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July 30/04 8:37 am - UCI News, Newfoundland News, 'Toona Stage 4

Posted by Editor on 07/30/04

UCI Testing at the Tour
Courtesy UCI

The International Cycling Union's Antidoping Commission communicates that all urine and blood samples taken during the 2004 Tour de France, except two samples belonging to the Belgian rider Christophe Brands, have resulted negative as far as doping products and prohibited methods are concerned.

The UCI's Antidoping Commission conducted controls of all medical justifications presented for restricted products. All riders who resorted to restricted products presented therapeutic justifications according to the Antidoping Rules.

As far as hematology results are concerned, the Sport Security Condition Commission for Sport conducted 189 controls before the departure of the Tour. The average hematocrite was 44.8% and the average hemoglobin was 14. 9g/dl.

Later on, 107 additional blood controls were performed before July 13th and showed averages of hematocrite of 43.3% and hemoglobin of 14.6 g/dl.

During the last week of the Tour, 80 blood controls were performed, and the average hematocrite and hemoglobin were respectively 42.3% and 14.1g/dl.

Professional Riders Website Opens
Courtesy UCI

Francesco Moser, President of Associated Professional Cyclists (CPA), an organisation working to improve the status of professional riders, officially inaugurated the association's Internet site on the 15th of July 2004. Mr. Daniel Malbranque, Secretary-General of the CPA, explained that the site, which is mainly intended for riders, will allow them to find out about the initiatives and objectives of the organisation, and to easily and quickly access essential information on the Regulations and decisions of the International Cycling Union. The UCI congratulates the CPA on the launch of its site, which will play an important role in improving the quality of its relationships with professional cyclists. Website address:

Newfoundland Events
Courtesy Leon Organ

MUD UP Cup Race #5

August 1, Historic Signal Hill, St. John's will be the site of the next race in BNL's MUD UP Cup Series. Registration will take place at 9:00 am, with Race Start at 10:15 am. This event is sponsored by Canary Cycles, for more info please contact Donald at Canary Cycles at 579-5972.

Tour de Port au Port

Tour De Port au Port sponsored by Crosswinds will take place August 14-15.

Saturday, August 14th

Hill Climb Time Trial (apx 10km)

9am Registration or preregister @ Cycle Solutions(709-634-7100) $2

10am Time Trial Start

5pm--7:30pm Pasta Dinner

9pm Local Entertainment

Sunday, August 15th

10-11:30 Registration time or preregistrar @ Cycle Solutions (709-634-7100) $15

12noon Start Time

4pm- awards

Pre Registration Is Strongly Encouraged (until Friday August 13th)


Crosswinds Resort Special Race rates ( For racers and Volunteers only) - 30% off room rates. Call for reservations. Regular room rate $159. Please call Rena @ Crosswinds if your stay is more than one night. Call 709-644-2233.

For more info, please contact Peter at Cycle Solutions by Phone (709) 634-7100, Fax (709) 634-5011, or visit

Tour de 'Toona - Altoona, Pennsylvania

Stage 4 - GM Hollidaysburg Race 96 km

1 Ivan Dominguez (Colavita Olive Oil) 2:11:25
2 Jackson Stewart (Ofoto)
3 Ben Brooks (Jelly Belly/Aramark)
4 Jon Page (FiordiFrutta)
5 Mariano Frederick (Jelly Belly/Aramark)
6 Charles Dionne (Webcor Cycling Team)
7 Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly/Aramark)
8 John Murphy (AG Edwards/Nally Lexus)
9 Will Frischkorn (Colavita Olive Oil)
10 Mike Jones (Health Net p/b Maxxis)

20 Dominque Perras (Ofoto)
37 Chris Gruber (Outdoor Lighting) all s.t.

GC - not available at this time

Sprint Classification
1 Ivan Dominguez (Colavita Olive Oil) 36 points
2 Ben Brooks (Jelly Belly/Aramark) 26
3 Jon Page (FiordiFrutta) 26
4 Jackson Stewart (Ofoto) 16
5 Jason Bausch (Ofoto) 16

15 Charles Dionne (Webcor Cycling Team) 5

Mountain Classification
1 Will Frischkorn (Colavita Olive Oil) 24 points
2 Dominque Perras (Ofoto) 16
3 Mark Mccormack (Colavita Olive Oil) 5
4 Doug Ollerenshaw (Jelly Belly/Aramark) 5
5 Mike Sayers (Health Net p/b Maxxis) 4

Team GC
1 Health Net presented by Maxxis 26:59:31
2 Webcor Cycling Team at 0:23
3 Ofoto 2:04
4 Colavita Olive Oil 2:36
5 Jelly Belly/Aramark 2:57

1 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) 2:41:42
2 Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team)
3 Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba)

4 Lynn Gaggioli (Velo Bella) all s.t.
5 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) at 0:10
6 Magali Lefloch (Quark Cycling Team)
7 Katrina Grove (Rona)
8 Megan Long (
9 Laura Van Gilder (Genesis Scuba)
10 Christina Dedraay (Diet Cheerwine)

12 Leigh Hobson (Team Biovail Cervelo)
13 Amy Moore (Quark Cycling Team)
14 Erinne Willock (Rona)
17 Manon Jutras (Quark Cycling Team)
19 Felicia Greer (Webcor Builders)
31 Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing)
32 Nicole Demars (Victory Brewing) all s.t.
39 Andrea Hannos (Rona) 0:37
53 Jennifer Stephenson (Team Biovail Cervelo) 1:02
62 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing) 1:18
63 Julia Farell (Team Biovail Cervelo) 1.34
72 Rhonda Guzda (Team Biovail Cervelo) 10:08
DNS Anna Garnett (Team Biovail Cervelo)

1 Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team) 10:32:34
2 Lynn Gaggioli (Velo Bella) at 0:16
3 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) 0:19
4 Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba) 0:22
5 Erinne Willock (Rona) 0:37

6 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) 0:42
7 Manon Jutras (Quark Cycling Team) 0:47
8 Brooke Ourada (Victory Brewing) 0:57
9 Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing) s.t.
10 Magali Lefloch (Quark Cycling Team) 0:58

13 Felicia Greer (Webcor Builders) 1:12
14 Leigh Hobson (Team Biovail Cervelo) s.t.
16 Nicole Demars (Victory Brewing) 1:19
18 Amy Moore (Quark Cycling Team) 1:31
21 Andrea Hannos (Rona) 1:51
32 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing) 6:01
41 Jennifer Stephenson (Team Biovail Cervelo) 9:06
69 Julia Farell (Team Biovail Cervelo) 44:56
76 Rhonda Guzda (Team Biovail Cervelo) 1:30:18

Sprint Classification
1 Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) 45 points
2 Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team) 24
3 Magali Lefloch (Quark Cycling Team) 22
4 Andrea Hannos (Rona) 22
5 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) 22

9 Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba) 8
10 Leigh Hobson (Team Biovail Cervelo) 7

Mountain Classification
1 Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team) 30 points
2 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) 22
3 Leigh Hobson (Team Biovail Cervelo) 10
4 Erinne Willock (Rona) 8
5 Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba) 1

Team GC
1 Rona 31:39:56
2 Quark Cycling Team at 0:02
3 Genesis Scuba Pro 0:16
4 Victory Brewing 0:56
5 Team Basis/Ford 9:25

13 Team Biovail Cervelo 52:37

Team Biovail Cervelo Report

The clear blue sky as we woke this morning no doubt brought smiles to everyone's faces but the effects of yesterday's long stage were apparent as the riders rolled out today. The pace was slow to start the 3-loop, 96.6km stage; no one wanted to push too hard today as there are still a few hard days left to go. The first QOM came at the 28.8km point, which had Leigh Hobson coming over the top in fourth place.

The second QOM of the day was at the 58.8km mark of the race, with Lyne Bessette 1st over the line followed by Leigh in 2nd.

Today again saw the big teams such as Victory Brewing pushing the pace, sending riders up the road all day. Rona wanted nothing of that and kept their riders in at the front but rode hard to keep the overall GC together. As the race entered the last 5km, Rona and Victory kept the speed high so no breaks would get away. On the final descent into town, the speed was fast and a small break of 4 riders got ahead into the uphill finish. Jen Stephenson, Julia Farrell and Leigh Hobson rode well today and finished in the lead group, with Rhonda Guzda just behind. Leigh finished 12th overall in today's stage.

After today Leigh is sitting 14th in the overall GC and after stage 4 remains in 3rd overall in the Queen of the Mountains competition. Tomorrow's stage 5 will see us heading to Martinsburg for a circuit race with no points or QOM's. We do expect to see some breaks but for the most part we're predicting that riders will be keeping something in reserve for a big day on Saturday.


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