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July 17/04 6:49 am - MTB Nationals: Story and Full Results for Elites, Juniors and Cadets

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/04

Mountain Bike National Championships

Olympic-bound Marie-Helene Premont (Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) of nearby Chateau Richer took her second consecutive title at Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships on Saturday in Mont Ste Anne, while Ricky Federau ( won his first title in the elite men's category. A total of 64 men and 34 women rode through wet and muddy conditions for the chance to win the maple leaf jersey of the national champion.

Premont took charge immediately in the women's 25 kilometre, five lap race, attacking on the first climb and establishing a 10 second gap on Karen Dewolfe (Cannondale), Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher) and fellow Olympian Kiara Bisaro ( Her gap grew to nearly three minutes by the fourth lap, despite heavy rain, which turned the descents into muddy and slippery chutes. The mud clogged Premont's gears in the fourth lap, forcing her to stop and do repairs, and allowing Redden and Dewolfe to pass. However, Premont was able to catch the other two by the start of the final lap, and coast in one minute and 53 seconds ahead of Redden, with Dewolfe a further three minutes and 44 seconds down.

"I had a good start, and I wanted to push hard to open up a gap. But in the rain I started falling, and losing time on the slippery descents, so I slowed down a bit, to be more careful - the Olympics were on my mind. It was at the end of the fourth lap when my chain got jammed and I had to stop, but I wasn't worried about the other two catching me, because I knew that I could have a bit of a rest while I was fixing my bike, and that I would be able to catch them again on the long climb."

Federau did not start as fast as Premont, preferring to let the front of the men's 30 kilometre race sort itself out before making his move. Chris Sheppard (Haro-Adidas) made the first move, attacking on the main climb in the opening lap. He established a 20 second gap on a chase group containing Federau, Guido Visser (Bromont-Pepsi-Momo), Peter Wedge (Kona) and Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain-Business Objects). Sheppard's efforts were thwarted by flat tires on the second and third laps, and late in the fourth lap Federau moved into the lead, followed by Wedge. A surge in the last lap assured Federau the victory, and a spot on the world championship squad for Les Gets, France in September.

"Coming into the race I knew that I had good form; I have been doing some really good training at home for the last couple of weeks. I just started super mellow, and as the race progressed, others guys started dropping back or having mechanical problems. The last lap I stepped it up as hard as I could, to make sure that Peter (Wedge) didn't have a chance to get up to me."

Martin Lazarski (Ontario) won the Espoir men's title after favourite Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) suffered a broken rear derailleur in the second lap.

Race Note: Federau has now won a national championship in Junior Expert, Espoir and Elite Men's categories.

Senior Elite/Espoir Women - 25.00 Km.
1. Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects2:09:21.42
2. Chrissy Redden (QC) Subaru Gary Fisherat 1:53.20
3. Karen Dewolfe (NB) Cannondale5:37.96
4. Kiasa Bisaro (BC) Gears Racing8:31.67
5. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles14:04.55
6. Amanda Sin (ON) Team Ontario16:38.49
7. Tanis Banks (BC)18:06.03
8. Melanie McQuaid (BC) Team Ford19:11.26
9. Stephanie Martinek (ON)19:45.40
10. Julie Sanders* (QC) Oryx-Procycle22:22.04
11. Danielle Kabush (BC) Gears Racing24:28.58
12. Marisol Bernier (QC) Equipe Du Qc26:17.03
13. Marie-Helene Cote (QC) Rocky Mountain/Rst V28:28.58
14. Kasandra Cote* (QC) Equipe Qc-X-Clusiv28:52.58
15. Mical Dyck* (AB) Team Alberta30:48.58
16. Elsie Torresan* (QC) Cyclone D'alma32:20.58
17. Sue Trimble (ON) Gears Racing34:08.58
18. Sandra Walter (BC) Kappa34:22.58
19. Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme* (QC) Sportif Bromont35:06.58
20. Caroline Villeneuve* (QC) Le Relais41:22.58
21. Celine Foreht (ON) Sporting Life41:31.58
22. Allison Lampi (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada41:59.58
23. Brigitte Lacaille (QC) Normandin-Cbsf43:06.58
24. Kate Scallion* (NS)50:59.58
25. Jean Ann McKirdy* (BC)51:58.58
DNF. Mary-Ellen Ash (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF. Stefanie Gauvin* (QC) Cycliste Beauport
DNF. Meghan Kindree* (BC) Corsa Cycles
DNS. Patricia Sinclair (BC)
DNS. Catherine Vipond* (ON)
DNS. Anne-Marie Jobin* (QC)
DNS. Sarah Noble (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNS. Martina Feldmann* (BC)
DNS. Madelaine Bate (AB) Team Alberta-Brodie
Senior Elite/Espoir Men - 30.00 Km
1. Rickey Federau (BC)2:11:38.65
2. Peter Wedge (NB)at 3:17.87
3. Andrew Kyle (BC)4:08.41
4. Guido Visser (QC) Bromont-Pepsi-Momo6:11.22
5. Martin Lazarski* (ON)6:48.20
6. Greg Reain (ON)6:50.60
7. Kris Sneddon* (BC)7:01.26
8. Chris Sheppard (BC) Adidas/Haro7:21.01
9. Jamie Lamb* (NS) Cyclesmith/Kona8:39.40
10. Geoff Kabush (BC) Maxxis9:10.39
11. Jean-Philippe Provost (QC) Oryx10:02.41
12. Matthew Hadley* (NB) Radical Edge10:38.01
13. Jesse Jakomait (ON)12:02.06
14. Martin Lafontaine* (QC) Team Xcluziv12:27.79
15. Alex Frappier (QC) Biogen Idec13:54.89
16. Mark Webster (AB) Team Alberta14:43.91
17. Ian Carbonneau (QC) Sportif Bromont15:03.02
18. Roddi Lega (AB) Team Alberta17:32.07
19. Jean-Francois Vennes* (QC) Team-Xclusiv17:56.06
20. Jeremy Trudel* (QC) Le Y≠Ti18:22.16
21. Carter Hovey (BC) Brodie Bikes18:49.28
22. Matthew Green* (BC) Steed Cycles19:07.59
23. Brendan Macintosh (BC) Riders Cycles19:29.85
24. Lafontaine Bruno (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec19:58.95
25. Adam Coates* (SK)22:59.35
26. Zacharie L'abbe (QC)23:07.35
27. Louis-Francois Guimont (QC) C.C. Beauport23:28.35
28. Jean-Sebastien Perron* (QC) Equipe Du Quebec24:18.35
29. Bruno Blais (QC) Team Xcluziv24:25.35
30. Luc Dorion (QC)26:04.35
31. Louis Perusse (QC) Normandin/ Cbsf26:40.35
32. David Gagnon (QC) Sportif Bromont27:44.35
33. Tristan Galbraith* (ON) Thunder Bay Cycling28:22.35
34. Frederic Bussieres* (QC)29:56.35
35. Pierre-Alexand Couture* (QC)30:47.35
36. Drew Mackenzie (BC)32:57.35
37. Louis-R≠my Marier* (QC) Sos V≠Lo-Ski Vm33:01.35
38. Daniel Sessford* (YT) Devo/Powerbar33:22.35
39. Leith Mcloed* (MB)36:11.35
40. Shawn Bunnin* (SK) Cycledelia38:35.35
41. Tim Carleton (ON) Sport Swap Racing40:16.35
42. Andrew Erb* (ON) Jaw Racing41:13.35
43. Jason Rody (ON) Jaw Racing Team42:29.35
44. Brad Kerr* (SK) Team Sask42:32.35
DNF. Andrew Watson* (ON)
DNF. Thomas Skinner (BC) Khs Bicycles
DNF. Matt Douglas* (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF. Eric Batty* (ON) 3boxracing
DNF. Jimmy Gagne (QC) Sos Velo Ski
DNF. Andreas Hestler (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. Max Plaxton* (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. Will Routley* (BC)
DNS. Derek Zandstra* (ON) Team Ont 3rox Racing
DNF. Mathieu Toulouse (QC)
DNS. Ronny Sterckx (QC)
DNS. Matt Patterson (ON)
DNS. Mark Foster* (NS) Cyclesmik-Bns
DNS. Benoit Simard (QC) Cycles Lambert
DNS. Sebastien Tremblay* (QC) Cyclone
DNS. Gerry Noble (BC) Bike Barn
DNS. Bradley Fairall* (BC) Rocky Mountain/Busin
DNS. Thierry Laliberte (QC) Sportif Bromont
DNS. Marc-Andre Daigle (QC) Team Devinci
DNS. David Lapointe (QC) OGC Gary Fisher
DNS. Florent Robert (QC)
Junior/Cadet U17 Women - 15.00 Km
1. Olivia Gagne (QC) La Vie Sportive1:23:57.13
2. Evelyne Pichette (QC) Equipe Du Quebecat 38.60
3. Kylie Case (MB) Team Manitoba/ Vw Ka3:06.40
4. Emily Batty* (ON) Team Ont 3rox Racing5:11.98
5. Marie-Claude* Surprenant (QC) Club Sportif Bromont7:33.35
6. Emilie Beaumont* (QC) Cyclone10:29.78
7. Isabelle Jacques (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec10:30.98
8. Alexandr Gelinas-Hamelin (QC)14:05.89
9. Sarah Coney (ON) Team Ont 3rox Racing18:28.65
10. Heather Rochetta (BC)19:02.19
11. Meghan Dixon* (ON) 3 Rox Racing26:17.21
12. Kelly Bietola (ON) 3rox Racing27:57.94
13. Kelly Foster* (NS) Bicycle Nova Scotia1:18:45.05
DNS. Vicky Bouchard* (QC) Club Cycliste Charle
DSQ. Virginie Begin* (QC) Cvm Val-David
Junior Expert Men 17-18 - 25.00 Km
1. Raphael Gagne (QC) La Vie Sportive2:01:33.71
2. Ian Mcavity (NB) Darlings Island Bikeat 2:39.12
3. Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc (QC) Equipe Du Quebec3:31.02
4. Mark Batty (ON) Team Ont 3rox Racing5:52.44
5. Leni Trudel (QC) Le Y≠Ti6:13.36
6. Jean-Nicolas Lavertu (QC) Durand Sport6:53.20
7. Jonathan Boulanger (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec+P≠R7:22.63
8. Neal Kindree (BC) Corsa Cycles7:44.15
9. James Crowe (BC) Kona, Oakley, Evolut8:33.16
10. Alexandre Fortier (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec + C12:52.31
11. Matthew Cottrell (BC) On The Edge Biking13:39.96
12. Chris Thorpe (ON) Team Ont 3rox Racing15:01.79
13. Ismael Dufour-Simard (QC) Club Cycliste De Cha15:34.27
14. Cameron Jette (ON) Epic Ride18:24.56
15. Luc Mahler (ON) Ao Bikes And Boards19:56.47
16. Adam Morka (ON)19:57.98
17. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing20:53.66
18. Justin Leger (NB)21:11.12
19. Ryan Taylor (PE) Dalvaybythesea/Taylo22:03.46
20. Trevor Mahon (BC) Rocky Mountain/Buisn22:27.59
21. Charle Blanchet-Levesque (QC) Club Le Relais Du La24:50.53
22. Daniel Comeau (NS) Bike Works25:24.37
23. Jason Duffy (ON) Hardwood Hills25:25.75
24. Manuel Bergeron-Piette (QC) Sportif Bromont25:40.69
25. Kyle Mcgivery (NB) Kings County Wheeler26:07.59
26. Mathew Bele (ON)33:04.03
27. Stephen Keeping (NS) Cyclesmith38:26.29
28. Brian Bain (AB) Cmc / Bow Cycle40:45.29
29. Jon Benson (MB) Team Manitoba42:30.29
30. Jonathan Howse (NL)52:52.29
31. Liam Atkinson (NS) Hub Racing54:47.29
32. Colin Howard (ON)59:06.29
33. Alexander Fulton (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:00:24.29
DNF. Marc-Andr≠ Faucher (QC) Elite Cycle Outaouai
DNF. Ryan Anderson (AB) Team Alberta
DNS. Georges-Edouard Duquette (QC) Marche Central
DNS. Brendan Reeves (QC)
DNS. Jerome Malenfant (QC) Record-Tva
DNS. Mathieu Lafontaine (QC) Elite Cycle Outaouai
DNS. Shaun Adamson (AB) United Cycle
DNS. Antoine Savard (QC) Boutique Le Relais
Cadet U17 Men - 15.00 Km
1. Alex Harvey (QC) Record Tva1:09:06.03
2. Francis Morin (QC) Team Sportif Bromontat 1:39.97
3. Philippe Boisvert (QC) Cycle Outaouais1:53.19
4. Andrew Wilson (ON) 3 Rox Racing4:17.86
5. Joel Brais (QC)4:35.85
6. Zachary Winn (ON) Team Mcbride Fitfix5:17.40
7. Carl Boutet-Gingras (QC) Durand Sport5:45.89
8. Justin Roy (QC)7:39.32
9. Mac Brentnall (MB) Kids Of Mud8:00.61
10. Vincent Tremblay (QC)8:11.42
11. Maxime Laflamme (QC) Devinci9:00.37
12. Trevor Bant (BC) Team Sugoi10:09.23
13. F≠lix Cote (QC) Cvm Val-David10:31.10
14. Cory Hancock (ON) 3 Rox Racing11:24.20
15. Garrett Mcleod (NS) Valley Stove & Cycle11:55.79
16. Marc-Olivier Bouchard (QC) Club Cycliste De Cha12:34.26
17. Adrien Comeau (NS) Sportwheels13:03.95
18. Christophe Cornellier (QC) Accro-V≠Lo13:23.71
19. Paul Benson (MB) Team Manitoba Kids O13:59.59
20. Mark Pennell (NS) Cyclesmith15:10.81
21. Andrew Laviolette (ON)20:24.57
22. Kyle Fry (ON) Team Hardwood31:51.18
23. Fr≠d≠rik Martineau (QC) Vm Beauport32:47.50
24. Kyle Gallant (NS) Bicycle Nova Scotia34:09.16
25. Steven Anderson (ON) Jaw45:55.28
26. David Tower (NS) Cyclesmith Cycling C47:33.25
DSQ. Elliot Jarry-Bolduc (QC) Pierre Demers La Sou
DNF. Benoit Faucher (QC) Elite Cycle Outaouai
DNF. Vincent Tremblay (QC) Durand Sport
DNF. Marc Trussler (NS) Cyclesmith
DNF. Geoff O'toole (NS) Cyclesmith
DNS. Mathieu Boily (AB) Club Acidose Lactiqu
DNS. Josh Fletcher (ON) Jaw Racing Team
DNS. Simon Jean-Boudreault (QC) Charlevoix Vm
DNS. Colin Prevost (QC) Cvm Val-David
DNS. Jean-Simon Fortier (QC) Beauport
DNS. Patrick Bilodeau (QC) Sportif Bromont


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