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June 27/04 7:36 am - Road National Championships: Start Lists for Elite Men's and Women's RR

Posted by Editoress on 06/27/04

2004 Tim Horton Road Nationals Kamloops BC

Elite Women - 12 laps/120 km

300CAN19810829Genevieve Jeanson (AR) Rona
301CAN19750310Lynn Bessette (QC) Equipe du Quebec
302CAN19670127Susan Palmer-Komar (ON) Genesis Scuba/FFCC
303CAN19680211Anne Samplonius (QC) Equipe du Quebec
305CAN19731217Amy Moore (ON) Quark
306CAN19700817Nicole Demars (OR) Victory Brewing
307CAN19671125Manon Jutras (QC) Equipe du Quebec
308CAN19830810Laura Yoisten (AB) Team Alberta
309CAN19811016Erinne Willock (BC) Rona
310CAN19700126Felicia Greer (CA) Webcor Builders Women Cycling
311CAN19850509Audrey Lemieux (QC) Equipe du Quebec
312CAN19850304Marie-Pier Bedard (QC) ESPOIRS LAVAL
313CAN19850331Julie Belanger (NB) Espoirs Laval
314CAN19740801Diana Bladon (AB) Oak Bay Bicycles
315CAN19790618Christina Briante (BC) Petra-Uans-Orbea
316CAN19710717Jillian Chown (YT) Cycling Association of Yukon
317CAN19670527Merrill Collins (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
318CAN19751106Jessica Demars (AB) Bianchi - The Bike Shop
319CAN19690503Nanci Dodman (ON) Biovail/Cervelo
320CAN19640323Pamela Egger (BC) Escape Velocity
321CAN19670924Julia Farell (ON) Bioval/Cervelo
322CAN19641023Marg Fedyna (AB) Independent
323CAN19730612Anna Garnett (ON) Biovail/Cervelo
324CAN19781004Holland Gidney (ON) McMaster Cycling Club
325CAN19790125Angella Goran (BC) Oak Bay Bikes
326CAN19810723Leah Guloien (BC) Team BC
327CAN19750508Rhonda Guzda (ON) Biovail/Cervelo
328CAN19701008Leigh Hobson (ON) Biovail/Cervelo
329CAN19760312Julie Hutsebaut (QC) Terry Precision Cycling Team
330CAN19830503Krystal Jeffs (ON) McMaster Cycling
331CAN19740803Melissa Kerr (BC)
332CAN19770626Maria Lee (BC) Team BC
333CAN19740511Moriah Jo Macgregor (BC) Team BC
334CAN19791019Suzanne Macht (BC) KAPPA
335CAN19840417Jean Ann Mckirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
337CAN19690824Samantha Nicholson (AB) Team Bianchi-The Bike Shop
338CAN19780322Sarah Noble (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
339CAN19740808Heather Oswald (AB) Edmonton Road and Track Club
341CAN19800930Catharine Pendrel (BC) Oak bay Bicycles
342CAN19710804Mandy Poitras (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
343CAN19711023Marni Prazsky (BC) Symmetircs Cycling
344CAN19810630Alena Radomsky (BC) Oak Bay
345CAN19661210Linda Robichaud (BC) Petra-Uans-Orbea
346CAN19751126Tara Ross (ON) McMaster Cycling Club
347CAN19850612Emilie Roy (QC) Equipe du Quebec
348CAN19850502Emily Sandwith (BC) Kappa
349CAN19810414Lisa Sweeney (BC) Team Kappa
350CAN22071983Alison Testroete (BC) Petra-Uans-Orbea
351CAN19810914Jenny Trew (AB) Oak Bay Bicycles
352CAN19800327Sandra Walter (BC) Kappa
353CAN19771228Kathy White (AB) Team Alberta
354CAN19560818Barbara Zimich (BC) Team Coastal
364CAN19600902Sara Neil (BC) Trek/Broadway Dental
389CAN19730719Christine Fletcher (BC) Team Costal
397CAN19730809Susan Smith (BC) AC LYON VAISE

Elite/Espoir Men - 18 laps/180 km
1CAN19740211Dominique Perras (QC) Equipe du Quebec
2CAN19650108Eric Wohlberg (ON) Sierra Nevada
3CAN19681119Gord Fraser (ON) Healthnet Presented by Maxxis
4CAN19760215Mark Walters (ON) Navigators Insurance Pro Cycling Team
5CAN19790315Charles Dionne (QC) Equipe du Quebec
6CAN19781005Alexandre Nadeau (QC) Volkswagen - Trek
8CAN19790329Dylan Sebel (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
9CAN19770509Svein Tuft (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
10CAN19730917Alexandre Cloutier (QC) Volkswagen-Trek
11CAN19790301Bruno Langlois (QC) Volkswagen - Trek
12CAN19710819Marc-Wayne Addison (QC) Espoirs Laval
13CAN19660121Sean Barr (AB) Pedalhead Roadworks - Sleeman
14CAN19700608Chris Barth (BC) BAYSIDE CYCLING CLUB
15CAN19650315Paul Blanchette (BC) Solo-Adobe
16CAN19721222Jeff Bolstad (AB) TRS Racing
17CAN19650914Don Buscombe (BC) Brodie
18CAN19721031Nathan Chown (ON)
19CAN19730210Basse Clement (BC) Solo-Adobe
20CAN19670913Heath Cockburn (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
21CAN19710627Trevor Connor (ON) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
22CAN19610713Bruce Copeland (AB) Team Alberta
23CAN19681023Simon Craig (BC) Spoke N Motion - Kamloops, BC
24CAN19711120Shawn Cranwell (ON) HAMILTON CYCLING CLUB
25CAN19720208Byron Davis (AB) Pedalhead Bicycle Works
26CAN19691111Sean Dawson (BC) trek/volkswagen/broadway dental
27CAN19761111Harley Desprey (AB) Velocity
28CAN19751222Jacob Erker (CA) Team Seasilver
29CAN19750826Mark Fewster (AB) TRS RACING
30CAN19660517Darko Ficko (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
31CAN19800302Nick Friesen (AB) Bianchi The Bike Shop
32CAN19670226Scott Goguen (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
33CAN19680615Chris Gruber (ON)
34CAN19811022Jordan Guenette (BC) SOLO by Rocky Mountain
35CAN19670305Attila Hajdu (ON) Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club
36CAN19761019Matthew Hansen (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee
37CAN19761009Carter Hovey (BC) Brodie
38CAN19790830Jere Hu (AB) ERTC
40CAN19740918Kenneth S. Johnson (BC) Schwalbe
44CAN19760726Mark Knoll (AB) Team Moser-AH
45CAN19620403Clayton Kustren (BC) Kelowna Cycle
46CAN19801101Christopher Lane (BC) Experience Cycling Ltd.
47CAN19761025Alexandre Lavallee (QC) Volkswagen - Trek
48GBR19710313Ian Lockley (BC) Escape Velocity
50CAN19710819Jason Maclaren (ON) Italpasta-Transport Belmire
51CAN19710414Scott Manktelow (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club
52CAN19681211Robert Mann (ON) KHS BICYCLES
54CAN19810715Cameron Mcknight (AB) Edmonton Road & Track Club/ Red
55CAN19810829Derek McMaster (BC) Team Coastal
56CAN19760305Kevin Morrison (BC) Team Coastal
57CAN19691007Bruno Nella (BC)
58CAN19740831Ezra Nichols (BC)
59CAN19771228Dan Petersen (AB) Bow Cycle - CMC
60CAN19780814Andrew Pinfold (BC) Symmetircs Cycling
61CAN19740704Andrew Randell (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee
62CAN19810604John-Christopher Reid (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles
63CAN19750617Gordon Ross (BC) Escape Velocity
64CAN19810331Peter Sanowar (ON) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire
65CAN19751221Shane Savage (BC) Solo-Adobe
66CAN19781208Wayne Schaub (BC) solo/adobe
68CAN19691116Sean Scott (ON) Hamilton Cycling Club
69CAN19690901Luca Segato (BC) Trek-Volgswagen
70CAN19790404Dave Simard (BC) Krebs Cycle Club
71CAN19810617Thomas Skinner (BC) KHS Bicycles
72CAN19791220Scott Slater (BC) Solo-Adobe
73CAN19791220Brad Slater (BC) Solo-Adobe
74CAN19751104Dylan Snowdon (AB) Bianchi/The Bike Shop
75CAN19750108Keith Stark (BC) Brodie Bikes
76CAN19800719Martin St-Laurent (QC) Volkswagen - Trek
77CAN19811210Nathan St-Onge (NS) Atlantic Cycling
78CAN19700915Shawn Taylor (AB) Randle Mountain Cycling Club
79CAN19810118Daniel Tomczak (SK) Team Saskatchewan
80CAN19690519Jim Tsilemos (BC) Team Coastal
81CAN19750407Jason Valenti (ON) Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club
82CAN19640120Bob Veroba (AB) Team Alberta
83CAN19691218Darren Vogler (BC) CDS
84CAN19810524Adam Wade (ON) Bike Sports - Pfaff Racing Team
85CAN19730512Wade Wallace (AB) TRS Racing
86CAN19080515Damien Waugh (BC) Team Coastal
87CAN19780727Aaron Weiss (BC)Spoke 'n Motion
88CAN19650317Larry Zimich (BC) Team Coastal
89CAN19730318Mel Reyes (AB)
90CAN19750915Cory Forrest (BC) Kelowna Cycle
91CAN19740802Jesse James Collins (AB) Bicisport
92CAN19800211Cory Lange (BC) Brodie
93Rob Breathet (BC) Bike Barn
94CAN19681109Rick Minichiello (BC)
95CAN19680201Matthew Decore (AB) Pedalhead/Sleemans
96CAN19700512Andreas Hestler (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
98CAN19731027Dan MacDonald
99CAN19700326Scott Laliberte (BC) Schwalbe
100CAN19690321Christophe Chereaux (QC) Espoir de laval
97CAN19840122Doug Jensen (BC) dEVo/ powerbar
200CAN19821029Dominique Rollin (QC) Equipe du Quebec
201CAN19820930Chris Isaac (ON) Ital Pasta
202CAN19830301Jeff Ain (BC) dEVo/Powerbar
203CAN19831223Sean Bechtel (QC) McMaster Cycling Club
204CAN19821114Zach Bell (AB) Team Alberta
205CAN19820105Pierre-Olivier Boily (QC) Equipe du Quebec
206CAN19840922Rob Britton (SK) Team Sask./Spoke N Sport
207CAN19831018Shawn Bunnin (SK) Team Saskatchewan
208CAN19820312Murray Carter (MB) Team Manitoba
209CAN19820411Ian Condron (BC) TREKVW
210CAM19850822Marsh Cooper (BC) Symmetircs Cycling
211CAN19820421Phil Cortes (NB) Ital Pasta-Transport Belmire TT3
212CAN19851011Shaun Crump (BC) Trekvwbroadwaystationdentalctr
213CAN19840318Craig Degier (NS) Atlantic Cycling
214CAN19820317Philip Edamura (BC) Oak Bay Bikes Racing
215CAN19840110Cam Evans (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
216CAN19850319Bradley Fairall (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
217CAN19851006Steven Ferris (BC) Blizzard
218CAN19820122Rob Fougere (AB) Cyclelogic
219CAN19821039Martin Gilbert (QC) Equipe du Quebec
220CAN19820404David Goosen (BC) Solo/Adobe
221CAN19840623Chris Graham (NS) Atlantic Cycling
222CAN19850308Matthew Green (BC) Steed Cycles
223CAN19840424Eric Holland (BC) Bow Cycle
224CAN19850509Tyler Holtzman (ON)
225CAN19850312Philippe Abbott (AB) Bicisport
226CAN19820604Cory Jay (PE) Espoirs de Laval
227CAN19820630Nick Jendzjowsky (AB) pedalhead roadworks/ sleemans
228CAN19850712Kevin Lacombe (QC) Equipe du Quebec
229CAN19840613Taylor Little (AB) River Valley Cycle
230CAN19820825Dustin Macburnie (NS) Atlantic Cycling
231CAN19831007Jean-Sebastien Maheu (QC) Equipe du Quebec
232CAN19830531Ryan Mckenzie (AB) Team Alberta
233CAN19800815Ryan McNamara (BC) Team Coastal
234CAN19850221Christian Meier (NB) Atlantic Cycling
235CAN19821007Buck Miller (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee
236CAN19820620Jimmy Oneschuk (BC) Team Sask
237CAN19820427Francois Parisien (QC) Espoirs Laval
238CAN19850819Jean-Luc Pilote (QC) CIBC - Wood Gundy - RP
239CAN19850926Mark Pozniak (ON) gears
241CAN19840624Craig Richey (BC) McBike
242CAM19830523Will Routley (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
243CAN19820107Jeff Schiller (ON) Gears Racing
244CAN19851109Daniel Sessford (YT) dEVo/Powerbar
245CAN06171982Jeff Sherstobitoff (BC) Kelowna Cycle
246CAN19830624Daniel Skinner (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles
247CAN19841228James Sparling (AB) Team Bow Cycle
248CAN19821105Duncan Steele (BC) dEVo/Escape Velocity
249CAN19840401Per Strom (AB) Bicisport
250CAN19821113Paul Tichelaar (AB) River Valley Cycle
251CAN19850415Kyle Todoruk (BC) The Bike Barn
252CAN19840625Maxime Vives (QC) Espoirs Laval
253CAN19830408Mathieu Roy (QC) Equipe du Quebec
254CAN19820607Andrew Scott (PE) Atlantic Cycling


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