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August 6/04 9:48 am - Track Nationals: Day 1 Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/6/04

Track Nationals Victoria BC

Day 1

Men's Sprint
Flying 200M Qualifier
1. Travis Smith (AB) The Track Team/Energ11.273
2. Doug Baron (AB) Bicisport/Alberta11.305
3. Keith Bruneau (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch11.45
4. Lars Madsen (AB) The Track Team/Energ11.459
5. Cameron Mackinnon (AB) The Track Team/Energ11.481
6. Keith Thorarinson (ON) 11.555
7. Martin Laforest (QC) Team Quebec11.586
8. Joel Regimbald (CAN) Synergy Racing11.659
9. David Mc Elhaw (QC) Cyclosprint11.74
10. Tom Amberiadis (AB) Bicisport11.78
11. Matt Barlee (BC) Schwalbe Cycling Clu11.821
12. Jeff Bakal (ON) Ontario / Multi-Laser12.292
13. Andre Steinhausen (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch12.573
14. Shaun Crump (BC) TrekVW-BroadwayDental12.757
15. Taylor Martin (ON) Hummingbrids/Ontario12.83
Relegated . Steen Madsen (AB) Juventus Cycling Team
Round 1
Heat 1 - Travis Smith beat Matt Chater
(Note: Flying 200M results show Jeff Bakal, not Chater)
Heat 2 - Doug Baron beat Matt Barlee
Heat 3 - Keith Bruneau beat Tom Amberiadis
Heat 4 - Lars Madsen beat David McElhaw
Heat 5 - Cameron MacKinnon beat Joel Regimbald
Heat 6 - Martin Laforest beat Keith Thorarinson
Quarter Final
Heat 1 - Travis Smith beat Joel Regimbald2-0
Heat 2 - Doug Baron beat Matt Chater2-0
Heat 3 - Keith Bruneau beat Martin Laforest2-0
Heat 4 - Lars Madsen beat Cameron MacKinnon2-0
Women's Sprint
Flying 200M Qualifier
1. Lori-Ann Muenzer (AB)11.622
2. Breanna Loster (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch12.534
3. Jenny Trew (AB) Oak Bay Bicycles12.889
4. Anne-brit Carter (AB) Team Alberta13.069
5. Gina Grain (BC) Victoria Brewing/Spe13.264
6. Sarah Kirby (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch13.282
7. Amy Maher (ON) Ontario13.874
8. Lisa Bowe (AB) Bicisport13.923
9. Kelly Holtan (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch14.436
Round 1
Heat 1. - Lori-Ann Muenzer beat Lisa Bowe2-0
Heat 2. - Breanna Loster beat Amy Maher2-0
Heat 3. - Jenny Trew beat Sarah Kirby2-0
Heat 4. - Anne-brit Carter beat Gina Grain2-0
Junior Men's Sprint
Flying 200M Qualifier
1. Lawrence Leroux (QC) Team Quebec11.699
2. Raphael Tremblay (QC) Equipe du Quebec11.836
3. Mark Macdonald (AB) Team Alberta12.006
4. Zach Grant (AB) Juventus Cycling Team12.101
5. Eric Smith (AB) Team Bow Cycle - CMC12.177
6. Jeff Sparling (AB) Team Bow Cycle (Alberta)12.218
7. Charly Vives (QC) Team Quebec12.385
8. Rene Regimbald (AB) Synergy Racing12.577
9. Eric Robertson (ON) Team Ontario12.602
10. Ross Harbottle (AB) Bow Cycle/CMC12.755
11. Richard Bell (ON) Team Ontario (McMaster)12.888
12. Sean Walsh (AB) Bow Cycle / CMC12.916
13. William Monteath (AB)12.987
14. William Goodfellow (QC) Team Quebec13.235
Round 1
Heat 1- Lawrence Leroux beat Rene Regimbald2-0
Heat 2 - Raphael Tremblay beat Charly Vives2-0
Heat 3 - Jeff Sparling beat Mark MacDonald2-0
Heat 4 - Zach Grant beat Eric Smith2-0
Junior Women's Sprint
Flying 200M Qualifier
1. Monique Sullivan (AB) Bow Cycle CMC12.967
2. Laura Brown (AB) Bow Cycle13.188
3. Mylene Laliberte (QC) Team Quebec13.451
4. Stephanie Roorda (CAN) Synergy Racing Cycle13.46
5. Naomi Cooper (BC) Devo/Ryder/Powerbar14.144
6. Joelle Numainville (QC) Team Quebec14.334
7. Jessica Anderson (BC) ESCAPE VELOCITY/DEVO15.531
8. Sarah Van Biert (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Ch16.437
Round 1
Heat 1. - Laura Brown received a Bye
Heat 2. - Mylene Laliberte beat Sarah Van Biert2-0
Heat 3. - Stephanie Roorda beat Jessica Anderson2-0
Heat 4. - Joelle Numainville beat Naomi Cooper2-0
Junior Women 2000M Individual Pursuit
1. Mylene Laliberte QC Team Quebec2:49.661
2. Laura Brown AB Bow Cycle2:52.054
3. Naomi Cooper BC Devo/Ryder/Powerbar2:55.834
4. Joelle Numainville QC Team Quebec2:57.946
5. Lisa Tasa Chapman Land Survey3:01.197
6. Jessica Anderson BC Escape Velocity/Devo3:12.440
Women 3000M Individual Pursuit
1. Mandy Poitras BC Rocky Mountain/Powerbar4:01.562
2. Stephanie Hannos BC Basis4:02.321
3. Julia Bradley ON Team Ontario4:07.474
4. Moriah Beattie BC Dizzy Chicks4:10.606
5. Laura Yoisten AB Team Alberta4:19.954
6. Lisa Bowe AB Bicisport4:22.944
7. Angella Goran4:27.634
8. Sara Laliberte BC Schwalbe Cycling4:30.058
Junior Men 3000M Individual Pursuit
1. Jeff Sparling AB Team Alberta3:45.030
2. Charly Vives QC Team Quebec3:45.329
3. Mark MacDonald AB Team Alberta3:49.782
4. Raphael Tremblay QC Team Quebec3:51.204
5. Eric Smith AB Team Bow Cycle-CMC3:54.590
6. Eric Robertson ON Team Ontario3:554.738
7. Lawrence Leroux QC Team Quebec3:57.257
8. William Goodfellow QC Team Quebec4:02.161
9. Andrew Greydanus BC Teen Speed4:08.058
10. Sean Walsh AB Bow Cycle/CMC4:08.127
11. William Monteath AB4:17.905
12. Richard Bell ON Team Ontario4:22.781
Men 4000M Individual Pursuit
1. Zach Bell AB Team Alberta/Yukon4:50.504
2. Alexandre Cloutier QC Team Quebec4:52.534
3. Robert Veroba AB Bicisport Calgary4:54.236
4. Philippe Abbott AB Bicisport4:57.182
5. Ryan McKenzie AB Team Alberta4:57.855
6. Martin Gilbert QC Team Quebec5:03.809
7. Glen Rendall ON Ride With Rendall5:07.145
8. John Tolkamp BC Escape Velocity5:07.909
9. Murray Carter MB Team Manitoba5:08.229
10. Kevin Lacombe QC Team Quebec5:08.672
11. Ian Robertson ON Team Ontario5:13.569
12. Jimmy Oneschuk BC Bike Doctor SK/onecy5:14.996
13. Ryan McNamara BC Team Coastal/DR walk5:15.417
14. Michael McCorkell AB BiciSport5:15.633
15. John-Christopher Reid BC Oak Bay Bicycles5:17.734
16. Craig Deveer ON Ontario5:17.973
17. Philip Edamura BC Oak Bay Bicycles5:18.201
18. Matt Barlee BC Schwalbe Cycling5:20.008
19. Andre Steinhausen BC Dr Walker Sports Ch5:21.891
20. Geoffrey Argue BC dEVo/Powerbar5:31.896
21. Mike Chandler BC Dr Walker Sports Ch5:37.658
Junior Women's Scratch Race
1. Mylene Laliberte QC Team Quebec
2. Stephanie Roorda AB Synergy Racing Cycle
3. Joelle Numainville QC Team Quebec
4. Laura Brown AB Bow Cycle
5. Naomi Cooper BC Devo/Ryder/Powerbar
6. Lisa Tasa BC Chapman Land Survey
7. Jessica Anderson BC Escape Velocity/Devo
8. Sarah Van Biert BC at1 lap
Women's Scratch Race
1. Mandy Poitras BC Rocky Mountain/Power
2. Laura Yoisten AB Team Alberta
3. Sarah Kirby BC Dr Walker Sports Ch
4. Alena Radomsky BC Oak Bay Bicycles
5. Julia Bradley ON Ontario Provincial
6. Jenny Trew AB Oak Bay Bicycles
7. Anne-brit Carter AB Team Alberta
8. Lisa Bowe AB Bicisport
9. Angella Goran BC Victoria
10. Sara Laliberte BC Schwalbe Cycling
11. Amy Maher ON Team Ontario
Relegated Gina Grain BC Victoria Brewing
DNF Stephanie Hannos BC Vancouver
Junior Men's 1000M Time Trial
1. Mark Macdonald (AB) Team Alberta1:12.246
2. Zach Grant (AB) Juventus Cycling1:12.941
3. Raphael Tremblay (QC) Equipe du Quebec1:13.745
4. Charly Vives (QC) Team Quebec1:14.041
5. Eric Smith (AB) Team Bow Cycle - CMC1:15.042
6. Lawrence Leroux (QC) Team Quebec1:15.687
7. Eric Robertson (ON) Team Ontario1:15.702
8. Jeff Sparling (AB) Team Alberta1:16.273
9. Andrew Greydanus (BC) Teen Speed1:17.053
10. Sean Walsh (AB) Bow Cycle / CMC1:17.063
11. Rene Regimbald (AB) Synergy Racing1:17.318
12. Ross Harbottle (AB) Bow Cycle/CMC1:18.286
13. Richard Bell (ON) Team Ontario (McMast1:18.802
14. William Goodfellow (QC) Team Quebec1:18.866
15. William Monteath (AB) 1:19.561
Men's 1000M Time Trial
1. Steen Madsen (AB) Juventus Cycling1:07.905
2. Travis Smith (AB) The Track Team/Energ1:09.548
3. Cameron Mackinnon (AB) The Track Team/Energ1:09.583
4. Doug Baron (AB) Bicisport/Alberta1:10.028
5. Yannik Morin (QC) The Track Team/Energ1:10.737
6. Glen Rendall (ON) Ride With Rendall1:11.476
7. Matt Barlee (BC) Schwalbe Cycling1:11.545
8. Matt Chater (BC) Schwalbe1:11.612
9. Martin Laforest (QC) Team Quebec1:12.470
10. Tom Amberiadis (AB) Bicisport1:12.807
11. Shaun Crump (BC) TrekVWBroadwayDental1:12.882
12. David Mcelhaw (QC) Cyclosprint1:12.917
13. Joel Regimbald (AB) Synergy Racing1:13.093
14. Jeff Bakal (ON) Ontario / Multi-Lase1:13.414
15. Ian Robertson (NE) Team Ontario1:13.469
16. Taylor Martin (ON) Hummingbirds/Ontario1:16.537
17. Murray Carter (MB) Team Manitoba1:18.361
18. Andre Steinhausen (BC) Dr Walker Sports Ch1:19.098
19. Mike Chandler (BC) Dr Walker Sports Ch1:20.640


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