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October 18/04 7:41 am - Focus Group on MTB Competition, Ontario `Cross, Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 10/18/04

Focus Group on MTB Competition
From Aaron McConnell

Mountain bikers who have previously participated in mountain bike competitions (including 24 hour events, Transrockies Challenge, or other sanctioned mountain bike races) in the past three years are needed for a focus group for a marketing research class project.

The focus group will be held in Calgary on October 27, 2004. If you are able to join us, please email for details.

"Not-The-Dundurn" Cyclocross Garret Farm, Moffat ON, October 17th
Courtesy Doug Pogue

Presented by The Hamilton Cycling Club

A good turnout despite 5 degees and temperature rain!

Junior Men - 6 Laps
1. Batty, Mark (3 Rox Racing - RJ)01:05:44
2. Wilson, Andrew (3 Rox Racing - RU17)at 2:51
3. Winn, Zachary (Team Mcbride - Fit Fix - RU17)3:22
Senior Men - 6 Laps
1. Morse, Peter (Midweek Cycling Club - RS1)00:58:52
2. Chown, Nathan (Gears Racing.Com - RS1)at 1:38
3. Stickle, John-Paul (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RS3)5:14
4. Coughlin, David (Independent - RS3)6:24
5. Dennis, Michael (Gears Racing.Com - RS2)6:26
6. Smith, Kyle (Cyclepath Oakville - RS2)9:04
7. Green, Stuart (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RS3)9:45
8. Holtzman, Tyler (Gears Racing.Com - RS2)10:00
9. Smith, Assaag (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RS3)11:31
10. Schreiter, Kurt (Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs - RS2)-1 Lap
11. Jonathan, Brent (Independent - RS3)-2 Lap
DNF. Forfar, Matt (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RS3)
Master A Men - 6 Laps
1. Chant, Vernon (Sport Swap Racing - RMA)01:05:27
2. Greene, Paul (Independent - RMA)at 2:07
3. Merchant, Rodney (Dukes Cycle - RMA)2:29
4. Tobias, Kris (Sport Swap Racing - RMA)3:41
5. Berridge, Matt (Independent - RMA)5:04
6. Salter, Daniel (Team Lifesavers - RMA)-1 Lap
7. Woods, Adam (Speed River Cycling Club - RMA)-1 Lap
8. Doel, Scott (Bikesports - Pfaff Racing Team - RMA)-1 Lap
9. Vanclief, Cliff (Independent - RMA)-1 Lap
10. Donnahee, Curtis (Speed River Cycling Club - RMA)-1 Lap
11. McCormack, John (Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs - RMA)-1 Lap
12. Strong, Richard (Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs - RMA)-1 Lap
13. Howell, Thomas (Sport Swap Racing - RMA)-1 Lap
14. Olliver, Rod (Independent - RMA)-1 Lap
15. Hauk, Chris (Coach Chris.Ca - RMA)-1 Lap
16. Anderson, Robert (Dukes Cycle - RMA)-1 Lap
17. Adam, Jameel (Independent - RMA)-1 Lap
18. Lamb, Michael (Independent - RMA)-1 Lap
19. Tonde, Peter (Independent - RMA)-1 Lap
20. Moore, Philip (Independent - RMA)-2 Lap
21. Olliver, Rod (Independent - RMA)-2 Lap
22. Rogers, Brian (Brampton Cycling Club - RMA)-2 Lap
23. Antic, Harico (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif - RMA)-2 Lap
DNF. Cutts, Andrew (London Centennial Wheelers - RMA)
DNF. Tait, Brian (Independent - RMA)
Women - 4 Laps
1. Ross, Tara (Mcmaster Cycling Club - RS2)46:10
2. Batty, Emily (3 Rox Racing - RS2)at 1:21
3. Haill, Carolyne (Midweek Cycling Club - RMW)1:42
4. Honsberger, Lesley (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RS3)3:03
5. Greene, Leslie (Chain Reaction - RMW)3:03
6. Natterer, Prisca (True North Cycles - RS3)3:23
7. Guzda, Rhonda (Talgo America Cycling Team - RS3)4:46
8. Haley, Mary Clare (Hamilton Cycling Club - RMW)4:46
9. Batty, Charlotte (3 Rox Racing - RU15)7:57
10. Hauk, Christine (Coach Chris.Ca - RMW)-1 Lap
Cadet - 5 Laps
1. Cheskey, Camille (Independent - RU17)50:53
Master BCD - 5 Laps
1. Dermont, David (True North Cycles - RMB)48:34
2. Campbell, Ed (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RMB)at 1:21
3. Kalinowski, John (Chain Reaction - RMB)2:30
4. Cheskey, Rob (Hamilton Cycling Club - RMC)4:24
5. Laycock, Glen (Independent - RMB)5:14
6. Goncalves, Carlos (Westhaven Homes - RMB)6:39
7. Vandelaar, Dave (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RMB)6:39
8. Dean, Paul (Westhaven Homes - RMB)8:18
9. Summers, Mark (Bikesports - Pfaff Racing Team - RMB)8:37
10. Morrow, Francis (Hamilton Cycling Club - RMC)9:06
11. Brenton, Elmore (Newmarket Eagles CC - RMD)9:39
12. Avann, Gordon (Skiis & Biikes - RMB)10:14
13. Wade, Richard (Newmarket Eagles CC - RMC)11:10
14. Kohn, Martin (Independent - RMC)11:50
15. Kocemba, Jan (Independent - RMD)12:35
16. Perry, Don (Independent - RMC)-1 Lap
17. Chang, Howard (Independent - RMB)-1 Lap
18. Roberts, Scott (Coach Chris.Ca - RMB)-1 Lap
19. Ouimet, Andre (Independent - XMS)-1 Lap
20. Robinson, Phil (Independent - RMB)-1 Lap
21. Jackson, Richard (St. Catharines Cycling Club - RMC)-2 Lap
22. Renaud, Phil (Independent - RMB)-2 Lap

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

Oct 17th

Mike Hientzman won Cyclo cross race #4, Sunday, on the Beatton River circuit, completing 10 laps in 45 minutes. Pat Ferris was second and Roger St. Jean third, also with 10 laps.

Eleven riders started with a skiff of snow and -3 degree temperatures. Gary Hilderman took the 'hole-shot' for the early lead to the first run up. Mike Hientzman and Pat Ferris took over at the run up and pulled away. They stayed together for three laps after which Mike pulled away for yet another win.

Roger St. Jean hung on for third at 10 laps. Gary Hilderman was 4th, Rod Lewis 5th, Gord " the Hammer' Harris 6th, Ed Fornelli 7th after a crash and Dean Lowry 8th also after a crash, all with 9 laps.

Barb Polehoykie was 9th, Adam Currie 10th, both with 8 laps and Richard Merwin 11th at 7 laps in 45 minutes.

Next Sunday is the 7th running of the Club Cyclo-Cross Championship for the 'Muddy Face ' trophy. Dennis Morrison was the first winner of this event, back in 1998. Robert Martens is the leader after winning this one-day event three times.

Mike Hientzman has won all the races in the series so far and is the rider to beat for 2004 champion.

This is the final official event for the club in 2004. We will now wait for spring.

Coming up:
- Sunday Cyclo-cross at 2 pm, also at Beatton River Park


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