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October 25/04 7:35 am - 2 Days of `Cross in Saskatchewan, Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 10/25/04

Saskatoon Double Cross
Courtesy Jimmy Oneschuk, Cycledelia


Saturday, October 23rd
Sometimes nature co-operates, other times, nature protests; Saturday was the former, making for memorable cyclocross racing at Crocus Park.

Near-zero temperatures ensured a lot of mud and allowed ideal conditions for aerobic output. Cycledelia dominated the finish sheet; Kevin Williams, Shawn Bunnin and Robin Baillie battled for first place during a very fast first few laps. Even more exciting battles took place in the 35min category, with the lead three changing during the race several times. Tomek Jasiakiewicz and David Larsen, both out of province, took first and second respectively. Alana Cassidy had a strong race, moving up for a third place finish. Bunnin rode with impressive speed throughout the race, maintaining a notably higher cadence than the field. But Shawn, this post-race stuff, we need to talk about this. Creative dismounts are cool, but when they lead to mild leg lacerations - team managers worry about these things...

Sunday, October 24th Lakeview/Crocus Park
Mother nature, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.

Gloppy, tar-thick mud became the decisive factor in the 50min category. The top three battled hard for first, with the order juggled several times during the race. Early on, Shawn Bunnin led, with Jonah Clarke in second, and Robin Baillie riding in third. Bunnin looked to repeat yesterday's performance, putting time into the group early on. Perhaps with Saturday's race still in his legs, Baillie trailed behind Clarke for the first two-fifths. But, we've seen Baillie perform some crazy comebacks, and Sunday was one such day. Halfway through, Baillie chased hard, cutting Clarke's lead. A clogged drivetrain on a climb forced Clarke to stop momentarily, where Baillie was able to pass. Ten-dollar gift certificates for Starbucks (the prize for first) have been known to do strange things to people...

The race turnout for the 35min group was larger on day 2, with 16 riders. Sarah Robbins raced to a solid first, with a 1:30 lead on second place Tomek Jasiakiewicz. Saturday, a broken chain kept Wendy Bachelu from possibly taking the overall cross series, but she fared better Sunday, riding to third, 4:00 behind Robbins. A newer rider, Tyler Braconnier rode an impressive race, finishing fourth.

Back in the 50min category, Bunnin was extending a major lead. There were other battles in the pack too - Jim Reid and Scott Taylor fought each other all race until the later stages, when Taylor pulled ahead for seventh. The major disappointment of the day decided the race. Carbon cranks, mud and freezing temperatures don't mix well - and a combination of the three forced Bunnin's exit, despite a major lead. Baillie took the win, at 1:01:52 and Clarke in second at 1:04. Matt Walker and Bob Hawbolt rode strong and consistently, taking third and fourth, respectively.

A huge thanks goes out to many. First, to Guy McInnis and Bob Hawboldt for setting up a pro-calibre course. The response from racers and fans alike was positive; many mentioned the course could be perfect to host National Championships. And of course, thanks to commissaires Karen Cranston and Wayne Walker, their work complicated by having to keep times despite the frigid cold! Lastly to the three riders who made the trip from Manitoba, providing us rabid fans with exciting racing.

Provincial championships are next weekend. Find your rowdiest friends to come out and make some noise; if this weekend was any indication, next Sunday's race will be another thriller for the 2004 provincial titles.


35min + 1 lap
Tomek Jasiakiewicz 48:48
David Larsen 51:54
Alana Cassidy 53:53
Tyler Braconnier 55:24
Dana Muma 55:43
Susan Clarke 56:22
Susan Blum 57:57
Tim Brown 58:49
Jenny Dueck 50:39 + lap
Patty Tetreau 51:35 + lap
Marj Oneschuk 1:00:46 + lap
Wendy Bachelu mechanical DNF

50min + 1 lap
Shawn Bunnin 1:03:12
Robin Baillie 1:04:16
Kevin Williams 1:06:36
Jonah Clarke 1:08:25
Matt Walker 1:10:45
Bob Hawboldt 1:10:53
Jeff Hehn 1:03:13 + lap
Travis Ward 1:03:14 + lap
Corey Borelien 1:05:08 + lap
Curtis Earl 1:05:43 + lap
Jim Reid 1:05:56 + lap
Shayne Burneu 1:06:00 + lap
Neil Clarke 1:06:28 + lap
Guy McInnis 1:08:19 + lap
Peter Steckham 1:11:04 + lap
Roger Blum DNF


35min + 1 lap
Sarah Robbins 45:39
Tomek Jasiakiewicz 47:15
Wendy Bachelu 49:44
David Larsen 50:22
Tyler Braconnier 51:27
Dana Muma 52:00
Tom Hawboldt 52:33
Susan Blum 54:48
Heather Hanik 55:13
Tim Brown 57:00
Jenny Dueck 40:24 + lap
Cal Dueck 48:06 + lap
John Murphy 49:17 + lap
Hannah Dueck 50:01 + lap
Andrea Greesina 55:35 + lap
Cheryl Brooke DNF

50min + 1 lap
Robin Baillie 1:01:52
Jonah Clarke 1:04:01
Matt Walker 1:05:25
Bob Hawboldt 1:08:12
Jeff Hehn 1:02:05 + lap
Shayne Burwell 1:05:22 + lap
Scott Taylor 1:05:53 + lap
Jim Reid 1:06:41 + lap
Peter Steckham 1:07:53 + lap
Roger Blum 1:08:03 + lap
Guy McInnis 1:09:33 + lap
Kevin Sutton 1:10:37 + 1lap
Shawn Bunnin DNF

Blizzard Bike Club News Fort St. John, BC
Courtesy Blizzard Bike Club

Oct 24th

Mike Hientzman won the Club Cyclo-Cross championship, Sunday, under difficult, snowy and muddy conditions. He tamed the Beatton River course with 12 laps in the 45-minute time limit. Pat Ferris was second and Gary Hilderman third, both with 11 laps.

The Blizzard racing season started back in March 14 in a heavy layer of snow for the Baldonnel Roubaix race. Conditions were tough for the 12 riders with Pat Ferris the winner, that day, with Mike Hientzman second and Stephen Ferris third.

The same three riders were the favourites, at Sunday's Muddy Face cyclo-cross. Eleven riders were starting in the snow on a slippery, winding circuit. Stephen Ferris was the early leader with Mike Hientzman and Pat Ferris in hot pursuit. Stephen 's lead soon crumbled after a series of crashes left him with a damaged bike. Heintzman went on to take the lead and the easy win.

Rod Lewis was 4th and Gord 'The Hammer' Harris was 5th, both at 11 laps. Dean Lowry was 6th, Eric Lowry 7th at 10 laps and Adam Currie and Barb Polehoykie at 9 laps. Roger St. Jean and Stephen Ferris retired with mechanical troubles.

Mike Hientzman wins the seven race cyclo cross series with 35 points. Pat ferris was second at 29 and Gary Hilderman third at 15. Sam Keats, Rick Merwin and Rod Lewis tied for 4th at 7 points each. Wim Kok, Roger St. Jean, Eric Lowry, Ed Fornelli, Dean Lowry and Gord Harris tied for 5th at 3 points each.

Barb Polehoykie won the Women's with 35 points and Lisa Verbisky second at 4 points.

This was the final scheduled race of the 2004 season. The club Awards Banquet is happening November 6th at the Northern Grand Hotel. Tickets are available at Ferris Fast Cycles or check the WEBSITE.


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