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October 19/04 10:28 am - BC `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 10/19/04

Bayside Cyclocross Race Crescent Park, South Surrey BC, Oct. 17th
Courtesy Jason Fluckiger

The Bayside Cycling Club hosted the second of its two cyclocross races for 2004 on a new, challenging course within Crescent Park.

While racers were presented with warm, sunny conditions at the first race, held on October 3rd, the second race featured much different conditions. Mud was the order of the day, as it never ceased to rain all day. Most racers appeared to actually enjoy the weather and the organizers considered the event a success.


Women - 7 Laps
1. Jenny Trew (Oak Bay)
2. Kelly Jones (Sugoi)
3. Alena Radomsky (Oak Bay)
4. Leah Guloien (Kona)
5. Barb Zimich (Coastal)
6. Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics)
7. Danielle McLaughlin (N/A)
8. Audrey Berg (Dizzy)

Men A - 12 Laps
1. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)
2. Drew Mackenzie (Oak Bay)
3. Brad Issel (Symmetrics)
4. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mtn.)
5. Rick Rodland (FloraGlo)
6. Jason Fluckiger (Bayside)
7. Basse Clement (Solo-Adobe)
8. Quinn Anderson (N/A)
9. Sven Sturm (Santa Cruz)
10. James Sparling (Bow Cycle)
11. Chris Barth (Bayside)
12. Chris Reid (Oak Bay)
13. Dave Cressman (Soliton)
14. Keith Thorarinson (N/A)
15. Glenn Hendricks (Bayside)
16. Andrew Ferguson (Soliton)
DNF. Mark Bennett (N/A)
DNF. Murray Solem (Schwalbe)
DNF. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn.)
DNF. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi)

Men B - 7 Laps
1. Graeme Martindale (Frontrunners)
2. Carl Hekkert (Los Gatos)
3. Mark Knokey (N/A)
4. Rob Gosselin (Atomic)
5. Nels Guloien (Sugoi)
6. Brent Hambelton (N/A)
7. Joel Lemaire (Espoir Laval)
8. Steve Fecho (N/A)
9. Scott McGregor (Steed Cycles)
10. Bary Brennan (N/A)
11. Brad Collins (Sugoi)
12. Roger Bing (Atomic)
13. Vince Lee (Haywood)
14. Tom Baleshta (N/A)
15. Jeremy Storie (Symmetrics)

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