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July 7/04 11:04 am - Comox Valley Cycle Club News

Posted by Editoress on 07/7/04

Comox Valley Cycle Club
By Todd Phillips

Cycling Races Hot in the Valley

The July long weekend saw some great cycling action hosted by the Comox Valley Cycle Club. On Friday night the first „Miss and Out‰ race was held at Saratoga Speedway with Garth White taking honours in the Senior racing category while Grant O'Neill won the under 15 category.

On Sunday July 4th the action moved to the Tsolumn Road Race course. This race had all of the usual categories for local racers and also hosted the Juniors in the Cycling B.C. Junior Challenge Road Series as race #6. Nineteen of these up and coming riders joined the race with the winners being: U13 W Paige Campbell, U15 W Alyssa Garrison, U15 M Grant O'Neill, U17 W Kyla Geisbrecht, U17 M Jeff Castenmiller, U19 W Katrina Sundquist and U19 M Reid Tucker.

Winners in the other categories were Open A Garth White, Open B Graham Garrison and Open C Mike Wood. The club would like to thank all of the volunteer course marshals and officials as well as our sponsors Mountain Meadows Sports, Island Honda, Mountain City Cycles, Dodge CityCycles, Mike's Bikes, Black's Cycles and Simon's Cycles. Thanks also go to Tim Hortin's for the post-race goodies!

Saratoga "Miss-and-Out" track race 2nd July


Garth White (Mike's Bikes - BC Jr Team)
Josh James (BC Jr Team)
Mike Burns (Devo/Powerbar - BC Jr Team)
Fraser Hayes (Teen Speed - BC Jr Team)
JP Dunlop (Teen Speed - BC Jr Team)
Ryan Brown
Michael Harvey (Simon's Cycles)
Dan Stevenson (Black's Cycle)
Al Cannon
Doug Godden

DNF - Ernie Klassen (Spokes)

Under 15

Grant O'Neill
Danielle Campbell
Paige Campbell

Road Race #4, Tsolum River 4th July

Open A - 9 laps, 94.5 km, 2:30:29

Garth White (Mike's Bikes - BC Jr Team)
Vinko Poldrugonac (Dr. Walkers)
Michael Burns (Devo/Powerbar - BC Jr Team)
David Dutton
Larry Wilson
Robert Naesgaard
Rudy Daun
Graham MacDonald
Jackson Buchler (Devo/Powerbar - BC Jr Team)
Iain Hay Jr. (Schwalbe)

remainder not placed:
Susan Smith (Lyon Vaise/Inlingua)
Lonnie Nathan
David Schmidt
Michael Harvey (Simon's Cycles)
Ryan Brown

JP Dunlop (Teen Speed - BC Jr Team)
Fraser Hayes (Teen Speed - BC Jr Team)
Mike Sevcov (Nanaimo BC) (mechanical)

Open B - 5 laps, 52.5 km, 1:28

Graham Garrison
Brian Bowden
Jay Campbell
Iain Hay Sr. (Schwalbe)
Mort Allingham
Don Brenson
Todd Phillips
Roger Thomas (Mike's Bikes)
Doug Godden
Ernie Klassen (Spokes)
Rick Chorneyko
Chris Lafleur

Gord Giesbrecht (mechanical)

Open C - 3 laps, 31.5 km, 1:00:00

Mike Wood
Karen Hoover

Cycling BC 2004 Junior Challenge Road Race , Race #6, July 4th

U13 W)
1. Paige Campbell (Comox Cycle Club)6 pts
2. Sierra Garrison (Dizzy Cycles)5
3. Hilary Graham (Comox Cycle Club)4
U15 W)
1. Alyssa Garrison (dEVo/ Powerbar)12 pts
2. Brie Cawston-Grant (Comox Cycle Club)10
3. Danielle Campbell (Comox Cycle Club)8
4. Shaelee Olley (Lactic Acid)7
U15 M)
1. Grant O'Neill (Comox Cycle Club)12 pts
2. Evan Flater (Comox Cycle Club)10
3. Kirk McDowell (Lactic Acid)8
U17 W)
1. Kyla Geisbrecht (Lactic Acid)12 pts
U17 M)
1. Jeff Castenmiller (Lactic Acid)12 pts
2. Graeme Bant (Team Sugoi)10
3. Jesse Vanoene ()8
4. Nathan Macdonald ()7
5. Matt Potma (Lactic Acid)6
6. Maurie Kowalski (Lactic Acid)5
U19 M)
1. Reid Tucker (Lactic Acid)12 pts
U19 W)
1. Katrina Sundquist (Comox Cycle Club)12 pts


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