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July 18/04 12:02 pm - MTB Championships

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/04

Mountain Bike National Championships - DH Qualifications

This morning was DH qualifications at MSA. The women's winner was Michelle Dumaresq and men's winner Mathieu Laurin. The women's field is very small, and there are only 2 provinces represented. In the past this would have meant that no National Championshup would be awarded. This is now changed, as of December 2003, with the only requirement being a minimum of 5 starters.

Dustin Adams was a DNS. He took a fall in training and it was recommended to him by the national coach Chris Colbeck, that he NOT start. The course is very muddy, slippery and risky so caution has been advised.

Senior Elite/Espoir WomenTimeDiff
1. Michelle Dumaresq (BC) Santacruz Nsmb4:03.91
2. Danika Schroeter (BC)4:30.900:26.99
3. Deb Mackillop (QC) Evilution-Nrg4:31.270:27.36
4. Claire Buchar (BC)4:33.460:29.55
5. Caroline Milot (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec4:40.300:36.39
6. Jenelle Cassidy (BC)4:42.220:38.31
7. Josee Tremblay (QC)5:31.251:27.34
8. Sophie Poirier (QC) Equipe Quebec/Sent.5:45.151:41.24
DNS. Anne-Marie Jobin (QC)
Senior Elite/Espoir MenTimeDiff
1. Mathieu Laurin (QC) Ironhorse3:22.64
2. Geoff Pendrel (BC)3:30.000:07.36
3. Jordie Lunn (BC)3:30.470:07.83
4. Philippe Menard (QC) Equipe Du Qu≠Bec La3:31.430:08.79
5. Chris Dewar (BC) Rock Shox-Chromag3:31.970:09.33
6. Sean Brown (QC) Martin Swiss Cycles3:33.640:11.00
7. Hugo Donais (QC)3:37.680:15.04
8. Louis-Philippe Leonard (QC) Equipe Quebec-Norco3:39.170:16.53
9. Dominick Menard (QC) Devinci Cgi3:39.320:16.68
10. Charles-Alexand Dube (QC) Clinique Sos V≠Lo3:39.550:16.91
11. Olivier Laprade (QC)3:41.040:18.40
12. Eric Goss (NB)3:41.950:19.31
13. Marc Fontaine (QC) Transcend3:42.640:20.00
14. Michael Jones (BC)3:43.550:20.91
15. Jonathan Pilon (QC) Seniters Plein Air3:47.580:24.94
16. Andrew Czuczor (BC) Cove Bikes/Sombrio3:48.180:25.54
17. Nicolas Gosselin (QC) Virago Racing3:48.270:25.63
18. Jean-Philippe Dasilva (QC)3:50.240:27.60
19. David Ryce (BC) Cycle-Solutions Toro3:51.870:29.23
20. Simon Carbonneau (QC)3:52.930:30.29
21. Peter Mclean (ON)3:53.030:30.39
22. Jason Green (BC) Cove Factory Team3:54.430:31.79
23. Jeff Beatty (BC)3:55.400:32.76
24. Sebastien Roberge (QC)3:55.970:33.33
25. Pierre-Luc Benoit (QC) Team Xcluziv3:57.860:35.22
26. Derek Chambers (BC) Evilation Bikes3:58.140:35.50
27. Zach Tatem (ON) Sport Swap Racing3:58.200:35.56
28. Tery Lamond (ON)3:59.020:36.38
29. Adriano Digiacinto (BC) Steedcycles3:59.110:36.47
30. Sebastien Thauvette (QC)3:59.350:36.71
31. Ondrej Neumann (ON)3:59.910:37.27
32. Duncan English (NS)4:00.560:37.92
33. Michel Chene (QC) Yodo4:02.150:39.51
34. Dominic Picotte (QC) Lafert≠4:03.300:40.66
35. Kwanah Sioui-Moar (QC) Dm Cyclo-Sport Vm4:04.410:41.77
36. Antoine Aubert-Larose (QC) East Side Freeride4:05.470:42.83
37. Jocelyn Langlois (QC)4:09.240:46.60
38. Benoit Rioux (QC)4:09.250:46.61
39. Sean Barron (QC) Martin Swiss Nsk4:10.110:47.47
40. Nick Foster (QC)4:12.370:49.73
41. Etienne Turcotte (QC) Velo Chambly4:13.000:50.36
42. Brian Zahra (ON)4:13.050:50.41
43. Alain Lefebvre (QC) Sentiers Plein Air4:13.440:50.80
44. Drew Pautler (ON)4:14.100:51.46
45. Charles Mercier (QC)4:14.430:51.79
46. Olivier Markon (QC) Devinci4:15.240:52.60
47. Matthew Woods (QC)4:15.310:52.67
48. Robbie Davidson (ON)4:16.470:53.83
49. Brandon Cassell (ON) Wrexwear Brodie4:19.500:56.86
50. Josh Mead (ON) Ruthless Cycles4:26.031:03.39
51. Cameron Somerville (ON)4:27.111:04.47
52. Steven Grenier (QC) Yo-Mama4:27.761:05.12
53. Carl Gravel (QC)4:29.891:07.25
54. Patrick Bisson (QC)4:33.951:11.31
55. Jean Lemire (QC)4:35.321:12.68
56. Jean-Pierre Theriault (QC) On The Edge Oakley4:39.211:16.57
57. Fred Belanger (QC) Specialized4:40.461:17.82
58. Michael Tavers (QC)4:44.531:21.89
59. Matthew Julien (NB) Radical Edge4:46.201:23.56
60. Chris Sinclair (ON) Epic Ride4:55.321:32.68
61. Mathieu Lagrange (QC) #57 Virago Racing4:58.301:35.66
62. Carl Lepage (QC)5:13.331:50.69
DNF. Jean-Philippe Aube (QC)
DNS. Jon Burgess (NS) Cyclesmith
DNS. Frederic Marois (QC)
DNS. Dustin Adams (BC)
DNS. Cedrick April (QC)
DNS. Guibert Ouellet (QC) Sports Aux Puces
DNS. Nicola Giancola (QC) Dm Cyclo-Sport/Dhrac


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