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July 17/98 8:19 am - Juniors and Vets

Posted by Editor on 07/17/98

Report from Nationals

The Junior Men‚s race is just about to start (running about 30 minutes late). The weather remains clear and hot. Great racing weather.

The winner of the Junior Women‚s race this morning was Genevieve Geanson from Quebec. A first year junior who won on a breakaway. More results to come later.

Report from Nationals

The Junior Men‚s race is starting lap 4 of a 10 lap race. A group of 7 went from the gun and managed to stay away for some time, but that break now contains just 2 riders, Charlie Gorman from Lindsay Ontario and Marc-Andre Salois. They have been holding steadily onto a 45 second gap on the main pack.

There were 31 starters in this 105km race.

Report from Nationals - Start of lap 7

The break of 2 was caught 2 km into lap 5. Immediately Jean-Charles Pisonneault (Team Quebec) went taking with him 2 other riders, Graham Flater of BC and Cedric Greiux of QC.

Pisonneault has dropped the other 2 and now has 35 seconds on Flater, 1:15 on Greiux and 1:45 on the pack. The pack is not chasing and Pisonneault‚s teammates from Team Quebec are doing a good job of controlling any and all attempts to get away. Denis Boucher (NB) has made a couple of jumps but is quickly brought back.

Report from Nationals - Near the end of lap 8

Jean-Charles Pisonneault (Team Quebec) has extended his break to over 3 minutes. The pack gobbled up all other riders behind him, and now consists of just 12 riders (6 are from Team Quebec)

.Jean-Charles Pisonneault (Team Quebec) has won the title of Junior National Champion for 1998

2nd was Cory Lange (BC) and third Martin St-Laurent (Team Quebec).

Pisonneault is 18 years old (final year as Junior) from Rimouski. He was very happy with the result, the team tactic was to chase down any breakaway, and to protect any of their own riders who managed to break away.

Cory Lange won the Junior Men ITT on Wednesday

Roger Sumner (BC) won the Vet D this morning, and Norm Lowe (BC) won the Vet C. Roger and Norm were reminiscing their nationals from 1973, were they raced against each other. This time they both won.

More Results from this mornings races.

Vet A.
1. Jamie Davidson (BC) Rocky Mtn
2. Ted Russo (BC) Ridge Cycle
3. Perry Scaletta (MB)Team Manitoba

Vet B
1. Olav Stana (BC)
2. Andrew Gaga (AB)
3. Louis Bernhardt (BC)

Vet C
1. Norman Lowe (BC) Soliton
2. Dez Snider (BC) Bike Barn
3. Peter Kerklaan (BC)

Vet D
1. Rogner Sumner (BC) Soliton
2.Kenneth Wilson SK) Horizon 100/Saskatchewan
3. Ken Orr Parkland Pacers

Vet Women
1. Cindy Dutton
2. Dedee Williams

Junior Women
1.Genevieve Geanson (QC) Team Quebec
2. Erica Drewe (BC)
3. Cary Tuck (AB)


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