cote (QC) Equipe du Quebec
2. Gene Della Siega (BC) BC Blind Sports2:04.25
3. Brian Cowie (BC) BC Blind Sportsat 5:48
DNF. Dave Johnston (ON) Waterloo cc/flying dogs8:07


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