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July 5/04 4:36 am - Walters Wins Stage 3 at Fitchburg-Longsjo

Posted by Editoress on 07/5/04

Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic Stage Race
Report Courtesy Navigators

Mark Walters of the Navigators Insurance team took the top honors today in the 104-mile Wachusett Mountain road stage of this year's Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic Stage Race. This tough circuit that contains over 8,154 total feet of climbing is usually instrumental in setting the final overall G.C. of the race. With this in mind, the Navigators squad took to the start in defense of Viktor Rapinski's Orange Leader Jersey. However, with only 3 riders in the race and the Coalvita squad only 1-second back, it was going to be a hard day for the men-in-blue.

The attacks began on the first of the 9 laps and several small breakaways escaped the peloton, and served to settle down the attacks. The attacks lacked horsepower and had trouble handling the terrain without the help of any Colavita riders. Unfortunately for any of the opportunists, no breakaway was going to succeed unless it contained members of the Navigators Insurance or Colavita teams.

Finally, after passing the half-way point of the race, a breakaway of 6 escaped and were soon joined by three others. Mark Walters represented the Navigators team while Colavita had Mark McCormack and Will Frischkorn, Mike Creed (US Postal Service), and a smattering of other riders had the motivation to forge ahead. With the top-2 places on G.C. left behind in the main field, the breakaway was slowly pulling away until they reached a gap of 1:20, where it remained for 3 laps.

The main pack behind was diminishing in size as the racers negotiated the final lap, and as the leaders made the left turn onto the access road that would lead them to the top of the ski mountain, the lead had increased to 2:00. The lead group began to shed riders as several attacks were made by the strongest racers. A hard attack by Creed pared the break down to just 4 chasers, but he was caught, then dropped, leaving Walters, McCormack and Frischkorn to fight for the win. At the line, it was Mark Walters by a bike, followed by McCormack and Frischkorn.

Race leader Viktor Rapinski came in at about 3:00, which will change the overall G.C. heading into the final criterium stage tomorrow in downtown Fitchburg. The Orange Leader Jersey has now been on the shoulders of 3 different riders and 2 teams. Armed with 2 stage wins, the final stage will inevitably be a fierce battle between the Navigators Insurance squad and the Colavita team.

Stage 3: Unitil Road Race at Wachusett Mountain, 104 miles

Men Pro/1/2
1. WALTERS Mark (Navigators Cycling Team)4:25:19
2. MCCORMACK Mark (Colavita Olive Oil)
3. FRISCHKORN Will (Colavita Olive Oil)
4. HAMBLEN Jon (Fiordifrutta)all s.t.
5. GATTO Domenic (Brunswick Cycling Cl)0:29
6. CREED Mike (USPS)0:29
7. CODY Michael (NCC /
8. BORONOW Eugene (GS Mengoni)1:13
9. O'NEILL Nathan (Colavita Olive Oil)1:45
10. HERRIOTT Todd (Colavita Olive Oil)2:01
11. BAKER Peter (Team Snow Valley)2:11
12. JONES Michael (Health Net/Maxxis)2:31
13. HULT Peter (Fiordifrutta)2:33
14. DIETRICH Mike (Fiordifrutta)2:41
15. DILLE Ian (Team Snow Valley)2:47
17. BARTON Mike (Ibex / Fitwerx)3:01
18. FILLION Aaron (Ottawa Bicycle Club)3:01
19. DILLON Joshua F. (Louis Garneau Racing)3:01
20. RAPINSKI Viktor (Navigators Cycling Team)3:01
21. WONG Philip (Fiordifrutta)3:26
22. WOLF Michael (AG Edwards/Nalley Le)3:31
23. MURPHY Eric (Aerospace Engineerin)3:45
24. GODYCKI Waclaw (Ideal Tile / Brielle)3:59
25. BAER Jason (Louis Garneau Racing)4:20
26. EDMUNDS Bradley (Team MGZT/Bianchi)4:56
27. CAMPONOGARA Siro (Navigators Cycling Team)4:56
28. WREN Tyler (Colavita Olive Oil)5:37
29. HOSMER Seth (Ibex/FitWerx)6:14
30. AYERS Ian (Colavita-Bolla Racin)6:20
31. YOUNG David ( R)6:37
32. MCKINNEY Ryan (Team Snow Valley)6:45
33. BRUMBLE Amos (CCB Racing Team)7:07
34. VAILLANCOURT Dan (Louis Garneau Racing)7:23
35. BRUNO Jonathan (Essex County Velo)7:30
36. POZNIAK Mark (Team Ontario)7:43
38. TIMMERMAN Dan (Maxxis/
39. CRANE Matt (Team Snow Valley)8:08
40. PECK Chris (Fiordifrutta)8:11
41. DENNIS Nils (Bike Doctor/Cannonda)8:11
42. SOLAR Ward (ACT / UPMC)8:23
43. PINEDA Oscar (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O)8:23
44. ROSENTHAL Lee (Sakonnet Technology)8:28
45. CHESSEAUX Christophe (Espoirs de Laval)8:30
46. KING Robbie (Louis Garneau Racing)8:39
47. CHARLES Aidan (NECSA Espoir Elite T)8:39
48. ROSEBROCK Hatcher (Cycles de Oro)8:39
49. BUTTS Chad (Verge Test Pilot)8:42
50. GEWIRTZ Josh (Fiordifrutta)8:45
51. QUINTERO Lisban (NECSA/Cuevas Elite C)8:50
52. KELLER Breeze (Colavita Olive Oil)8:54
53. JOHNSON Boyd. 8:59
54. MCCARTNEY Craig (Intermountain Color)9:02
55. BEILBY Ian (Louis Garneau Racing)9:17
56. BURNS Cory (Colavita-Bolla)9:32
57. DEWALD Ryan (Team Snow Valley)9:54
58. DULIN Thad (Colavita Olive Oil)9:57
59. POWERS Jeremy (Jelly Belly Pro Cycl)9:59
60. DILLE Ken (Essex County Velo)10:04
61. PAGE Jonathan (Hot Tubes)10:18
62. ERDELYI Jonathan (OFOTO)10:21
63. WIRSING Jon (Team Snow Valley)11:12
64. BUTTS Brian (Team Embestida/Mendo)11:25
65. CRAWFORD Jai (Team MGZT/Bianchi)15:52
66. MONTELLO Greg (Essex County Velo)21:47
67. PETERS Justen ( R)21:47
68. SHEAGLEY Eric (Essex County Velo)21:57
69. COFFEY Conor (CCB Racing Team)23:22
70. VIERA Brad (Team Snow Valley)23:28
71. WULFKUHLE Andrew (LSV/Kelly)23:28
72. COYLE Chuck (Vitamin Cottage)23:31
73. ZANDSTRA Derek (Team Ontario)23:31
74. VIVES Maxime (Espoirs de Laval)23:40
75. KING Edward 'Ted' (Louis Garneau Racing)23:40
76. DICKINSON Matthew (Colavita-Bolla Racin)23:40
77. TORRE Bartolo (Land Rover / Beans)23:44
78. PISCOPO Corey (NHCC/Team NH)23:49
79. SZTUKE Fran?ois (Espoirs de Laval)23:58
80. QUINN Robert (XXX Racing AthletiCo)24:02
81. DIGNAM Neil (Waterloo CC/ Flying)24:08
82. RAMIREZ Ernesto (
83. WARNO Mark (Evolution Cycling)25:41
84. ENGLAND Richard (Team MGZT/Bianchi)26:24
85. JENNINGS Keith (Louis Garneau Racing)27:51
86. BERTUCCO Marc (Athletes By Design)29:51
87. PINEDA Ramon (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O)30:13
88. NELSON Thomas (Bike Doctor/Cannonda)32:24
89. SNYDAL Craig (Bike Doctor/Cannonda)32:53
90. PARKE Damon (Louis Garneau Racing)32:55
91. BEAMON Ed (Navigators Cycling Team)32:55
92. KNIGHT Andrew (Louis Garneau Racing)32:55
93. KING Brian ( Landro)32:55
94. VAN HAESEBROUCKE Fra (Navigators Cycling Team)32:55
95. ZIMMERMAN Zachary (Bike Doctor/Cannonda)32:55
96. HANSON John (Essex County Velo)32:55
97. PETERS Benjamin (GS CIAO/ Al's Barber)33:37
98. AUER Kristopher (LSV/Kelly)33:40
99. BAILEY Bobby ( R)33:52
100. MENZIES Karl (Team MGZT/Bianchi)33:53
101. MISIKI Igor (Watchung Wheelman)34:23
102. MARTE Roselvert (GS Mengoni)34:43
103. SOUCY Zach (Ibex/Fitwerx)35:56
104. ADDISON Marc-Wayne (Espoirs de Laval)36:58
105. GOSSELIN Tom (Maine Cycling Club/)40:21
106. GUSE Matt (Team Ontario)41:10
107. SILBERMAN Marc (High Gear Cyclery/Wa)41:10
108. MURRAY Glenn (Tri State Velo)42:34
109. FOSTER Chris (Subway-Express Cycli)53:35
110. JAMISON Stephen (Stelvio TeamWear - O)54:38
111. HOLTZMAN Tyler (Team Ontario)56:27
DNS. PRYOR Dante (Colavita-Bolla Racin )
DNS. SILVER Sam (Louis Garneau Racing )
DNS. CONROY John (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O )
DNS. DE WILDE Ari (Essex County Velo)
DNS. DIZIO Sandro (Bike Doctor/Cannonda )
DNS. MELENDEZ Xavier (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O )
DNS. PERERA Lawrence (Sharper Image - Math )
DNS. SEWELL Creed (kalahari Tea)
DNS. SHAFFER Nicholas (Main Line Cycling/Bi )
DNS. WENGER David (Sharper Image/ Mathi )
DNF. STEPHENS Jake (Team Snow Valley)
DNF. ALEXANDRE Sebastian (Colavita Olive Oil)
DNF. DOMINGUEZ Ivan (Colavita Olive Oil)
DNF. HAEDO Juan Jose (Colavita Olive Oil)
DNF. CHAMBERLIN Kacey (First Rate Mortgage)
DNF. DANTONI Joey (Cycles de Oro)
DNF. DAVIS Bradley (Team Florida)
DNF. ELEY Jason ( )
DNF. HACKLER Kurt (IBEX/Fitwerx)
DNF. HARPER Ben (Verge Test Pilot)
DNF. KETCHELL Robby (Team Nerac.Com)
DNF. LAPOINTE Hugues (Espoirs de Laval)
DNF. NORTON Michael (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O )
DNF. POWELL Cody (Team
DNF. RICHARDS Paul (Team MGZT/Bianchi)
DNF. WARD Paul (NECSA Espoir Elite T )
DNF. WOLF Greg (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O )
DNF. FICKO Darko (La Bicicietta Jlinde )
1. MCCORMACK Mark (Colavita Olive Oil)7:24:43
2. FRISCHKORN Will (Colavita Olive Oil)00:26
3. WALTERS Mark (Navigators Cycling Team)00:40
4. CREED Mike (usps)00:53
5. HAMBLEN Jon (Fiordifrutta)00:58
6. O'NEILL Nathan (Colavita Olive Oil)01:22
7. GATTO Domenic (Brunswick Cycling Cl)02:02
8. BORONOW Eugene (GS Mengoni)02:17
9. CODY Michael (NCC /
10. RAPINSKI Viktor (Navigators Cycling Team)02:37
11. HERRIOTT Todd (Colavita Olive Oil)02:39
12. BAKER Peter (Team Snow Valley)03:24
13. JONES Michael (Health Net presented)03:37
14. DIETRICH Mike (Fiordifrutta)03:43
15. HULT Peter (Fiordifrutta)03:51
16. DILLE Ian (Team Snow Valley)04:02
17. FILLION Aaron (Ottawa Bicycle Club)04:07
18. BARTON Mike (Ibex / Fitwerx)04:15
19. DILLON Joshua F (Louis Garneau Racing)04:38
20. WONG Philip (Fiordifrutta)04:45
21. WOLF Michael (AG Edwards/Nalley Le)04:58
23. MURPHY Eric (Aerospace Engineerin)05:04
24. WREN Tyler (Colavita Olive Oil)06:39
25. HOSMER Seth (Ibex/FitWerx)06:51
26. BAER Jason (Louis Garneau Racing)06:59
27. CAMPONOGARA Siro (Navigators Cycling Team)07:18
28. EDMUNDS Bradley (Team MGZT/Bianchi)07:19
29. YOUNG David ( R)08:13
30. AYERS Ian (Colavita-Bolla Racin)08:15
31. MCKINNEY Ryan (Team Snow Valley)08:16
32. BRUMBLE Amos (CCB Racing Team)08:50
33. DENNIS Nils (Bike Doctor/Cannonda)08:57
35. CRANE Matt (Team Snow Valley)09:17
36. BRUNO Jonathan (Essex County Velo)09:20
37. TIMMERMAN Dan (Maxxis/
38. POZNIAK Mark (Team Ontario)09:27
39. VAILLANCOURT Dan (Louis Garneau Racing)09:36
40. PINEDA Oscar (Stelvio TEAMWEAR - O)09:41
41. SOLAR Ward (ACT / UPMC)09:47
42. ROSEBROCK Hatcher (Cycles de Oro)10:18
43. PECK Chris (Fiordifrutta)10:27
44. DULIN Thad (Colavita Olive Oil)10:34
45. BUTTS Chad (Verge Test Pilot)10:37
46. MCCARTNEY Craig (Intermountain Color)10:38
47. CHARLES Aidan (NECSA Espoir Elite T)10:40
48. CHESSEAUX Christophe (Espoirs de Laval)11:00
49. DEWALD Ryan (Team Snow Valley)11:02
50. QUINTERO Lisban (NECSA/Cuevas Elite C)11:02
51. GODYCKI Waclaw (Ideal Tile / Brielle)11:03
52. JOHNSON Boyd (7:35:47 @)11:03
53. POWERS Jeremy (Jelly Belly Pro Cycl)11:05
54. PAGE Jonathan (Hot Tubes)11:16
55. GEWIRTZ Josh (Fiordifrutta)11:28
56. KELLER Breeze (Colavita Olive Oil)11:41
57. KING Robbie (Louis Garneau Racing)11:51
58. DILLE Ken (Essex County Velo)12:01
59. WIRSING Jon (Team Snow Valley)12:04
60. ERDELYI Jonathan (OFOTO)12:21
61. ROSENTHAL Lee (Sakonnet Technology)14:00
62. BURNS Cory (Colavita-Bolla)14:02
63. CRAWFORD Jai (Team MGZT/Bianchi)17:08
64. BUTTS Brian (Team Embestida/Mendo)17:26
65. BEILBY Ian (Louis Garneau Racing)17:33
66. MONTELLO Greg (Essex County Velo)24:00
67. PETERS Justen ( R)24:25
68. VIERA Brad (Team Snow Valley)24:36
69. COYLE Chuck (Vitamin Cottage)24:41
70. KING Edward 'Ted' (Louis Garneau Racing)25:19
71. VIVES Maxime (Espoirs de Laval)25:37
72. COFFEY Conor (CCB Racing Team)25:42
73. WULFKUHLE Andrew (LSV/Kelly)25:52
74. SZTUKE Francois (Espoirs de Laval)26:01
75. ENGLAND Richard (Team MGZT/Bianchi)27:57
76. WARNO Mark (Evolution Cycling)27:57
77. ZANDSTRA Derek (Team Ontario)28:32
78. SHEAGLEY Eric (Essex County Velo)29:07
79. JENNINGS Keith (Louis Garneau Racing)29:32
80. RAMIREZ Ernesto (
81. KNIGHT Andrew (Louis Garneau Racing)33:07
82. DIGNAM Neil (Waterloo CC/ Flying)33%


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