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July 19/98 9:29 am - No Road Nationals results yet, Ontario Track League Results

Posted by Editor on 07/19/98

Results from Road Nationals

Full results from the Road Nationals will be somewhat delayed. There were some technical problems (including photo finish equipment that failed to work) that have delayed the reporting of the full finish lists. Please be assured that, as soon as we have them, they will be posted.

Ontario Track League

A very big THANK YOU and vote of appreciation goes to Gord Singleton for conducting a Clinic on Track Starts after the meet. This was an overwhelming success and everyone learned a great deal. It has been a long time since we have been able to do some on-track coaching and I hope it heralds a new era, possibly with the help of Gord. A man with his stature and experience has much to give. The riders really appreciate his example and assistance.

Women's Miss and Out
1. Julia Bradley
2. Sarah Heisman
3. Michelle Perrier

Men's Miss and Out
1. Gord Singleton
2. Brian Rusche
3. Keith Thorarinson

Handicap Final
1. Gord Singleton
2. Dave Swan
3. Brian Rusche

Women's Sprint
1. Julia Bradley
2. Michelle Perrier
3. Sarah Heisman

Men's Sprint
1. Gord Singleton
2. Keith Thorarinson
3. Dave Swan
4. Brookes Rapley

Consolation Event
1. Sarah Heisman
2. Mike McCorkall
3. Darren Rac

Women's 10 lap Scratch
1. Julia Bradley
2. Sarah Heisman
3. Michelle Perrier
4. Kerry Chapman

Men's 10 lap Scratch
1. Gord Singleton
2. Keith Thorarinson
3. Brian Rusche
4. Dave Swan

Olympic Sprint
1. Julia Bradley, Dave Swan, Gord Singleton 59.43
2. Michelle Perrier, Mike McCorkall, Keith Thorarinson 1-02.74
3. Kerry Chapman, Brian Rushce, Keith Thorarinson 1-03.74
4. Sarah Heisman, Darren Rac, Brookes Rapley 1-04.00

League Points
(Note this still have not been updated to include the few events that were held on June 12th before rain closed down the meet. These will be calculated prior to the next meet on August 8th)

Julia Bradley 21 points
Gord Singleton 15 points
Keith Thorarinson 14 points
Dave Swan 12 points
Mike McCorkall 9 points
Sarah Heisman 9 points
Jennifer Pilzecker 8 points
Brooks Rapley 6 points
Brian Rusche 5 points
Bronwyn McKenzie 3 points
Kerry Chapman 1 point
Darren Rac 1 point
Drew Richards 1 point
Magoasha Pyjor 1 point

Next Meet - August 8th in conjunction with the Old Time Bicycle Weekend. Come and see the high wheelers etc. on the track racing.


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