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August 4/04 7:52 am - LaketoLake North, Warkworth Challenge Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/4/04

LaketoLake North
Courtesy Tim Lefebvre

The folks at LaketoLake Events are pleased to announce the 1st annual Lake to Lake North Mountain Bike Classic, to be held on Sunday August 15th. A 35 km route from Bass Lake in Orillia to the Heights of Horseshoe Resort, this promises to be epic with some of Nothern Ontario's finest singletrack and fire road.

A post-race barbecue, awards and prizes are planned. Chip timing and t-shirts will be part of the day as this unique point to point adventure is open to all.

Designated a citizens race and sanctioned by the OCA, the Lake2Lake North is sure to please.

For registration and more information please go to

2004 Warkworth Challenge - SISU Ontario Cup Race August 1st
Presented by the Cobourg Cycling Club
Courtesy Bikecrazie

This years event saw the highest turnout in Warkworth since the 1992 Provincial Road Race Championships. In 1992 it was Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta) who took the 200km elite men's road race in a race that saw rain, hail and thunder storms. This year it was Ficko winning again this time under very hot temperatures that decimated the Senior 1-2 field over the 150km race. The La Bicicletta team made it a clean sweep of the Elite categories with Merrill Collins riding to an impressive win in the Senior Women's category. Special Thanks to all the riders for making the event a success and our wonderful sponsors, SISU,, and Mill Valley Water.

Cadets - 50km
1. Dale Beaton (Bike Race Ottawa)
2. Alex Korten (St. Catherines)
3. Charlie Bryer (Hamilton CC)
4. Rogan Bogaert (
5. Zachary Winn (Team McBride)
6. Kevin Hazzard (Hamilton CC)
7. Brodie Sommerville (Brockville CC)

Cadet Women - 50
1. Charlotte Batty (3 Rox Racing)

Master B/C/D - 75km
1. Mauro Martini (Pavan - B)
2. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes - C)
3. Garnett Abbey (D'ornellas - B)
4. Paul O'Blenes (The Cyclery - B)
5. Craig Doucet (Westhaven Homes - B)
6. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan - B)
7. Brad Nickorick (Cyclepath - B)
8. Brent Thomlison (Waterloo CC - B)
9. Gilbert Marois (Les Rouleurs de L'outaouais - B)
10. Carl Clarke (Brant Cycle - B)
11. Dan Bartoli (Peterborough - B)
12. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton - C)
13. David Pierce (Bike Sports/Pfaff - B)
14. Carlos Goncalvves (Westhaven Homes - B)
15. Tim Buckley (Ind - C)

Women - 75km
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)
2. Amanda Shaw (The Cyclery)
3. Maogosha Pryjor (Animus)
4. Tara Ross (McMaster)
5. Emily Batty (3 Rox Racing)
6. Anita Lagler (Mississauga)
7. Holland Gidney (McMaster)
8. Anna Tratnyek (Gears Racing)
9. Kathy Eggenberger (Peterborough)
10. Ann Thompson (Ind. )
11. Kathy Lewis (Multilaser)
12. Rebecca Nelson (Midweek)
13. Sara-Jane Chilton (Animus)
14. Celine Foreht (Sporting Life)
15. Melissa Chappel (Ind. )
16. Heather Davidson (Laterne Rouge)
17. Jessica Spence (Cavern Cycle)
18. Nanci Dodman (Team Biovale/Cervelo)
19. Rosemary Garlapow (Team Terry)
20. Jaymie McGowan (McMaster)
21. Carolyne Haill (Midweek)
22. Kelly Kavanaugh (Mississauga)

Master A, Junior, Senior 3 - 100km
1. Chris Wood (Waterloo Flying Dogs - MA)
2. Ian Manning (Bikesports/Pfaff - Jr)
3. Steve Heck (Sport Swap - MA)
4. Keith Gauld (Team McBride - Jr)
5. Jordan Kofman (Midweek - Jr)
6. David Gazsi (Catena Networks - MA)
7. Jason Vincze (KHS Bicycles - MA)
8. Gord Woolley (Bikesports/Pfaff - MA)
9. Samuel Bail ( - Jr)
10. Mark Hinnen ( - Jr)
11. John-Paul Stickle (St. Catherines - Sr. 3)
12. Kevin Black (Cavern Cycles - Sr. 3)
13. Peter Meier (Ind - MA)
14. Don Dolan (Elite Racing - MA)
15. Roberto Vani (Reynold Koolini - MA)
16. Paolo Eugeni (Reynold Koolini - MA)
17. Ed Veal (Newmarket Eagles - Sr. 3)
18. Craig Burge (Blackstar - MA)
19. David Woolley (Bikesports/Pfaff - MA)

Senior 1-2 - 150km
1. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)
2. Christophe Cheseau (Espoirs Laval)
3. Mark Pozniak (
4. Maxime Vives (Espoirs Laval)
5. Ryan Roth (Jet Fuel Coffee)
6. Ben de Bray (St. Catherines)
7. Peter Morse (Midweek)
8. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
9. Chris Isaac (Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire)
10. Dan Maggiacomo (Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire)
11. Robert Mann (KHS Bicycles)
12. Nathan Chown (
13. Peter Sanowar (Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire)
14. Michael Moore (
15. Matt Bonin (Maple Leaf CC)
16. Joe Giuliano (Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire)
17. Adam McClounie (Maple Leaf CC)
18. Stan Ambis (St. Catherines)
19. Jason Valenti (Mississauga)
20. Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf CC)

More Complete Results will follow


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