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July 12/98 9:09 am - Giro News, Ontario Track League, Tour Update

Posted by Editor on 07/12/98

More Giro d‚Italia Femminile News
(coutresy Giro press service)

Back at sea level today (July 12th). The sun is peeking out from the clouds and it‚s getting hotter. The race just started. The papers today are full of the news of the "unfairness" of the climbs and courses custom-designed for Fabiana. In any case, she's still pretty incredible as a rider. Without Jackson, the Giro wouldn't have been as contested....

Stage results (11th)
Pia Sundstedt, 3.02'14
Linda Jackson, +1'01 (5th)
Kim Langton, + 18'57 (75th)
Lisa Robinson, +18'57 (60th)

Fabiana Luperini (of course)
Linda Jackson, 2nd
Kim Langton, 52nd
Lisa Robinson, 74th

Ontario Track League (courtesy Val Davidge)

11th July, 1998

Miss and Out - Women

1. Julia Bradley
2. Jennifer Pilzecker
3. Sarah Heisman

Miss and Out - Men

1. Keith Thorarinson
2. Dave Swan
3. Brookes Rapley

Group Handicap - All Categories

1. Mike McCorkall
2. Julia Bradley
3. Jennifer Pilzecker

Individual 500 mtr. Handicap - All Categories

1. Brookes Rapley
2. Dave Swan
3. Mike McCorkall

Sprint - Women

1. Jennifer Pilzecker
2. Bronwyn Mackenzie
3= Julia Bradley and Maogosha Pyjor

Sprint - Men

1. Keith Thoraninson
2. Dave Swan
3= Drew Richards and Brookes Rapley

15 Lap Point Race - All Categories
(Women given 10 points to start)

1. Julia Bradley 17 points
2. Jennifer Pilzecker 16 points
3. Mike McCorkall 13 points

Women's 10 lap Scratch

1. Julia Bradley
2. Jennifer Pilzecker
3. Bronwyn Mackenzie
4. Sarah Heisman

Men's 10 lap Scratch

1. Keith Thorarinson
2. Dave Swan
3. Brookes Rapley
4. Darren Rac
5. Mike McCorkall

Track League Points accumulated at this meet:

Julia Bradley 12
Jennifer Pilzecker 10
Keith Thoranison 9
Dave Swan 8
Brookes Rapley 6
Mike McCorkall 5
Bronwyn McKenzie 3
Drew Richards 1
Magoasha Pyjor 1
Sarah Heisman 1

SPECIAL THANKS TO Darren Rac and Adrian Mezenberg (Snr) who helped Keith Davidge sweep the entire track prior to the meet.

16 riders competed.


Today‚s first stage is just over the 50 kilometre mark. There are strong crosswinds and rain. So far, no serious breakaway attempts on the 180 kilometre stage.


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