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October 30/04 4:18 am - National Cyclo-cross Championships: Technical Info

Posted by Editoress on 10/30/04

Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships
Courtesy organizer

Saturday, November 6, 2004.
St-Anselme Park, Dieppe, New Brunswick

Event Director: Jeff Currie, Mike’s Bike Shop Cycling Club
Administration contacts
506-877-7809 Fax: 506-877-7960
Web site:

Event overview
November 4 - Race kit pick-up and registration, 6pm to 8pm at Rotary Pavilion
November 5: - Race kit pick-up, 1pm to 5pm at Rotary Pavilion
- Course open for pre-ride from 1pm to 5pm
- Race kit pick-up, 7pm to 9pm at Rotary Pavilion
November 6 - Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships begin at 9:15am
- Awards ceremony commences at 3:30pm
- Post-race reception and Banquet, 6:00pm at Rotary Pavilion

The 2004 Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships is not possible without the generosity of sponsors who support our cycling community. We would like to thank all of our volunteers and the following organizations that are generously supporting the 2004 the Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships:

b Mike’s Bike Shop
b Impression Screen printing
b Caisse populaire Dieppe
b Falstaff Media
b Mooser’s Pub
b Canadian Cycling Association

Also presented by:
b Mike’s Bike Shop Cycling Club
b National Cycling Centre – Atlantic Canada
b City of Dieppe
b Vélo NB
b Government of New Brunswick

Race registration
Registration, before October 31st, is:
• $40.00 for Elite (M & W) and Espoirs
• $30.00 for Junior (M & W)
• $40.00 for Masters (M & W)
• $25.00 for Seniors (M & W)

After October 31st:
• $50.00 for Elite (M & W) and Espoir
• $40.00 for Junior (M & W)
• $50.00 for Masters (M & W)
• $35.00 for Seniors (M & W)

Registration includes:
• Race entry
• Banquet ticket (extra tickets ($10) may be purchased from organizers at package pick up or at the canteen)
• Race T-shirt

Get race registration information and forms by Internet at

Package pick-up will take place at Dieppe’s Rotary Pavilion (St-Anselme Rotary Park) on Thursday, November 4 from 6pm to 8 pm and Friday from 12pm to 8pm. Those pre-registered must pick up race packages before Friday (November 5th at 8pm); unless organization has been advised.

Registration will be accepted until 5pm Friday, November 5th. No race entry will be accepted after that date.

Start times for races on Saturday, November 6, 2004

9:15a.m. Senior Men and Women (30 minutes) *
10:00a.m. Junior Men (40 minutes)
11:00a.m. Junior Women, Master Women (40 minutes)
12:00p.m. Master Men A, B, C, and D (40 minutes)
13:00p.m. Elite Women (40 minutes)
2:00p.m. Espoir (50 minutes) and Elite Men (60 minutes)

* According to rules and regulations of these National Championships, all Elite Men, Elite Women, and Espoir Men, are required to compete with bicycles that meet the specific cyclo-cross configuration requirements, as detailed in the 2004 CCA/UCI Regulations. We created these non-championships categories (Senior men and Senior women) to allow for 19 to 30 years of age to race with mountain bikes.

Awards ceremony
Ceremony to commence at 3:30p.m. at the start/finish line, with the Rotary Pavilion as the alternative for inclement weather. Top 3 finishers are required to attend to claim prizes.

$1500 cash prize to the top finishers of the Men's (elite and espoir combined) and Women’s Elite category. Prizes will be awarded as follow:

Position Men Women
1st: 350$ 350$
2nd : 200$ 200$
3rd: 100$ 100$
4th 50$ 50$
5th 50$ 50$

This prize list is based upon 80 (total) registrations. It could be revised.

National Champion jersey is awarded to all categories that meet the following minimum participation criteria:
1. Minimum of five (5) athletes starting the category

Medals are awarded to all categories with the following minimum participation criteria:
1. Gold, silver and bronze medal with a minimum of four (4) finishers.
2. Gold and silver medal with a minimum of three (3) finishers.
3. Gold medal with only two (2) finishers.

The race course is set at the St-Anselme Rotary Park, 15min. east of downtown Moncton (where our official lodging is located at the Howard Johnson – 1005 Main Street). The park hosts some of NB Mountain Bike Cups and is also host to the Caisse populaire Dieppe Vélodrome and the National Cycling Centre – Atlantic Canada. St-Anselme Rotary Park facilities include a Rotary Pavilion with restrooms, and a meeting rooms. This is the site for sign-on, media coordination and drug testing. The park's parking lot can hold up to 300 cars. If your club/organization has any special parking requirements (ie. large vehicles) please contact race organizer in advance.

The Howard Johnson Hotel is located at 1005 Main Street, is the official hotel for the 2004 Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships. The Howard Johnson Hotel is in the heart of Moncton with plenty of fine shops and restaurants for your enjoyment. The hotel is 8km from the International Airport, 10km from the race course (20 minutes on the bike path) and 5km from Mike’s Bike Shop (Champlain Street).

For reservations call the Howard Johnson Hotel at 1-866-854-4656 and indicate that you are participating in the Canadian National Cyclo-cross Championships. Note that, in New Brunswick, you must be at least 19 years old to rent a hotel room.

Technical Details

Licenses & Eligibility
All participants must be in possession of a valid 2004 CCA/UCI international licence. Road and Mountain Bike category designations will both be accepted for this event. Domestic licenses from within Canada or from other countries will not be permitted.

The event is open to participants from other countries, however, only a Canadian Citizen may hold a National title. (See the 2004 CCA Regulations for specific information concerning citizenship, eligibility, and National titles).

Licenses must be presented to the commissaire during race kit pick up, and at any other time deemed necessary during the competition.

No one-event license will be sold.

Race Categories
The categories for nationals are as follows based on rider's age on December 31, 2005:

• Elite: This category shall comprise of riders 23 years and above.
• Under 23 (Espoir): This category shall comprise of riders 19-22 years old. A rider of this age belonging to a Trade Team shall be qualified as Elite.
b Juniors: This category shall comprise of riders 17 and 18 years old.
b Masters: This category shall comprise of riders 30 years and above who elect this status. The choice of Maters shall not be open to a rider belonging to a Trade Team. Masters A: 30-39, Masters B: 40-49, Masters C: 50-59 and Masters D: 60+.

• Elite: This category shall comprise of riders 19 years and above.
• Juniors: This category shall comprise of riders 17 and 18 years olds.
• Masters: This category shall comprise of all riders 30 years and above who elect this status.

Race numbers are to be worn according to the attached diagram. Race numbers may not be folded or otherwise altered.

Rider category may be identified according to the following numbering schedule (subject to change):

• Elite Men: 1-39
• Espoir: 51-69
• Elite Women: 101-129
• Junior Men: 201-219
• Junior Women : 251-269
• Master Women: 301-309
• Master Men A : 401-419
• Master Men B: 501-509
• Master Men C: 601-609
• Master Men D: 701-709
• Senior Men & Women 801-819

Race start
Riders must report to staging no less than 15 minutes before posted start time for roll call and staging. Some racers will be seeded.

The 2.7km course begins on a fast stretch of paved road. See following maps and graph for details.


All Elite Men, Elite Women, and Espoir Men, are required to compete with bicycles that meet the specific cyclo-cross configuration requirements, as detailed in the 2004 CCA/UCI Regulations. All other categories will have the flexibility to use mountain bikes or bicycles with alternative configurations.

Mechanical Support
Two service pits are located along the course. Pit A is located on top of the climb and is for wheels only. Pit B is located just before the start / finish line and is for bikes and wheels. No other point on the course may be used to effect wheel or bike changes respectively.

Commissaire College
Josée Bédard, QC (UCI) - Chief Commissaire
Adrien Lévesque, NB - Assistant Commissaire
André Ouelette, NB - Assistant Commissaire

Post-race Reception
Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the post-race reception to be held at Rotary Pavilion. There is no charge (included in your registration). Extra ticket may be purchased from organizers. Alcohol beverage will be charged though. Saturday, November 6th @ 6:00 PM. Hope to see you there!


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