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August 22/04 4:53 am - Sun Peaks Canada Cup DH Final

Posted by Editoress on 08/22/04

Canada Cup Finals DH Sun Peaks BC
Courtesy Organizer

Elite MenTimeDiff.
1. ADAMS Dustin (BC) Giant/Pearl Izumi5:22.640
2. MORLAND Tyler (BC) Chromag/Sram/NRG5:27.915.27
3. GOSS Eric (NB) Giant Canada5:28.145.5
4. PENDREL Geoff (BC) Devinci5:31.588.94
5. GUAY Kyle (BC) Norco Factory5:31.929.28
6. YASTREMSKY Ryan (BC) Pinkbike.com5:34.3911.75
7. CZUCZOR Andrew (BC) Cove Bikes5:34.6211.98
8. DONAIS Hugo (QC) Norco Factory5:34.8912.25
9. MENARD Dominick (QC) Devinci/CGI5:35.5412.9
10. MARCH Shaums (BC) Norco/Red Bull/Ryder/Sole/Mace5:35.6813.04
11. JONES Mike (BC) Norco Factory Team5:35.9613.32
12. BILLINGHURST Adam (BC) Rock Shox/Sram/Chromag5:38.9316.29
13. EHLER Daniel (BC) Pinkbike.com5:39.6016.96
14. CHAMBERS Derek (BC) Evilution/NRG/Manitou5:40.8218.18
15. PORTER Trevor (NB) Kona5:41.5218.88
16. GREEN Jason (BC) Cove Factory Team5:42.9720.33
17. DESORMEAUX J.J. (BC)5:46.3823.74
18. DUBE Charles-Alexandre (QC) Clinique Sos Velo5:48.7626.12
19. KITZANUK Luke (QC) Village Cycle Hudson/Giant Can5:50.0027.36
20. ZAHRA Brian (ON)5:51.8729.23
21. LEONARD Louis-Phillipe (QC) Norco Factory Team5:53.2730.63
22. COUPER Stuart (BC) Pink Bike5:53.5730.93
23. ELLER Brian (BC) Cove Factory Racing5:55.0432.4
24. DA SILVA Jean-Philippe (QC) Iron Horse/Dhracer.com5:57.5334.89
25. WAKELING Jamie (BC) Steed Cycles/SRAM/Rock Shox5:59.2236.58
26. EDWARDS Noel (AB) Couloir Ski & Bike/Life works6:00.0837.44
27. DIGIACINTO Adriano (BC) Steed cycles/Sram/Rock Shox6:00.4437.8
28. PILON Jonathan (QC) SPA / Spy optic6:02.8840.24
29. PAUTLER Drew (ON) Sweet Petes/Primary/Giant6:03.1940.55
30. BELANGER Fred (QC) Specialized/Manitou/Oakley6:04.0741.43
31. TOWERS Michael (ON) Primary/Giant/Sweet Petes6:14.7052.06
32. JENKINS Joey (ON) Trail Blazers6:21.2358.59
33. STURGEON Matt (NB) Kona/Beast Gear/Kenda6:23.371:00.73
34. LEMIRE Jean (QC) On the Edge distribution6:23.971:01.33
35. PICOTTE Dominic (QC) lafertÈ sgt6:25.321:02.68
36. LANGLOIS Jocelyn (QC) Michelin/ODI/Fizik/Milk6:59.311:36.67
DNF. LYON Brant (BC) Giant Bicycle Canada
Elite WomenTimeDiff.
1. SCHROETER Danika (BC) Giant5:53.490
2. BAKER Brook (BC) NORCO5:55.642.15
3. BUCHAR Claire (BC) Balfa/Evolution/Sombrio6:13.5720.08
4. PORTER Sara (BC) Kona6:26.5333.04
5. NYCHKA Stephanie (AB)6:28.8935.4
6. SHERBININ Kelli (BC) Pinkbike.com6:36.1642.67
7. CASSIDY Jenelle (BC) Marzocchi/Roach/Raceface6:37.5044.01
8. WAECHTER Michelle (ON)6:37.7944.3
9. STRAND Katrina (BC) Marzocchi/Oakley/Dakine/Beastg6:39.2445.75
10. MILOT Caroline (QC) lafertÈ - sgt - oryx6:55.601:02.11
11. TURENNE Darcy (BC) Norco/Smith/Oak Bay Bikes7:01.181:07.69
12. GAWEL Antonia (ON)7:08.611:15.12
Jr Expert MenTimeDiff.
1. MITCHELL Andrew (BC) Oak Bay Bikes/Norco5:28.170
2. COWELL Derek (ON) Giant/Primary/Cyclepath5:30.382.21
3. CHAN Steve (BC) realm5:33.004.83
4. MACLEOD Connor (BC) Cove Bikes5:34.176
5. MEASURES Ross (BC)5:35.567.39
6. GNITT Tyler (BC)5:50.4922.32
7. WILLOUGHBY Justin (AB) Calgary Cycle/Santa Cruz/Ridge5:54.0425.87
8. ELLINGSON Josh (BC) AKA The Bike Shop5:58.5430.37
9. MACARTHUR Cody (BC) Straight Line Bicycle and Ski5:59.1230.95
10. PAULY Matt (AB)6:04.2436.07
11. BOUDREAU Matt (NB) Radical Edge/Kona6:37.171:09.00
12. BELL Wriley (AB)6:49.351:21.18
Jr Expert WomenTimeDiff.
1. WOOD Brittany (BC) Cove8:28.57
U17 MenTimeDiff.
1. DENT Nick (BC)5:40.860
2. CSOKONAY Dan (BC) Norco/Bow Cycle/Oakley5:47.666.8
3. BRIGGS Geoff (AB) Calgary Cycle6:05.0124.15
4. WOODS Nick (BC) Full Boar Bike Store6:05.2924.43
5. LEBOUTHILLIER Remi (MB)6:08.7327.87
6. WHITE Graham (BC) Bicycle Cafe - Kamloops6:13.4732.61
7. MARSHALL Tyson (BC)6:17.6936.83
8. PATYCHUK Mike (BC) Calgary cycle/Troy Lee6:19.8138.95
9. MANI-FLOWER Kieran (BC) Cove Bikes6:22.6141.75
10. ELLINGSON Joel (BC) AKA The Bike Shop6:27.6246.76
11. DIAMOND Alex (AB)6:30.4949.63
12. PYLATUK Kevin. High Country Cycle and Sports6:49.031:08.17
13. HARRISON Spencer (BC)7:02.621:21.76
14. CHURCHILL Scott (BC) High Country Cycle7:03.221:22.36
15. VOLPATTI Bryan (BC) highcountry cycle and sports7:27.851:46.99
16. KENNEDY Peter (AB) Edwards Garage8:03.222:22.36
17. FORGIE Mitchell (AB) ERTC/Redbike8:20.242:39.38
DNS. NICOLA Kieranx (BC)
DNF. PARSONS Ben (BC) High Country Cycle


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