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August 16/04 8:54 am - Canada Cup XC #5

Posted by Editoress on 08/16/04

Canada Cup XC #5 Fernie BC

Jr/U17 Expert Women
1. Emily Batty (ON) Bay Cycle1:38:18
2. Olivia Gagne (QC) La Vie Sportive at 3:05
3. Kylie Case (MB) Vw Kal Tire, Team Mb 4:06
4. Evelyne Pichette (QC) Durand Sport8:19
5. Isabelle Jacques (QC) La Vie Sportive11:39
6. Sarah Coney (ON) 3 Rox Racing17:13
7. Andrea Bunnin (SK) Spoke 'N Sport20:01
8. Kelly Bietola (ON) 3 Rox Racing23:51
9. Meghan Dixon (ON) 3 Rox Racing39:29
DNF. Danielle Kenny (AB) Bow Cycle
WOMEN UNDER 20Junior Expert Men
1. Raphael Gagne (QC) La Vie Sportive1:45:05
2. Mark Batty (ON) Bay Cycleat 5:06
3. Chris Thorpe (ON) Bay Cycle5:17
4. Jean-Nicolas Laverte (QC) Durano Sport5:31
5. Jonathan Boulanger (QC) Cibc7:15
6. Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc (QC) Pierre Demers Sd Sport7:43
7. Adam Morka (ON) Team Hardwood8:51
8. Brian Bain (AB) Cmc, Bow Cycle12:31
9. Leni Trudel (QC) Le Yeti12:53
10. Matthew Cottrell (BC) On The Edge Biking17:45
11. Cameron Jette (ON) Epic Ride19:49
12. Jason Duffy (ON) Bikeland20:07
13. Jon Benson21:24
14. Christian Ravlic (BC) Oak Bay Bikes23:13
15. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing24:13
16. Norrie Henderson (BC) Kelowna Cycle29:11
17. Kevin Bowser (AB) Bow Cycle35:05
18. Shaun Adamson (AB) United Cycle36:25
19. Mat Bell (ON) Hardwood Hills38:50
20. Patrick Berry (AB) Deadgoat Racing44:23
DNF. Eric Magee (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycle
DNF. Jared Wilson (AB) Rvc
DNF. Alexandre Fortier (QC) Varipak
DNF. Ian Mcavity (NB) Darlings Island Bike Shop
DNF. Tyler Foy (SK) Rock N'Road
DNF. Slawomir Szulc (AB) United Cycle
DNF. Dave Brooks (SK) Kona / Dutch Cycle
WOMEN UNDER 20Senior Elite Men
1. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona/Clarks/Les Gets 2:07:31
2. Ricky Federau (ON) Gearsracing.Comat 0:14
3. Roddi Lega (AB) United Cycle Edmonton1:33
4. Andrew Watson (ON) Gearsracing.Com5:02
5. Martin Lazarski (ON) Gearsracing.Com5:30
6. Jesse Jakomait (ON) Gearsracing.Com5:53
7. Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing, Bay Cycle7:05
8. Greg Reain (ON) Gearsracing.Com7:51
9. Ryan Ingham (BC) Epic Titanium7:54
10. Mike Northcott (AB) Nokian Tyres, Bike & Pack8:47
11. Jamie Lamb (NS) Cycle Smith, Kona 9:23
12. Benoit Simard (QC) Cycles Lambert, Oryx10:44
13. Matt Patterson (ON) Gearsracing.Com13:37
14. Mark Webster (AB) Bianchi/The Bike Shop13:47
15. Martin Lafontaine (QC) Team Xclusiv14:11
16. Drew Mackenzie (BC) Peyto Bikes14:30
17. Matthew Hadley (NB) Powerbar, Maxxis 14:52
18. Menno Hubregtse (SK) Peyto/Pedalhead15:19
19. Jeremy Trudel (QC) Le Yeti15:39
20. Warren Ellis (BC) Eagle Homes Cranbrook15:55
21. Brendan Macintosh (BC) Riders Cycles16:37
22. Frederic Bussieres (QC) Gearsracing.Com17:02
23. Evan Sherman (AB) United Cycle17:21
24. Timothy Carleton (ON) Sport Swap Racing19:33
25. Adam Bailey (ON) Black Sheep Squadron21:19
26. Jason Shankariuk (AB) Pedalhead22:24
27. Daniel Sessford (YT) Powerbar 22:24
28. Matt Douglas (ON) Bay Cycle, U2, Kenda, Rudy22:50
29. Thomas Skinner (BC) Khs Bicycles25:46
30. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Pearl Izumi, Spoke 'N Sport27:58
31. Carlos Capela (BC) 28:11
32. Jonathon Nutbrown (AB) Bow Cycle29:03
33. Per Strom (AB) Giant Bicycles30:33
34. Steve Martins (AB) United Cycle/Hardcore35:48
35. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore Bikes36:09
36. Ian Crosthwaite (BC) Fresh Air Expereince37:39
37. Rylan Lundgren VW-Kaltire MB39:42
38. Justin Hines (ON) 40:11
39. Joey Brassard (SK) Bike Doctor54:56
DNF. Max Plaxton (BC) Business Objects
DNF. Clint Muhlfeld Big Mountain Montana
DNF. Devin Erkle (AB) Deadgoat Racing
DNF. Bradley Kerr (SK) Dutch Cycle / Kona
DNF. Gord Kennedy (AB) Bow Cycle
DNF. Dave Kennedy (AB) Rudy Project, Flash 5
DNF. Jonathan Keats (AB) Pedalhead Racing Team
DNF. Matt Green (BC) Sram, Rock Shox, Steed Cycle
DNF. Guido Visser (QC) Peps, Momo
DNF. Adam Coates (SK) Gearsracing.Com
DNF. Stuart Houltham (AB) Trek, Pearl, Zumi
DNF. Andrew Kyle (BC) Sugoi
WOMEN UNDER 20Senior Elite Women
1. Trish Sinclair (BC) Gearsracing.Com2:08:03
2. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Oak Bay Cyclesat 2:39
3. Mical Dyck (AB) Terrascape Racing2:47
4. Danelle Kabush (ON) Gearsracing.Com3:35
5. Martina Feldmann (BC) Rocky Mountain, Business Obj4:12
6. Jean Ann Mckirdy (BC) Haywood, Mike Wiegele Heli S4:48
7. Amanda Sin (ON) Schwabe6:06
8. Heather Morrissey (ON) 10:49
9. Sandra Walter (BC) Schwalbe, Rbc, Sunfield11:21
10. Sue Trimble (ON) Gearsracing.Com12:02
11. Catherine Vipond (ON) Gearsracing.Com12:47
12. Annie Tykwinski (AB) Pedalhead Racing Team17:56
13. Jennifer Schulz (BC) Fresh Air Experience18:52
14. Tanis Banks (BC) Floraglo, Norco21:16
15. Celine Foreht (ON) Sporting Life22:36
16. Julie Sanders (QC) Oryx-Procycle24:10
17. Kate Scallion (NS) The Cyclery 29:20
18. Christine Ezinga (AB) Bianchi, The Bike Shop29:43
19. Helena Coney (BC) 37:27
20. Marisa Tosi (AB) Terrascape Racing38:34
21. Sandy Ayre (AB) Bacardi39:55
22. Allison Lampi (ON) Khs Bicycles49:55
DNF. Kasandra Cote (QC) X'Clusiv
DNF. Sophie-Anne Blanchette (QC) Gearsracing.Com
DNF. Sarah Noble (BC) Rocky Mtn Business Objects
DNF. Athena Greenall-Wilson (AB) St. Kilda Cycles - Australia
DNF. Christy Love (BC) Mighty Riders
DNF. Laura Whitehead (AB) Terrascape Racing

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