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March 17/05 4:33 am - Race with Rendall Series Final, Espoirs Laval US Results

Posted by Editoress on 03/17/05

Ride with Rendall Series Final

The Ride with Rendall Winter Series will once again be using the Peak Centre's East end location on Canotek RD. (NOT the new facility in Kanata as rumors may have suggested).Call 737-PEAK to book you heat or if you require more information. The heats are filling up but I will continue to add heats as demand warrants so don't delay if you wish to see what multi rider racing is all about. This week will be the last stage of the 15 race series.

The racing will once again use the series Time Trial course so riders can try to set new course records and personnel PB's on a profile that has been used once a month throughout the series. The current records are held by Aaron Fillion (37:07.9) from the Ottawa Bicycle club and Natasha Elliott (38.02.6) from CylceLogik Racing.

National SG/Espoirs Laval Results

Hincapie Sportswear/Greenville Series, Greenville, South Carolina

Stage #5 Pro 1-2 Men (92 riders)
1. Justin England (Health Net)
2. James Taylor (
3. Jonathan Hambley (Fior.Di.Fr)

14. Marc-Wayne Addison (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
19. Joel Dion-Poitras (Jr) National SG/Espoirs Laval)
20. Antoine Stundner (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
41. Carl Desroches (National SG/Espoirs Laval (Chute).)
DNF. Francois Sztuke (National SG/Espoirs Laval (Chute).)

Stage#5 Women (47 riders)
1. D. Eliot
2. Alishia Lion (Defeet/Ford)
3 Gabriel Hauck (N-C)

5. Marie-Pier Bédard (National SG/Espoirs Laval)

Stage 6# Pro 1-2 Men
1. Craig Lewis (USA National Team)
2. Geri Mewett (Hincapie Sport)
3. Mike Kely (Hincapie Sport)

8. Joel Dion-Poitra (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
9. Marc-Wayne Addison (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
DNS. Antoine Stundner (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
DNS. Carl Desroches (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
DNS. Francois Sztuke (National SG/Espoirs Laval)

28. Joel Dion-Poitra (National SG/Espoirs Laval)
30. Marc-Wayne Addison (National SG/Espoirs Laval)

Stage #6 Women
1. Alishia Lion (Defeet/Ford)
2. Lauren Truli (Diet Cheerwine)
3. Christina Dekray (Fuji)

10. Marie-Pier Bédard (National SG/Espoirs Laval)

16. Marie-Pier Bédard (National SG/Espoirs Laval)


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