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July 22/04 4:09 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/04

Tour de l'AbitibiStage 4: Val-d'Or, QC

Report from a parent in Abitibi

We arrived in Abitibi yesterday to see the stage 3 and 4 action. Initially the weather was great.. hot and dry, but in the last few hours we have had a few thunderstorms roll through.

The Ontario and Midweek team are doing well. There have been a number of crashes so "road rash" is evident everywhere.

This morning was a TT that began in the bottom of a mine shaft. It was wild to see racers emerge from the tunnel as the dew point was right at the exit. If you see the pics, riders appear out of the fog that was forming. Very cool to see. There were some fantastic results and the field was spread over 4 minutes,

This afternoon the race goes to the town of Senneterre 80K away, for a rpad race that rolls into Val D'or and ends with a 6 x 2.2 K crit. Very exciting as the whole town shows up to cheer at the end.

Val-d'Or ITT, 12.9 km
1. Eric Boily (Quebec)0:20:09
2. Adam Switters (Etats-Unis)at 0:28
3. Zach Bolian (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:32
4. Chris Stockburger (Etats-Unis)0:37
5. Zach Taylor (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:38
6. Raphael Tremblay (Quebec)0:46
7. Brad Armstrong (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:53
8. James Driscoll (NECSA / ACT)0:54
9. Spencer Beamer (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:58
10. Peter Clark (Afrique du Sud)1:04
11. Jimmy Feely (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)1:04
12. Stevie Cullinan (Arizona Select Team)1:05
13. Micheal Sheppard (Etats-Unis)1:10
14. Michael Vanderaerden (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)1:11
15. Duncan Viljoen (Afrique du Sud)1:11
16. Brooke Boocock (Ontario)1:12
17. Noah Young (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:18
18. Sean Van Horn (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:18
19. Michael Schmidt (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )1:21
20. David Veilleux (Quebec)1:22
21. Charly Vives (Quebec)1:23
22. Zachary Garland (Atlantic Cycling Centre)1:24
23. Nick Frey (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)1:25
24. Steffen Elzinga (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)1:26
25. Juan Van Heerden (Afrique du Sud)1:28
26. Ryan Keels (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)1:31
27. Kenta Osono (Japan)1:34
28. Scott Jackson (North East Regional Team)1:36
29. Eric Riggs (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:37
30. Clint Rogers (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:38
31. Mike Margraf (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:43
32. Kirk Carlsen (North East Regional Team)1:48
33. Peter Stetina (Etats-Unis)1:49
34. Chad Beyer (Etats-Unis)1:49
35. Makoto Shimada (Japan)1:50
36. Chase Renick (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:52
37. Ben Zawacki (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)1:54
38. Alex Boyd (Major Motion)1:58
39. Joel Dion-Poitras (Quebec)1:59
40. Jean-Simon Fortin (Elicycle Sports-Experts)2:00
41. Caleb Fairly (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))2:00
42. Kiel Reijnen (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))2:02
43. Ryan Belliveau (Atlantic Cycling Centre)2:04
44. Toby Marzot (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)2:04
45. Wataru Iizuka (Japan)2:06
46. Vincent Chavanon (Arizona Select Team)2:07
47. Fabrice Lahaye (Belgique - VC Ardennes)2:09
48. Jan Noyens (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)2:09
49. Jean-Michel Schweyen (Belgique - VC Ardennes)2:14
50. Stephane Lacombe (Espoirs de Laval)2:15
51. Bram Van Gompel (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)2:16
52. Masayuki Yamamoto (Japan)2:18
53. Matt Walker (Alberta)2:18
54. Cassel Lessinger (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )2:19
55. Akira Ishii (Japan)2:20
56. Garth White (Colombie-Britannique)2:20
57. Jafer Beizer (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)2:20
58. Cyril Jourdain (France - Pole Espoirs)2:20
59. Taylor Lane (Etats-Unis)2:22
60. Adam Thuss (Ontario)2:23
61. Tom Hanley (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )2:23
62. Brian Janezic (Arizona Select Team)2:24
63. Max Keeler (Atlantic Cycling Centre)2:25
64. Dave Vukets (Ontario)2:27
65. Ryan Taylor (Atlantic Cycling Centre)2:27
66. Jeremy Devaux (Belgique - VC Ardennes)2:33
67. Anthony Martin (France - Pole Espoirs)2:33
68. Derek Laan (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)2:35
69. Jordan Kofman (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))2:35
70. Luthando Khaka (Afrique du Sud)2:36
71. Vince Roberge (Team Midwest)2:37
72. Fraser Hayes (Colombie-Britannique)2:37
73. Robert Gustavsson (Ontario)2:39
74. James Camut (North East Regional Team)2:43
75. Clovis Auger (Quebec)2:46
76. Isaac Howe (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)2:48
77. Chris Hall (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))2:48
78. Torin Priem (Arizona Select Team)2:51
79. Jim Conant (Arizona Select Team)2:51
80. Mark Batty (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))2:52
81. Michael Bucuk (North East Regional Team)2:52
82. Olivier Migne (France - Pole Espoirs)2:54
83. Todd Elenz (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )2:55
84. Jeff Sparling (Alberta)2:55
85. Herman Fouche (Afrique du Sud)2:55
86. J.P. Dunlop (Colombie-Britannique)2:56
87. Jason Carr (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )2:56
88. Ryan Anderson (Alberta)2:56
89. Keith Gauld (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))2:57
90. Jean-Michel Lachance (Elicycle Sports-Experts)2:58
91. Jackson Buehler (Colombie-Britannique)3:00
92. Shaun Adamson (Alberta)3:05
93. Bobby Sweeting (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:07
94. Jeroen Van Schelven (Belgique - VC Ardennes)3:09
95. Wendell Montgomery (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:09
96. Kevin Cherruault (France - Pole Espoirs)3:09
97. Winston David (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:10
98. Sean Walsh (Alberta)3:10
99. Scott Veggeberg (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))3:11
100. Maxime Picard (Elicycle Sports-Experts)3:12
101. Noah Harwood (NECSA / ACT)3:12
102. Kyle Douglas (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))3:14
103. Maxime Charbonneau (Espoirs de Laval)3:14
104. Alexandre Garant (Elicycle Sports-Experts)3:14
105. Ian Manning (Ontario)3:16
106. Dean Hopf (Afrique du Sud)3:17
107. Christopher Trembly (Major Motion)3:18
108. Matthew Reale (NECSA / ACT)3:19
109. Brian Bain (Alberta)3:19
110. Jonathan Thire (France - Pole Espoirs)3:21
111. Joseph Lewis (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)3:24
112. Shawn Clarke (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))3:25
113. Jared Faciszewski (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )3:27
114. Alexandre Charest (Elicycle Sports-Experts)3:32
115. Beck Frydenborg (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:38
116. Francis Martin (Espoirs de Laval)3:39
117. Michael Burns (Colombie-Britannique)3:39
118. Damien Jouret (Belgique - VC Ardennes)3:42
119. Guillaume Breteche (France - Pole Espoirs)3:42
120. Josh James (Colombie-Britannique)3:46
121. Stephen Schultz (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)3:49
122. Timothy Doud (North East Regional Team)3:49
123. Tim Babb (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:51
124. Niels Vreys (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)3:51
125. Geoffrey Johnson (NECSA / ACT)3:52
126. Guillaume Tanguay (Espoirs de Laval)3:53
127. Yuri Whitehead (North East Regional Team)3:55
128. David Olscamp (Atlantic Cycling Centre)3:55
129. Aaron Pool (Team Midwest)3:56
130. Michael Wickman (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)3:57
131. Shawn Mullican (South Eastern Regional Team A)3:58
132. Thomas Brown (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)4:01
133. Brian Fosler (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)4:05
134. Devin Flaherty (NECSA / ACT)4:05
135. Geoffrey Olin (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))4:07
136. Brian Crosby (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)4:09
137. Jordan Stohl (Team Midwest)4:13
138. Tyler Givens (Arizona Select Team)4:19
139. Samuel Bail (Ontario)4:26
140. Martijn Van Schayck (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)4:29
141. Ben Wizner (Team Midwest)4:35
142. Patrick Lemieux (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)4:42
143. Luis Zamudio (Major Motion)4:49
144. Ali Camara (Major Motion)4:51
145. Carl Beaupre (Elicycle Sports-Experts)4:51
146. Evan Halladay (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)5:04
147. Joel Ducharme (Espoirs de Laval)5:05
148. Michel Leger (Atlantic Cycling Centre)5:08
149. Jared Downing (Major Motion)5:16
150. Jesse Niethammer (Team Midwest)5:20
151. Michael Kroonen (Belgique - VC Ardennes)5:24
152. Chet Smith (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)6:06
153. Alex Couture (Espoirs de Laval)6:22
154. Ryan Walsh (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)7:27
155. Jay Hawranik (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)15:43
DNS. Alex Ferrero (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)
GC (no times supplied after 42nd position)
1. Zach Taylor (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)4:47:42
2. Adam Switters (Etats-Unis)0:08
3. Chris Stockburger (Etats-Unis)0:09
4. Eric Boily (Quebec)0:14
5. Zach Bolian (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:17
6. Raphael Tremblay (Quebec)0:34
7. Brad Armstrong (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)0:38
8. Micheal Sheppard (Etats-Unis)0:50
9. Charly Vives (Quebec)1:08
10. David Veilleux (Quebec)1:10
11. Nick Frey (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)1:10
12. Ryan Keels (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)1:16
13. Noah Young (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:27
14. Sean Van Horn (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:27
15. Spencer Beamer (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)1:27
16. Peter Stetina (Etats-Unis)1:29
17. Chad Beyer (Etats-Unis)1:29
18. Michael Vanderaerden (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)1:30
19. Brooke Boocock (Ontario)1:42
20. James Driscoll (NECSA / ACT)1:47
21. Clint Rogers (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:47
22. Joel Dion-Poitras (Quebec)1:47
23. Mike Margraf (Team Swift / Lombardi)1:52
24. Peter Clark (Afrique du Sud)1:55
25. Stevie Cullinan (Arizona Select Team)2:00
26. Chase Renick (Team Swift / Lombardi)2:01
27. Taylor Lane (Etats-Unis)2:02
28. Steffen Elzinga (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)2:02
29. Duncan Viljoen (Afrique du Sud)2:02
30. Juan Van Heerden (Afrique du Sud)2:09
31. Jimmy Feely (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)2:31
32. Kenta Osono (Japan)2:39
33. Michael Schmidt (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )2:40
34. Cyril   Jourdain (France - Pole Espoirs)2:41
35. Anthony Martin (France - Pole Espoirs)2:48
36. Jan Noyens (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)2:49
37. Makoto Shimada (Japan)2:51
38. Bram Van Gompel (Belgique - Kon. Balen BC)2:54
39. Adam Thuss (Ontario)2:54
40. Vincent Chavanon (Arizona Select Team)3:02
41. Robert Gustavsson (Ontario)3:10
42. Wataru Iizuka (Japan)3:11
43. Olivier Migne (France - Pole Espoirs)
44. Zachary Garland (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
45. Ben Zawacki (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)
46. Masayuki Yamamoto (Japan)
47. Scott Jackson (North East Regional Team)
48. Luthando Khaka (Afrique du Sud)
49. Toby Marzot (People Cycle / Coast to Coast Development)
50. Kevin Cherruault (France - Pole Espoirs)
51. Kirk Carlsen (North East Regional Team)
52. Cassel Lessinger (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )
53. Clovis Auger (Quebec)
54. Jonathan Thire (France - Pole Espoirs)
55. Tom Hanley (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )
56. Fabrice Lahaye (Belgique - VC Ardennes)
57. Torin Priem (Arizona Select Team)
58. Jim Conant (Arizona Select Team)
59. Ian Manning (Ontario)
60. Jean-Michel Schweyen (Belgique - VC Ardennes)
61. Alex Boyd (Major Motion)
62. Jean-Simon Fortin (Elicycle Sports-Experts)
63. Ryan Belliveau (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
64. Herman Fouche (Afrique du Sud)
65. Caleb Fairly (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))
66. Stephane Lacombe (Espoirs de Laval)
67. Derek Laan (Minnesota Junior Cycling Team)
68. Kiel Reijnen (Team Hotter 'N Hell (Texas))
69. Jeremy Devaux (Belgique - VC Ardennes)
70. Jordan Kofman (Midweek Cycling Club (Ontario))
71. Dean Hopf (Afrique du Sud)
72. Todd Elenz (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )
73. Jafer Beizer (Southeast Regional B /Genesis Scuba)
74. Jason Carr (ISCorp Junior Cycling Team )
75. Max Keeler (Atlantic Cycling C


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