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May 10/97 20:17 pm - Grundig #5, Euro News

Posted by Editor on 05/10/97

<b>Grundig World Cup #5, Czech Republic</b><br> <br> Caroline Alexander took an early lead, and looked on track to take her second win of the season (she won race #3), but World Cup leader Paola Pezzo dropped the Ritchey rider on the third lap (of 5) on the main climb. Alison Sydor finished third and remains in second place overall behind Pezzo. Other Canadians at the race were Lesley Tomlinson (11th) and Melanie McQuaid (15th). Canada‚s other top female mountain biker Chrissy Redden was not at the race.<br> <br> Women Cross-Country<br> <br> 1. Paola Pezzo (ITA) Gary Fisher 1:46:44<br> 2. Caroline Alexander (GBR) Ritchey, at 0:39<br> 3. Alison Sydor (CAN) Volvo-Cannondale, 1:22 <br> 4. Margarita Fullana (ESP) Liberto Megamo, 2:34<br> 5. Chantal Daucourt (SUI) Trek-Volkswagen, 4:01<br> 6. Alison Dunlap (USA) GT, 4:09<br> 7. Nadia de Negri (ITA) Biachi-Martini, 4:28<br> 8. Laurence Leboucher (FRA), La Poste 6:36<br> 9. Annabella Stropparo (ITA) Volvo-Cannondale s.t. <br> 10.Louise Robinson (GBR) Raleigh, 7:36<br> <br> Other Canadians: <br> 11. Lesley Tomlinson (CAN) Kona Factory, 9:03<br> 15. Melanie McQuaid (CAN) Rocky Mountain, 11:38<br> <br> <br> Brown 7th in NORBA National DH<br> <br> Elke Brutsaert (Schwinn-Toyota) won the first NORBA National downhill of the season, but Canadian Elladee Brown (Rocky Mountain) was 7th, 4.94 seconds off the pace.<br> <br> <br><b>Tour of Romandy, Switzerland</b><br> <br> Stage 4 - 149 km<br> <br> 1. Pavel Tonkov (Russia) 4:23:02 <br> 2. Davide Rebellin (Italy) at 0:34<br> 3. Giuseppe Guerini (Italy) s.t.<br> 4. Gilberto Simoni (Italy) 0:48<br> 5. Beat Zberg (Switzerland) s.t.<br> <br> G.C:<br> <br> 1. Tonkov 18:25:54<br> 2. Guerini at 0:27<br> 3. Rebellin 0:51<br> 4. Zberg 0:55<br> 5. Simoni 1:09<br> <br> <br> Four Days of Dunkirk, France<br> <br> Stage 6<br> <br> 1. Daniele Contrini (Italy) Brescialat 4:25:27 <br> 2. Franck Vandenbroucke (Belgium) Mapei <br> 3. Andrei Tchmil (Ukraine) Lotto both s.t.<br> 4. Christophe Mengin (France) Francaise des Jeux 0:02<br> 5. Vladimir Melli (Italy) Brescialat s.t.<br> <br> G.C.<br> <br> 1. Museeuw 10:43:35<br> 2. Vandenbroucke at 0:11<br> 3. Contrini 0:27<br> 4. Tchmil 0:29<br> 5. Mengin 1:11<br>


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