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September 19/04 3:44 am - Tobago Cycling Classic

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/04

Tobago Cycling Classic Tobago

Stage 1: 20 km ITT
1. Christian Meier (Can) Espoirs de Laval24:02.37
2. Kunz Alberto (Ger) IL Diavolo24:19.67
3. Tim Larkin (USA) Ofoto24:20.66
4. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Ofoto24:38.19
5. Donnat Dominique (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe25:03.03
6. Eric Keim (USA) Healthnet25:10.22
7. Eric Murphy (USA) Healthnet25:10.64
8. Emile Abraham (Trinidad) Healthnet25:15.29
9. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Heat Wave25:21.04
10. John Leiswyn (USA) Healthnet25:51.17
11. Schmidt Robert (Ger) IL Diavolo25:54.47
12. Peter Lopinto (USA) Ofoto25:57.71
13. Darren Reid (Trinidad) Heat Wave26:03.36
14. Max Humberf (Martinique) ACS26:15.08
15. Maxime Vives (Can) Espoirs de Laval26:16.93
16. Phillip Clarke (Trinidad) Caribbean Stars26:18.61
17. Hauschke Axel (Ger) IL Diavolo26:22.99
18. David Roy (Can) Espoirs de Laval26:23.79
19. Clarico Mickael (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe26:26.95
20. Curtis Long (USA) Redhill26:28.92
Stage 2 - 125 km Circuit
1. John Leiswyn (USA) HealthNet
2. Tim Larkin (USA) Ofoto
3. Charles F Coyle(USA)Preferred
9. Christian Meier (Can) Espoirs Laval
31. David Roy(Can)SG/Espoir Laval
32. Maxime Vives(Can)Espoirs Laval
52. Carl Desroche(Can) Espoirs Laval
DNF. Marc-Wayne Addison (Can)
Stage 3: 135 km Circuit
1. Emile Abraham (Trinidad) Healthnet3:10:52.82
2. Charles F Coyle (USA) USA Preferred3:10:52.82
3. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Ofoto3:10:52.82
4. Teplier Louis (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:10:56.25
5. Eric Murphy (USA) Healthnet3:14:19.57
6. Hauschke Axel (Germany) IL Diavolo3:14:35.54
7. John Leiswyn (USA) Healthnet3:14:35.54
8. Carene Boris (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:14:35.54
9. Christian Meier (Canada) Espoirs Laval SG3:14:35.54
10. Olivier Ragot (Martinique) ACS3:14:35.54
11. Kunz Alberto (Germany) IL Diavolo3:14:35.54
12. Jon Tarkington (USA) USA Preferred3:14:35.54
13. Donnat Dominique (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:14:35.54
14. Hamlet Freddy (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:18:25.97
15. Clarico Mickael (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:18:25.97
16. Lancelot Freddy (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe3:18:25.97
17. Laurent Le Jeune (Martinique) ACS3:18:25.97
18. Schmidt Robert (Germany) IL Diavolo3:23:58.92
19. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Sonics3:23:58.92
20. Todd Scheske (USA) USA Preferred3:23:58.92
21. David Alves (Trinidad) Heat Wave3:23:58.92
22. Tim Larkin (USA) Ofoto3:29:51.23
23. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Heat Wave3:29:51.23
24. Adam Baskin (USA) Redhill3:29:51.23
25. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:29:51.23
26. Curtis Long (USA) Redhill3:32:03.42
27. Jason Skalski (USA) USA Preferred3:32:03.42
28. Stephen Ramberan (Tdad) Caribbean Stars3:37:56.37
29. Darren Reid (Trinidad) Heat Wave3:37:56.37
30. Leon Brouwer (Holland) Sonics3:37:56.37
31. Robert Gates (USA) Redhill3:37:56.37
32. Damian Marcovich (Trinidad) Heat Wave3:37:56.37
33. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Sonics3:37:56.37
34. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Team Barbados3:40:20.31
35. Marlon Williams (Tdad) Caribbean Stars3:40:20.31
36. Winston William (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:55:00.90
37. Kirk Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:58:43.71
38. Schert Joerg (Germany) IL Diavolo3:58:43.71
39. Hohhann Daniel (Germany) IL Diavolo3:58:43.71
DNF. David Roy (Canada) Espoirs Laval/SG
DNF. Maxima Vives (Canada) Espoirs Laval/SG
DNF. Mark Kelly (Isle of Man) Sonics
DNF. Jerico Jerome (Martinique) ACS
DNF. Neumann Juergen (Germany) IL Diavolo
DNF. Raymond Ramcharan (Trinidad) Sonics
DNF. Eric Keim (USA) Healthnet
DNF. Brice Jones (USA) Healthnet
DNF. James Sweenay (USA) Redhill
DNF. Ako Kellar (Trinidad) Heat Wave
DNF. Chris Gill (Trinidad) Heat Wave
DNF. Johan Dibandi (Martinique) ACS
DNF. Max Humbert (Martinique) ACS
DNF. Stephen Mangroo (USA) Ofoto
DNF. Guy Preston (USA) Redhill
DNF. Carl Desroches (Canada) Espoirs Laval/SG
DNF. Eustace Dookie (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia
DNF. James Costello (USA) USA Preferred
1. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Ofoto6:23:14.33
2. Emile Abraham (Trinidad) Healthnet6:23:53.97
3. Charles F Coyle (USA) USA Preferred6:24:39.82
4. Teplier Louis (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:26:16.12
5. Christian Meier (SG) Espoirs Laval6:26:23.77
6. Kunz Alberto (Germany) IL Diavolo6:26:41.07
7. John Leiswyn (USA) Healthnet6:26:41.59
8. Eric Murphy (USA) Healthnet6:27:16.07
9. Donnat Dominique (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:27:24.43
10. Hauschke Axel (Germany) IL Diavolo6:28:44.39
11. Carene Boris (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:28:56.35
12. Jon Tarkington (USA) USA Preferred6:28:57.47
13. Olivier Ragot (Martinique) ACS6:29:55.45
14. Schmidt Robert (Germany) IL Diavolo6:37:39.25
15. Clarico Mickael (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:39:17.26
16. Hamlet Freddy (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:39:46.69
17. Laurent Le Jeune (Martinique) ACS6:40:23.16
18. Tim Larkin (USA) Ofoto6:40:26.77
19. Lancelot Freddy (Guadeloupe) Team Guadeloupe6:41:45.18
20. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Heat Wave6:42:58.13
21. Todd Scheske (USA) USA Preferred6:47:23.06
22. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Sonics6:47:35.08
23. Adam Baskin (USA) Redhill6:50:45.80
24. Robert Gates (USA) Redhill6:53:12.74
25. Curtis Long (USA) Redhill6:54:25.92
26. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia6:54:44.69
27. Darren Reid (Trinidad) Heat Wave6:58:24.07
28. Stephen Ramberan (Tdad) Caribbean Stars7:00:04.56
29. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Team Barbados7:01:03.26
30. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Sonics7:01:03.91
31. Marlon Williams (Tdad) Caribbean Stars7:01:45.27
32. Jason Skalski (USA) USA Preferred7:06:38.49
33. David Alves (Trinidad) Heat Wave7:08:01.85
34. Leon Brouwer (Holland) Sonics7:13:26.41
35. Hohhann Daniel (Germany) IL Diavolo7:21:39.22
36. Schert Joerg (Germany) IL Diavolo7:21:50.53
37. Damian Marcovich (Trinidad) Heat Wave7:23:57.52
38. Kirk Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia7:44:20.40
39. Winston William (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia7:52:26.20


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