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July 25/04 8:10 am - Tour de Whiterock: Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 07/25/04

Tour de Whiterock: Stage 2 CriteriumCourtesy Organization

4 Time Olympian Strikes Gold In Tour De White Rock Save On Foods Criterium

The first Canadian cyclist to qualify for 4 Olympic teams, Allison Sydor achieved another first in her Hall of Fame career by winning the Tour de White Rock Save on Foods criterium. It was her first victory in one of her favorite races. A second in the road race in 1987 was her best finish until she won the women's criterium on Saturday. A daring move up the final hill of the 30 kilometer race put her ahead for the first time in the hour long race in 30 degree heat in downtown White Rock. She held on for a narrow win over 43 year old Sara Neil, making her farewell tour after 20 years of racing. Vancouver's Marni Prasky finished in third place.

Victoria's Errin Willock, whose dad Martin raced for Canada in the 84 Olympics, was out front for most of the race. She took off on a one woman breakaway the 2nd lap and opened her lead on the pack of 21 riders to nearly half a minute midway through the race. They worked hard to reel her in and finally caught up with 4 kilometers to go. Her Rona teammate Helen Kelly of Australia launched a counter attack and appeared to have the victory wrapped up until Sydor decided to gamble.

"Helen was disappearing around the corner when we started the last lap and I didn't think I had any chance of catching her," explained Sydor. "I've been racing mountain bikes and used this week to try to work on my road fitness. I'm not in the shape these girls are in but I took a deep breath and said why not? I kept the pace pretty high going up that final hill and passed her. This has been a perfect week for me, a great way to get acclimatized for Athens, racing in a BC heatwave against some pretty good riders. I've been chasing them all week. This was the first day I felt strong. We'll see what happens in the road race. I love this race (White Rock) it's tough, with lots of hills. I don't know what'll happen on Sunday but it'll be fun."

Next week she leaves for her home in France and 2 weeks of racing in Europe to prepare for the Mountain Bike competition in the Olympics.

The Tyler Farrar victory tour continued in the men's criterium in White Rock. The Wenatchee, Washington 20 year old added the Save on Foods Criterium jersey to his winnings from the Tour de Delta where he won the road race and the Omnium for the best combined results. The Superboy of BC Superweek has been so powerful that he revealed he was disappointed with a 2nd place finish in Gastown. "I'm a year older than Lance (Armstrong) was when he won Gastown (in 1991) so I was hoping I could do it this year but I couldn't. This has been a fantastic week. I love it up here. It feels like home. My family gets to come up here and watch and that had me super motivated. These are the best run races we see all year. They take care of the racers better than anybody. This is my second year up here and I'll be coming back as long as I can."

Farrar ruined a Symmetrics sweep in the Tour de White Rock. They had 3 riders in a 6 man break in the final 2 laps but couldn't catch Farrar. They had to be satisfied with 2 men on the victory podium with Andrew Pinfold taking 2nd and Cam Evans, who won the Muffler Hill Climb on Friday, finishing 3rd.

BC Superweek wraps up on Sunday with the Tour de White Rock Peace Arch Road Race beginning at 8 a-m near the pier on Marine Drive.

1. Alison Sydor (CAN) Rocky Mountain - Business Objects
2. Sara Neil (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
3. Marni Prazsky (CAN) Symmetrics
4. Maria Lee (CAN) BC Team
5. Helen Kelly (AUS) Rona Cycling Team
6. Barbara Zimich (CAN) Team Coastal
7. Alena Radomsky (CAN) Oak Bay Bicycles
8. Suz Weldon (USA) Wines of Washington
9. Trish Sinclair (CAN) Gears Racing
10. Erinne Willock (CAN) Rona Cycling Team
11. Jessica DeMars (CAN) Bianchi - The Bike Shop
12. Christina Briante (CAN) Petra Orbea
13. Catharine Pendrel (CAN) Oak Bay Bicycles
14. Kathy White (CAN) Team Alberta
15. Emily Sandwith (CAN) Team Kappa
dnf. Suzanne Macht (CAN) Team Kappa
dnf. Lisa Sweeney (CAN) Team Kappa
dnf. Moriah MacGregor (CAN) BC Team
dnf. Lisa Tasa (CAN) Chapman Land Surveying Racing
dnf. Melissa Kerr (CAN)
dnf. Angella Goran (CAN) Oak Bay Bicycles

Pro 1/2 Men
1. Tyler Farrar (CAN) Health Net
2. Andrew Pinfold (CAN) Symmetrics
3. Cameron Evans (CAN) Symmetrics
4. Caleb Manion (AUS) Jelly Belly
5. Eric Wohlberg (CAN) Sierra Nevada Cycling
6. Will Routley (CAN) Symmetrics
7. Max Plaxton (CAN) Rocky Mountain - Business Objects
8. Matt Dubberley (USA) Sierra Nevada Cycling
9. Luca Segato (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
10. Peter Morse (CAN) Wentings Cycle
11. Richard Bowker (NZL) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
12. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada Cycling
13. Darren Volger (CAN) Wentings Cycle
14. Glen Mitchel (NZL) Sierra Nevada Cycling
15. Peter Sanowar (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
16. Svein Tuft (CAN) Symmetrics
17. Zach Bell (CAN) Team Alberta
18. Jesse James Collins (CAN) Bicisport Calgary
19. Brent McParland (NZL)
20. Brad Issel (CAN) Symmetrics
21. Jeff Sherstobitoff (CAN) Kelowna Cycle
22. Christian Meier (CAN) Espoir de Laval
23. Jason Klikna (USA) Sierra Nevada Cycling
24. Nick Jendzjowsky (CAN) Pedalhead Roadworks / Sleemans
25. Philippe Abbott (CAN) Team Alberta
26. Chris Worsfold (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
27. Derek McMaster (CAN) Team Coastal
28. Antoine Varghese (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
29. Daniel MacDonald (CAN) Opus Canada / Mavic / OGC
30. Nicholas Trusty (USA) Viejas
31. Craig Deveer (CAN)
32. Daniel Sessford (CAN) dEVo / Powerbar
33. Ian Lockley (GBR) Escape Velocity
34. Kirk O'Bee (USA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
35. Scott Slater (CAN) Solo - Adobe
36. Shaun Crump (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
37. Pablo Araya (CRC) Solo - Adobe
38. Jason MacLaren (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
39. Jeffrey Hansen (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee
40. Joe Giuliano (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
41. Murray Carter (CAN) Team Manitoba
42. Chris Barth (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
43. Russell Hamby (USA) Sierra Nevada Cycling
44. Daniel Maggiacomo (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
45. Eric Harvey (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
46. Scott Goguen (CAN) Symmetrics
47. Daniel Goncalves (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
48. Maurice Worsfold (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
49. Greg Roth (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
dnf. Troy White (USA) Sierra Nevada Cycling
dnf. Ben Brooks (AUS) Jelly Belly
dnf. Marsh Cooper (CAN) Symmetrics
dnf. Ryan McNamara (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Damien Waugh (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Brett Boniface (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Paul Blanchette (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dnf. Basse Clement (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dnf. Brad Slater (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dnf. Scott Brown (AUS) Wentings Cycle
dnf. Matthew Collins (AUS) Wentings Cycle
dnf. Eric Kameka (CAN) Wentings Cycle
dnf. Phil Cortes (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
dnf. Simon Small (CAN) ITAL Pasta/Belmire Transport C.C.
dnf. Benjamin Scherrer (USA) NELLA / Madison Bikes
dnf. Per Strom (CAN) Team Alberta
dnf. Don Oakly (NZL) Full Sail Racing
dnf. Teunis Schoneveld (NZL) Full Sail Racing
dnf. Eric Holland (CAN) Bow Cycle
dnf. Hendrik Wouters (CAN)
dnf. Chris Wouters (CAN)
dnf. Ezra Nichols (CAN)
dnf. Andrew Greydanus (CAN) Teen Speed
dnf. Don Larsen (CAN)
dnf. Carter Hovey (CAN) Brodie Bicycles
dnf. Brad Fairall (CAN) Rocky Mountain - Business Objects
dnf. Jimmy Oneschuk (CAN) BikeDoctorSK /
dnf. John-Christopher Reid (CAN) Oak Bay Bikes
dnf. Stephen Schnare (CAN) Schwalbe / Genisoy Cycling
dns. Marty Nothstein (USA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
dns. Dylan Sebel (CAN) Wentings Cycle
dns. Dan Schmit (CAN) Team Coastal
dns. Larry Zimich (CAN) Team Coastal
dns. Mike Koski (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
dns. Chris White (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
dns. Shane Savage (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dns. Wayne Schaub (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dns. Jordan Guenette (CAN) Solo - Adobe
dns. Andrew Kyle (CAN) Wentings Cycle
dns. Bjorn Ossenbrink (GER) Wentings Cycle
dns. Jason Fluckiger (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
dns. Sean Howie (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
dns. Michael Hunter (CAN) Brodie Bicycles
dns. Keith Stark (CAN) Brodie Bicycles
dns. Trevor Mays (USA) NELLA / Madison Bikes
dns. Robert Veroba (CAN) Bicisport Calgary
dns. Cameron McKnight (CAN) Edmonton Road & Track Club / Red Bike
dns. Dave Simard (CAN) Soliton
dns. Dustin Molicki (CAN) Viejas
dns. Simon Craig (CAN) Spoke N Motion Kamloops BC
dns. Harley Desprey (CAN) Velocity
dns. Chris Gruber (CAN)
dns. Chris Conklin (CAN)
dns. Bruno Nella (CAN)
dns. Carlos Salazar (CRC) Solo - Adobe
dns. Don Buscombe (CAN) Brodie Bicycles
dns. Paul Berry (CAN) spoke n motion
dns. Paul Tettamanti (CAN)
dns. Warren Atkey (USA) Wines of Washington / King 5 TV

Cat 3-4
1. Duncan Steele (CAN) dEVo / Powerbar
2. Danny Reilly (CAN) Giant / Brown Bros. Ford
3. Paul Beard (CAN) Atomic Racing Club
4. Dana Williams (CAN)
5. Brian Geerts (CAN) Phoenix Velo
6. Chris Squire (CAN) Team Coastal
7. Glenn Barr (CAN) Team Coastal
8. Kevin Morrison (CAN) Team Coastal
9. Brian Griffin (CAN)
10. Doug Litke (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
11. Bryan Kelly (CAN) Steed Cycles
12. Jeff Ain (CAN) dEVo / Powerbar
13. Jim Kwasnicki (CAN) Team Coastal
14. Glenn Hendricks (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
dnf. Brian Wong (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Stephen Fung (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Steve Engh (CAN) Trek VW / Broadway Station Dental
dnf. Martin Willock (CAN) Victoria Wheelers / Oak Bay Bikes
dnf. Ryan MacDonald (CAN) Escape Velocity
dnf. Eric Lynch (USA) Wines of Washington
dnf. Erich Zwick (CAN)
dnf. Vinko Poldrugovac (CAN) Dr Walkers Chiropractor
dnf. Alex Northey (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Bruce Voelker (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Alexander Pope (CAN) Schwalbe Cycling Club
dnf. Eric Van Veen (CAN) Team Coastal
dnf. Bob Chew (CAN)
dnf. Craig Premack (CAN) PartOne International
dnf. Nick Berry (GBR)
dnf. Andrew Storms (CAN)


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