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August 22/04 8:15 am - Canada Cup XC Final: Elite Men and Women, Junior Men and Women Official Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/22/04

Canada Cup Finals Sun Peaks BC
Courtesy Organizer

Elite Men
1. PLAXTON Max * (BC) Rocky Mtn./Business Objects2:09:43
2. FEDERAU Ricky (BC) Gears Racingat 0:07
3. WEDGE Peter (NB) Kona/Clarus/Les Gets2:30
4. NORTHCOTT Mike (AB) Jamis3:15
5. WATSON Andrew * (ON) Gears Racing6:14
6. LEGA Roddi (AB) United Cycle6:44
7. LAZARSKI Martin * (ON) Gears Racing7:50
8. ZANDSTRA Derek * (ON) 3 Rox Racing / Bay Cycle8:46
9. JAKOMAIT Jesse (ON) Gears Racing8:59
10. REAIN Greg (ON) Gears Racing9:50
11. WEBSTER Mark (AB) Bianchi/ The Bike Shop9:57
12. PATTERSON Matt (ON) Gears Racing10:33
13. VISSER Guido (QC) Equipe du Quebec11:54
14. LAMB Jamie * (NS) Cyclesmith/KONA13:00
15. COATES Adam * (ON) Gears Racing13:37
16. GAGNE Raphael * (QC)14:06
17. BUSSIERES Frederic * (ON)14:23
18. WILLIAMS Randy (BC)14:31
19. GREEN Matthew * (BC) Sram/Rockshox/Steed cycles18:10
20. LAFONTAINE Martin * (QC) Team Xcluziv18:38
21. SESSFORD Daniel * (YT) Devo/Power Bar20:19
22. SHENKARIUK Jason (AB) pedalhead20:26
23. OLIVER Ryan (BC)20:29
24. CAPELA Carlos (BC)22:09
25. CARLETON Timothy (ON) Sport Swap Racing23:02
26. STURM Sven (BC) A B S - Santa Cruz23:23
27. HADLEY Matthew * (NB) Power Bar/ Maxxis23:32
28. SHERMAN Evan * (AB) United Cycle24:07
29. BAILEY Adam (ON) Black Sheep Squadron24:45
30. DOUGLAS Matt * (ON) 3 Rox Racing25:54
31. HEWITT Mathew (BC)26:25
32. SKINNER Thomas (BC) KHS Bicycles26:38
33. NUTBROWN Jon (AB) Bow Cycle29:05
34. MARTINS Steve (AB) Hardcore Racing Team35:24
35. CROSTHWAITE Ian (BC) Fresh Air Experience36:49
36. WEISS Aaron (BC) spoke36:54
37. CANNON Al (BC) Comox Valley Cycle Club37:11
38. IVANY Carsten (BC) Natural Earth Racing38:46
39. DAWSON Ben * (ON)41:20
40. HINES Justin (ON)44:52
DNF. FAIRALL Bradley * (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. HUBREGTSE Menno (SK) Peyto/Pedalhead
DNF. MACKENZIE Drew (BC) Peyto/Oak Bay
DNF. MACINTOSH Brendan (BC) Riders Cycles
DNF. HOULTHAM Stuart (AB) Trek/Pearl Izumi
DNF. WIDMER Stefan * (BC) West Point Cycles
Elite Women
1. SINCLAIR Trish (BC) Gears Racing2:18:01
2. DYCK Mical * (AB)at 2:07
3. KABUSH Danelle (ON) Gears Racing5:53
4. TRIMBLE Sue (ON) Gears Racing7:59
5. MCKIRDY Jean Ann * (BC) Rocky Mtn Business Objects9:20
6. SIN Amanda (ON) Schwalbe Cycling Club9:27
7. COTE Kasandra * (QC) X'clusive Cement St.Laurent9:46
8. BANKS Tanis (BC) Floraglo/Norco10:22
9. PENDREL Catharine (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles10:32
10. WALTER Sandra (BC) Kappa/Schwalbe/RBC13:43
11. VIPOND Catherine * (ON) Gears Racing15:43
12. BATE Madelaine (AB) Brodie Terrascape Racing16:19
13. MORRISSEY Heather (ON)18:59
14. SCALLION Kate * (NS) The Cyclery22:12
15. SCHULZ Jennifer (BC) Fresh Air Experience23:30
16. BLANCHETTE Sophie-Anne * (ON) Gears Racing24:21
17. LAMPI Allison (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada24:41
18. FOREHT Celine (ON) Sporting Life24:54
19. BUTLER Amanda (BC) Team Solitan25:29
20. ROBICHAUD Linda (BC)27:46
21. CONEY Helena * (BC) Independant28:49
22. TOSI Marisa (AB) Terrascape Racing36:04
23. KING Heather (BC) Gears Racing37:45
24. LOVE Christy (BC) Mighty Riders-1 Lap
DNF. FELDMANN Martina * (BC) Rocky Mtn Business Objects
DNS. SANDERS Julie * (QC) Oryx Procycle
Jr/U17 Expert Women
1. BATTY Emily (ON) 3 Rox Racing1:30:57
2. CASE Kylie (MB) Volkswagen Kal Tire / Team MBat 1:18
3. GAGNE Olivia (QC)6:57
4. PICHETTE Evelyne (QC) Equipe du quebec7:22
5. JACQUES Isabelle (QC) La Vie Sportive/Equipe du Quebec11:22
6. CONEY Sarah (BC) 3 Rox Racing13:52
7. DIXON Meghan (ON) 3 Rox Racing17:56
8. BIETOLA Kelly (ON) 3 Rox Racing21:12
Junior Expert Men
1. FORTIER Alexandre (QC) Equipe du Quebec, Varipak2:01:15
2. LAVERTU Jean-Nicolaat 0:20
3. THORPE Chris (ON) Bay Cycle2:52
4. MORKA Adam (ON) Team Hardwood3:10
5. JARRY-BOLDUC Gabriel (QC) Equipe Du Quebec3:11
6. BATTY Mark (ON) 3 Rox Racing5:31
7. COTTRELL Matthew (BC) Sombrio Racing5:42
8. CROWE James (BC) Kona/Oakley8:12
9. MAHON Trevor (BC) Rocky Mtn./Business Objects/Smit11:08
10. DOUGLAS Kyle (ON) 3 Rox Racing11:27
11. MCAVITY Ian (NB) Darling's Island Bike Shop15:27
12. RAVLIC Christian (BC) Oak Bay Bikes16:42
13. MIKLEUS Steve (BC) Teen Speed16:45
14. DUFFY Jason (ON) Bikeland16:56
15. BENSON Jon (MB) Team Manitoba Olympia20:13
16. HENDERSON Norrie (BC) Kelowna Cycle27:55
17. WILSON Jared (AB) River Valley cycle32:42
18. MAGEE Eric (AB) Bicycle Cafe34:37
DNS. LAVERTU Serge (QC) Equipe du Quebec / Durand


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