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March 4/05 8:17 am - Devo/Powerbar Spring Series: Race 2 Info

Posted by Editoress on 03/4/05

Devo/Powerbar Spring Series Rolls On Into March

After great success in Fort Langley last Sunday for the BC season opener River Road circuit race, the Escape Velocity Cycling Club is pleased to announce another great weekend of racing. On Saturday March 5th racers will ride through the rolling horse country of Aldergrove. Climbers will be delighted with Sunday March 6th race up Armstrong Hill in Fort Langley. This multi-pitch climb will make even the strongest suffer.


On Saturday the A’s will race 15 laps for a total of 117 km. B’s 11 laps for 86 km and C’s 7 laps for 55 km.

On Sunday A’s will be subjected to 15 trips up Armstrong for 113 km, B’s 11 laps for 83 km and C’s 7 laps for 53 km.


To get to Saturdays race exit Highway 1 at 232nd Street. Head south on 232nd to the start area at 6th Ave. Note: after exiting the highway you must turn left after yellow barricades onto 232nd, it is well signed.

For safety reasons there is absolutely NO PARKING anywhere on 6th Ave until 200 meters beyond the finish line. Also there is no parking on the east side of 232nd between 0 Ave and 6th Ave. We will not start the race if any vehicle is parked there. Plenty of parking is available on 232nd St. north of 6th Ave.

On Sunday exit highway 1 at 232nd and head north. Make a quick right onto 72nd Ave. Left on 240th St. Right on 80th Ave. Left on Armtrong Rd. where you will find start/finish.

Centre Line Rule:

Riders are asked to obey the Centre Line Rule for all Spring Series races. The Centre Line Rule exists for three primary reasons:
1. All competitive sports are governed by a set of rules in order to assure that play is done in a fair way. Cycling is no different. By crossing the centre line in a bicycle race you are creating an unfair advantage over your competitors and it is therefore disallowed.

2. The British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act prohibits cyclists from crossing the centre line. All races are conducted on open roads and we must allow motorists to pass in a safe manner. Our event permits require us to adhere to the Motor Vehicle Act or we will not be granted permits for future events. Don’t be the person that has our permits revoked and cycling events banned from these fantastic rural roads.

3. Most importantly the safety of all racers should be the primary concern for all attendees of an event. By crossing the centre line a racer is jeopardizing the safety of him/herself and everyone else in the peloton.

The definition of the centre line rule as it pertains to Escape Velocity run events is as follows: Any rider who voluntarily rides on the left side of the centre line in order to gain advantage is in violation of the centre line rule. The only times that is it acceptable to break this rule is when entering and exiting corners, when a rider is pushed over the centre line by riders beside them (and re-enters without gaining advantage) and in the final 200 meters of a race.

Several infractions of the centre line rule were observed at February 27th’s race. In order to prevent and police any further offences the following actions have been taken:

• Commissaires from Cycling British Columbia will be present at the remaining Spring Series events to help enforce violations.

• A Yellow card and Red card system will be introduced on Saturday March 6th. If you are observed violating the centre line rule you will be pulled from the race and receive a Yellow Card. A Yellow Card may also be issued if multiple riders state that one individual has crossed broken the centre line rule. If a rider with a Yellow Card is observed to violate the centre line rule they will be expelled from all remaining Spring Series races.

For more information refer to
• our website ,
• e-mail Race Director Byron Dawson
• or call our phone hotline at 604-878-0144


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