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December 1/04 9:04 am - Burnaby Track Trials (Results with Times)

Posted by Editoress on 12/1/04

Burnaby Track Trials

Results from Trials held in Burnaby to select the team for the LA World Cup.

To review the standards and selection process Click Here

Standing lap
Yannick Morin15.648
David McElhaw16.11
Cam MacKinnon16.16
Matt Chater16.603
Mark MacDonald16.672
Flying 200
David McElhaw11.663
Matt Chater11.756
Breanna Loster12.849
Jenny Trew13.097
Anne-Brit Ericksen13.365
Flying 500
Cam MacKinnon30.171
Zach Bell30.268
Matt Chater31.43
Yannick Morin31.501
Bob Veroba31.651
Andrew Pinfold31.725
David McElhaw31.991
Martin Gilbert32.041
Mark MacDonald32.403
Philippe Abbott32.428
Marsh Cooper32.877
Min Van Velzen33.141
Chris Reid34.169
Gina Grain35.509
Moriah MacGregor38.493
Standing 500
Jenny Trew39.198
Breanna Loster39.349
Flying Kilo
Zach Bell1.04.010
Bob Veroba1.06.987
Philippe Abbott1.08.011
Andrew Pinfold1.08.132
Martin Gilbert1.08.864
Mark MacDonald1.08.931
Min Van Velzen1.09.873
Marsh Cooper1.11.230
Chris Reid1.12.301
Gina Grain1.16.992
Moriah MacGregor1.21.801
Flying 2000
Moriah MacGregor2.52.271
Zach Bell4.49.649
Bob Veroba4.58.135


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