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August 26/04 5:06 am - Mississauga Midweek Announcement, Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/04

Monday Midweek
Courtesy Peter McCaffery, Midweek Cycling Club

There WILL be a Midweek Harris+Harris Monday night event on August 30th. Start time 6.45pm

Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships

Michael Almdal Memorial/Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships, held Sunday August 22nd in and around Winfield, Alberta (approximately 100 km southwest of Edmonton).

Courtesy Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

Temperatures in the single-digits, driving rain, wind, and rolling terrain all left a mark on the Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships, contested yesterday near Winfield, about 100 km southwest of Edmonton. Over 130 riders persevered in brutal conditions which led to the shortening of the Women's race and the Open Men's race.

The marquee races were both won by Espoir riders: Laura Yoisten (DeVinci/Sportrack), winner of the Espoir category at the 2004 Canadian National Road Race Championships, dominated a small but quality women's field. Zach Bell (Synergy), meanwhile, finished just ahead of fellow Espoir Ryan MacKenzie (DeVinci/Sportrack) in the Open Men's race. Bell has enjoyed a fine August of racing: In addition to yesterday's win, over the past three weeks he has triumphed on the track with a win in the Individual Pursuit at the National Track Championships, and an overall win at the Alberta Provincial Track Championships, which included a 4m43s Individual Pursuit.

Big thanks to Bruce Copeland and the Juventus Club for putting on a fine event under trying conditions.

Open Men/Category 1/2 - 98 Km
1. Zach Bell (Synergy)2:36:09
2. Ryan McKenzie (DeVinci/Sportrack)2:36:11
3. Jesse James Collins (bicisport)2:37:13
4. Cam MacKinnon (
5. Jeff Bolstad (TRS Racing)s.t.
6. Taylor Little (River Valley Cycle)s.t.
7. Nick Friesen (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)s.t.
8. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
9. Mark MacDonald (Sport Chek)s.t.
10. Jere Hu (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
11. Dylan Snowdon (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)s.t.
12. Philippe Abbott (bicisport)s.t.
13. Per Strom (bicisport)s.t.
14. Graham Rudge (ERTC/redbike)2:38:18
15. Tim Ogryzlo (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
16. Pat Dodge (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)s.t.
17. Matt Decore (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:38:49
18. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:38:50
19. Ted Emes (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
20. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:39:34
21. Mark Fewster (TRS Racing)2:39:57
22. Bob Veroba (bicisport)2:40:59
23. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy)2:51:12
24. Graeme Thomson (bicisport)s.t.
25. David Leahy (TRS Racing)s.t.
26. Steve German (Revoluzione)s.t.
27. Rob Simpson (Juventus)2:52:52
28. Kirk Loberg (Revoluzione)2:53:25
29. David Ariano (ERTC/redbike)2:58:00
30. Sean Huggins-Chan (bicisport)s.t.
31. Harley Desprey (Velocity)s.t.
dnf. Dan Petersen (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Nick Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
dnf. Andrew Davidson (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike)
Women (A and B) 78 Km
1. Laura Yoisten (DeVinci/Sportrack)2:39:18
2. Jessica DeMars (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)2:41:04
3. Tessa Bilodeau (Blizzard)2:42:28
4. Nola Zwarich (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)s.t.
5. Liz Ariano (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
6. Kristin Campbell (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
7. Athena Greenall-Wilson (Independent)s.t.
8. Anna Paton (Way Past Fast)s.t.
9. Janka Hegedus (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
10. Samantha Nicholson (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)s.t.
11. Colleen Baldwin (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:45:29
Category 3 - 98 Km
1. Ryan Anderson (Juventus)2:50:45
2. Stephen Mundy (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
3. David Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:50:48
4. John Twells (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
5. Brian Zurek (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:50:54
6. Andre Sutton (Hardcore)s.t.
7. Bruce Voelker (Team Coastal)2:51:45
8. Frank Kovacs (Snakebite Society)2:51:46
9. Chris Harrison (ERTC/redbike)2:52:45
10. Shaun Adamson (United Cycle)2:53:15
11. Dylan Menard (Juventus)2:53:17
12. Gord Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:56:39
13. Orest Massitti (bicisport)3:04:55
14. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead)3:14:55
15. Dan Bradley (ERTC/redbike)3:15:57
16. Ross Andersen (Synergy)3:26:17
dnf. Mike Sarnecki (United Cycle)
dnf. Dean Rawson (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
dnf. Brian Bain (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Dan Bierd (bicisport)
dnf. Brian Kullman (Synergy)
dnf. Jeff Klassen (ERTC/redbike)
dnf. David Watson (Velocity)
dnf. Curtis Roper (Velocity)
Category 4 - 98 Km
Place. Name (Club)Ti:e
1. Steve Couse (Deadgoat)2:47:04
2. Mike Bidniak (Juventus)s.t.
3. Anthony Stadnyk (bicisport)s.t.
4. John Riess (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:47:20
5. Jason Frank (CABC/Projekt 1)s.t.
6. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)s.t.
7. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead)s.t.
8. Thomas Auer (Pedalhead)2:47:30
9. William Carry (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)s.t.
10. Tim Bulger (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
11. John Gilchrist (Deadgoat)2:48:06
12. Ken Riess (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:48:31
13. Nick Insole (Juventus)2:48:49
14. Kevin Noble (United Cycle)2:49:14
15. Tim Brewster (Cycle-Logic)2:49:38
16. Brian Shields (Headwinds)2:49:42
17. James Rasmussen (United Cycle)2:50:26
18. Dennis Bland (Crankmasters)2:50:54
19. Jonathan Keats (Pedalhead)2:51:31
20. James Ritchie (Deadgoat)2:51:51
21. Aaron Chappell (ERTC/redbike)2:54:12
22. Rob Reid (Crankmasters)2:54:59
23. Jan Sacharuk (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:55:36
24. Myles Marshall (Juventus)s.t.
25. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle)s.t.
26. Brian Robinson (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:56:02
27. Mark Fedoroshyn (Independent)3:03:14
28. Bill Blonski (bicisport)3:25:00
dnf. Wayne Giles (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Jon Shalapay (United Cycle)
dnf. Ryan Castle (Headwinds)
dnf. James Radford (River Valley Cycle)
Category 5 - 78 Km
1. Reid Cummings (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:21:55
2. Shane Frahm (Edmonton Masters' CC)s.t.
3. Evan Wick (Independent)s.t.
4. John Candman (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:22:04
5. Paul Ermantrout (Velocity)2:22:19
6. Rod McAlister (Crankmasters)2:22:25
7. Allan McIntosh (Edmonton Masters' CC)2:23:02
8. Brad VanderVeen (Velocity)2:23:29
9. Lev Krivitsky (Crankmasters)2:24:22
10. Todd Houston (Crankmasters)2:28:50
11. Nic Andrichuk (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:30:29
12. Michael Zelensky (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:30:40
13. Gary Taylor (Crankmasters)2:31:01
14. Don Fox (Juventus)2:31:12
15. Myron Stadnyk (bicisport)2:31:53
16. Michael Faulkner (Edmonton Masters' CC)2:35:00
17. Paul Kozak (ERTC/redbike)2:35:11
18. Peter Miller (Cycledelia)2:40:09
19. Gilbert Bilodeau (Blizzard)2:45:39
20. Samuel Keats (Blizzard)2:46:09
21. Norm Smith (Crankmasters)2:57:05
22. Jason Buijs (Independent)3:44:53
dnf. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)
dnf. Mark Woodhouse (Sport Chek)
dnf. John Bereczki (bicisport)
dnf. James Mollison (bicisport)


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