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July 30/04 8:32 am - Coaching Position, Toronto Race, Junior Track Worlds Days 2/3

Posted by Editor on 07/30/04

Employment Opportunity

PacificSport Canadian Sport Centre, National Cycling Center is accepting applications for the following position: Grass-root Developmental Coach

Position Type: Part Time (potential to advance to full time position by 2005)
Location: Victoria, BC
Application deadline: August 6, 2004
Short listed candidates will be contacted.
Interview date: August 9th, 2004

The mission of PacificSport Canadian Sport Centre is to foster outstanding Canadian athletes through the creation of a dynamic environment for sport performance at all levels by integrating world-class athlete services, coaching excellence and long-term sport development initiatives. The goal of PacificSport Canadian Sport Centre - Victoria is to achieve objectives through eight core strategies that encompass athletes and athletes' needs: coaches, sports, communications, relationships and strategic partnerships, revenue generation, facilities, and event promotion. These goals are realized through the management of four branches including Sports, Marketing, Finance and Administration.

Goal is to develop high performance athletes through grass-root recruitment, selection of athletes through Talent Idea program, providing training and competitions and individual training programs, with a focus on all cycling events, The core programs of the PacificSport National Cycling Centre for the above position are: development and implementation of grass-roots programs for youth and school level kids from entry level to Bronze level programs of PacificSport NCC in Track, Road, Mountain Bike and BMX.
The Coach is responsible for the effective planning, implementation, coordination, and review of all above development aspects. The primary function of the position is to provide expert coaching leadership. Significant administrative duties are required. The Coach reports and is accountable to the Management Committee of the PacificSport National Cycling Centre.

* Minimum level 2 NCCP certified in road, track, or MTB, and must complete level 3 NCCP coaching certification program within first year of employment.
* Minimum 3 years work experience as a Cycling Coach
* Self-motivated and accountable for results through focused attention on achieving goals; takes action and ownership.
* Enjoys multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment with a proven ability to manage a broad workload.
* Superior organizational skills in planning and completing projects by agreed deadlines; high attention to detail and accuracy.
* Willingness to get the job done, regardless of the extra time and effort it may take. Demonstrated interpersonal savvy through working effectively and communicating

* Implementing and evaluating of yearly development program for the Youth and Grassroots, and for individual athletes in all technical/tactical areas required for success to the higher level.
* Working in concert with the Sport Science/Sport Medicine Committee and associated professionals in the design, implementation and evaluation of Talent Idea program for PacificSport National Cycling Center within the sport of cycling in the Victoria region.
* The development of a positive professional attitude and environment dedicated to pursuit of the highest standards of performance, ethical conduct, citizenship and sportsmanship within the athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers associated with all levels of the Centre Programs. Consistent with the above, the development of positive chemistry and morale and collective will be required.
* Positive, superior communication with athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers.
* Assisting in the planning, development, implementation, and coordination of the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) Athlete Development Model within the sport of cycling in the Victoria region.
* Works with the local cycling organizations to establish a summer league, which is aimed at riders from the high school league. Provides written information to help other clubs interested in starting a summer league
* Liaise with Cycling British Columbia, Greater Victoria Velodrome Association (GVVA), Victoria cycling league local cycling organizations, and PacificSport Canadian Sport Centre Victoria Administration.
* Assist maintenance of database of athlete records in fitness, skill, etc
* Administrative & Member Services oversee and manage all daily operations of the position including the collection of data, membership and program registration fees
* Provide a range of general administrative support, assist in program coordination and execution, including; registration, budgeting, and post-program follow-up and evaluation

* Complete projects as necessary and assigned by the over all leading Coach.
* Design and publish communication materials, including the newsletters, handbooks, etc
* Plan special events and training camps

* Proficient computer skills; knowledge of Microsoft Office
* Appropriate post-secondary education
* Proven coaching experience and teaching skills.

Please submit your resume with salary expectations (email preferred) in Word Format, by August 6th.
Send to: Houshang Amiri,

Corso Italia Grand Prix - Toronto, Ontario
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Sunday, September 19th on a challenging 3 kilometre course which includes St Clair Ave W. $10,000 cash prizes, plus cash primes every lap for the 100 km Pro-Am field. Presented by The Midweek Cycling Club and Corso Italia BIA. Register early, field limits apply. For more information:

Junior Track Worlds - Los Angeles, California

Day 2 - Evening Session

Men's Keirin

Round 2

Heat 1
1 Daniel Thorsen (Australia) 11.266
2 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
3 Francesco Kanda (Italy)
4 Panagiotis Barmpopoulos (Greece)
5 Kang Dong Jin (Korea)
6 Yondi Schmidt (Netherlands)

Heat 2
1 Shane Perkins (Australia) 11.286
2 Ryan Nelman (USA)
3 Denis Dmitriev (Russia)
4 Adam Coker (New Zealand)
5 Robert Forstemann (Germany)
6 Athanasios Lefakis (Greece)

Final for 7th-12th
7 Kang Dong Jin (Korea) 11.643
8 Adam Coker (New Zealand)
9 Panagiotis Barmpopoulos (Greece)
10 Athanasios Lefakis (Greece)
11 Yondi Schmidt (Netherlands)
12 Robert Forstemann (Germany)

1 Shane Perkins (Australia) 10.995
2 Daniel Thorsen (Australia)
3 Francesco Kanda (Italy)
4 Ryan Nelman (USA)
5 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
6 Denis Dmitriev (Russia)

Women's 500M Time Trial

1 Shuang Guo (China) 35.821
2 Miriam Welte (Germany) 36.560
3 Jane Gerisch (Germany) 36.719
4 Elodie Henriette (France) 36.990
5 Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy) 37.127
6 Jin A You (Korea) 37.413
7 Hayley Wright (Australia) 37.436
8 Jennifer Loutit (Australia) 37.577
9 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands) 38.050
10 Bridgette Broad (New Zealand) 38.056
11 Olga Streltsova (Russia) 38.655
12 Laura Brown (Canada) 38.684
13 Tela Crane (USA) 38.895
14 Irene Aravena (Chile) 39.046
15 Natalie Klemko (USA) 39.307
16 Mylene Laliberte (Canada) 39.780
17 Natalia Prokurorova (Russia) 39.969

Men's Individual Pursuit

Bronze Medal Final
1 Patrick Gretsch (Germany) 1:08.984
2 Ivan Kovalev (Russia) 1:09.505

Gold Medal Final
1 Michael Ford (Australia) 1:08.224
2 Sascha Damrow (Germany) 1:08.780

Day 3

Women's Individual Pursuit

Round 1

Heat 1
1 Kimberly Geist (USA) 2:32.334
2 Amanda Spratt (Australia) 2:32.518

Heat 2
1 Paddy Walker (New Zealand) 2:32.663
2 Rebecca Bertolo (Italy) 2:34.273

Heat 3
1 Bianca Rogers (Australia) 2:29.883
2 Nina Köhn (Germany) 2:33.775

Heat 4
1 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands) 2:30.243
2 Florence Girardet (France) 2:37.118

Men's Team Pursuit

1 Australia 4:15.365
2 Russia 4:20.731
3 Germany 4:21.710
4 France 4:21.751
5 Netherlands 4:27.522
6 Czech Republic 4:27.798
7 Belgium 4:29.495
8 USA 4:32.136
9 Japan 4:34.579
10 Kazakhstan 4:35.048

Men's Sprint

Round 1

Heat 1
1 Michael Blatchford (USA) 11.592
2 Ben Barczewski (USA)

Heat 2
1 Shane Perkins (Australia) 11.576
2 Corey Heath (Australia)

Heat 3
1 Matthew Crampton (Great Britain) 11.945
2 Alexandre Volant (France)

Heat 4
1 Kevin Sireau (France) 11.458
2 Athanasios Lefakis (Greece)

Heat 5
1 Robert Förstemann (Germany) 11.755
2 Benjamin Wittmann (Germany)

Heat 6
1 Maximilian Levy (Germany) 11.573
2 Ryan Nelman (USA)

Heat 7
1 Stoyan Vasev (Russia) 11.412
2 David Cabrol (France)

Heat 8
1 Denis Dmitriev (Russia) 11.810
2 Panagiotis Barmpopoulos (Greece)

Heat 9
1 Daniel Thorsen (Australia) 11.343
2 Mikhail Shikhalev (Russia)


Heat 1
1 Ben Barczewski (USA) 11.541
2 Ryan Nelman (USA)
3 Mikhail Shikhalev (Russia)

Heat 2
1 Benjamin Wittmann (Germany) 11.199
2 Corey Heath (Australia)
Relegated David Cabrol (France)

Heat 3
1 Alexandre Volant (France) 11.479
2 Panagiotis Barmpopoulos (Greece)
3 Athanasios Lefakis (Greece)


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